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Between many styles in fashion there is a ghostly, barely distinguishable face, which is sometimes smeared so much that it can lead, if not to trivial deficiencies, to offensive blunders in appearance. It is worth knowing the basic criteria of your chosen style, in order to use it as effectively as possible. There are both complex and fairly simple styles in clothing. To understand, of course, it is more convenient in the latter. The American style refers to them.

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Transformation and development

style history of the United States where startsAmerica, in the same place, conventionally begins the formation of several American styles( at first colonial, then American with the influence of English, later cowboy and ethnicallyth, even later - hippies, rock, cache, grunge, etc.), which resulted in a symbiosis of the modern traditional trend.

Style combines elements of many eras, but it emphasizes the 21st century and strives to keep up with the transformations. At the same time, the style does not renounce the ethnic and acquired cultural heritage. That's why Americans are so often associated with cowboy hats, rocker leather jackets, dreadlocks and hipster loose clothes. It is not surprising that with such a baggage of history, modern style, despite its simplicity, often confuses and confuses with its fuzzy frames.

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The main features of

The essence of the style is displayed in its democracy, no matter how strange it sounds. Its main feature is comfort.
And he settled on the principle: "I wear what I'm going for, and I do not follow trends in the fashion".

It was like that until such a democracy in clothes turned into a separate American style, which no longer has a democratic framework, which will be discussed further.

The style differs in convenience and tolerance, even with some kind of cheekiness. But do not compare it with the hippies. Clothing in style is not so much a reflection of your life positions, and not a commitment to the ideals of a particular subculture, but rather a desire to move freely and dress without regard to fashion.

The main attributes are traditional American symbols and national symbols. This includes clothing with a print of the flag and other symbols that connect with America, from the prints of the statue of freedom to the cowboy hat on the head. Use them at a minimum or discard altogether.

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Given that the style includes many elements of other currents, the materials in it, in turn, are also used almost all that are available to the fashion industry. Clothing is made from a wide range of fabrics of natural and piece origin. Leather, latex, leatherette, jeans, cotton, wool fabrics, chiffon, silk, etc. are used.

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Simplicity is the main requirement for styles. The tail can be asymmetrical, but it will never be uncomfortable and restraining. If we are talking about shirts or T-shirts, they are more likely to resemble sacking than a fitted model. But trousers, shorts, tops, as a rule, in style are hanging in tight.

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Colors of the

The color of the style is quite diverse, however, the classical American trend relies on the national palette( colors of national symbols, ethnic, cowboy colors), plus a natural palette: white, beige, red, marsh, shades of green,e. Popular checkered patterns, stars, motifs reminiscent of the work of Andy Warhol.

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Trends of

Modern style is built on the basis of two or three basic elements of the ensemble and three or four additional, which can already relate to similar styles. To emphasize in its image a preference for the American style, the following elements should be present in it:

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Shirts, in particular, checkered. Such shirts are worn, as a rule, on top of a T-shirt, top or T-shirt, without fastening.

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Free T-shirts, T-shirts with themed prints.

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Free skirts of different length. Depending on the season, skirts can sew from different fabrics, different densities. Not the first year, skirts are popular in the floor from flowing, lightweight fabrics, as well as mini from jeans, chiffon.

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Uniform jeans trousers are a symbol of America, which became a trendsetter at first rough and uncouth cloth. Jeans or denim suits, where the top is not a massive jacket, but, for example, a thin sleeveless jacket or a neat waistcoat, will be a good springboard for an image in this style.

Popular all sorts of comfortable leggings, both monophonic, and with thematic interesting prints.

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Short shorts in tightening - the main attribute of the American style in the summer. In particular, shorts with an overstated waist. But such an element of the wardrobe is suitable only for girls with 40-42 and 44-46 Russian clothes. All the rest are recommended to abandon the tight-fitting shorts in favor of free ones.

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Also popular is a short skirt made of loose fabrics.

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Jumpers, sweaters, cuffs, pullovers of monotonous and muted colors will be a good addition to the bright jeans, leggings, skirts. Conversely, a bright top can dilute a monotonous bottom.

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Comfortable shoes

Of shoes: high boots, sneakers, sneakers. The presence of a heel is inappropriate, but if desired, it is permissible. Style pours on its main criterion - dynamism. And that requires convenience. Heel can be replaced with shoes with a wedge or a comfortable platform. Ballet is very popular.

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The closest to the American modern line is the style of kazhual. It is quite youthful and at the same convenient and elegant. Style borrowed a lot from English, but also learned a lot from grunge. Kazual is good for diluting the image.

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Cowboy style

In its pure form, the cowboy style in the American is practically not used. He is very distinguished and conspicuous, and it is not completely convenient to call it, but some elements will only adorn the image. So, the adapted design of cowboy hats will complement many ensembles. Popular adapted raincoats, gloves, boots, etc.

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Of accessories - products from fabric, wood, ceramics, glass. It is not desirable to complement the image with ornaments made of precious metals. The image can be supplemented with spectacles in wooden or plastic frames, aviator glasses, all kinds of scarves, scarves, gloves, both knitted and made of leather, handbags of various sizes with comfortable straps, and backpacks of various purposes and capacities.

All the above elements of the image in this direction are necessary and without exception must be of high quality. Materials, if possible, if it's not about jeans, should be natural.


Now there is such a fine line between styles in clothes that you can get confused)) I would, for example, have thought that this is a cache, with elements of hippies. And this is American, it turns out! But I like it, I like it when I feel comfortable in clothes and, in everyday life, prefer simple silhouettes.

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