Hairstyles for performances and tournaments in ballroom dances with a step-by-step description

In sports ballroom dances the appearance of a dancer is very important. Therefore, the hairstyle, as well as the costume - is a very significant attribute of the image, and its creation should be approached seriously and responsibly. At the world competitions in ballroom dances, it may take several hours of professional stylists to create unique original hairstyles for participants.

  • Requirements for the hairstyle
  • Laying options
  • Bundle
  • Bray
  • Tail
  • Shell

Requirements for the hairstyle

There is a whole code that is compulsory for dancers participating in ballroom dancing tournaments. Hairstyle in this case is an independent element, part of the costume, and sometimes an accent that allows to attract the attention of spectators and judges.

The rating hairstyle for ballroom dances should:

  • fit the dancer's face oval,
  • harmonize with head volume,
  • complement makeup, suit and overall couple style,
  • match dance program,
  • be original.

Forbidden to use:

  • hair spray with sparkles,
  • hairpieces and overhead strands,
  • hair styling and toning,
  • high designs,
  • too bright twinkling ornaments.

If the dress is bright and bright, then the hairstyle must be smooth and brutal - in the style of tango. If the color of the dress is delicate and classic, a complex hairstyle, for example, a shell, complemented by a romantic wave of hair, is let down on the forehead.

If partners have a significant difference in growth, with the help of proper laying it can be easily corrected. A bunch or tail can be made higher than usual or, conversely, smooth the hair.

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Variants of laying

As a rule, ballroom dances suggest hairstyles with gathered hair. Beams, bumps, and tails correspond best to these requirements. To add them originality, they are decorated with all sorts of loops, strings, bulky or flat curls, bandages, feathers and rhinestones.

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This is the traditional hairstyle of Latin American and European programs. If necessary, the beam can be high and low.

A smooth classical beam is performed as follows.

  1. On a clean wet hair apply gel - it will give a hairdress shine.
  2. Collect hair in the tail at the back of the head.
  3. Run nails and drench abundantly the tail with varnish.
  4. Combed strands wrap around elastic bands and secure with studs.
  5. On top of the hair put on a special mesh and fix it with invisible.
  6. A few thin strands to handle the mousse of strong fixation and lay a pattern.
  7. Fix the bangs with a wave.
  8. A ready hairdress is well poured with varnish, so that the individual hairs do not protrude to the sides.
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shingle. The shoe can be formed from loose hair or pigtail.

  1. For damp hair, apply gel.
  2. The hair is divided evenly or obliquely.
  3. All the locks should be gathered on the back of the head and tied with a tight elastic band.
  4. To braid the scythe.
  5. Wrap it around the elastic and fix it with studs and varnish.

Gulk can be formed so that the ends of the hair remain sticking out.

Another option is to curl the strands and lay them around the bump so that they beautifully frame the hair.

To make the styling look shiny and smooth at the end, you need to apply gel and hairspray.

Learn how to lay a long bangle

A ready hairstyle can be decorated with rhinestones on a sticky base.

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For the Latin American program, the pony tail is often used. It looks especially good on long straight hair.

  1. To begin with, hair should be straightened with ironing.
  2. Then gather on the back of the head in a tight tail, carefully combing the strands and smoothing them with gel.
  3. The bangs, if there is one, can be fixed on the crown with the help of invisible and fixed with lacquer.
  4. The rubber band holding the tail should always be wrapped with a string of hair.
  5. loading. ..

To make the ends look more well-groomed, the day before the performance they are better trimmed.

Another one of the permissible hairstyle variants is a pigtail braided on the basis of the tail.

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The cockleshell is considered a classic hairstyle of the European program of ballroom dances.

Its better not to do on clean hair.

  1. Wet curls need to be thrown on one side and fixed with invisible fingers along the straight line.
  2. The remaining hair is combed and sprinkled with varnish.
  3. On the opposite side from the tips, roll all the hair inside in the shape of a shell.
  4. Hair fix with hairpins and varnish.

A ready hairstyle can be decorated with flowers or rhinestones that match the color of the costume.

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