Beautiful poses and ideas for a photo shoot on the street

In urban and rural streets, you can find hundreds of options for various interesting locations for shooting. Street photoshoots look lively and dynamic, but it is necessary to take into account the positional criteria in such a survey. In some cases, the poses differ significantly from the classical studio poses.

  • Features of the photo shoot and posing
  • Theme of romance
  • Theme of the holiday
  • Walk. Posing in motion

Features of the photo shoot and posing

It is not necessary to build a photo shoot on the street only in the genre of the classic photo. So, for urban decorations, if you can, of course, find the appropriate decor in the facades of buildings or the elegant decoration of parks, squares, you can choose a theme from the list of historical styles - Gothic, Renaissance, antiquity, etc. Suitable and less complex topics in the classical style, romantic, nostalgic, dramatic, sports, dance. Nobody has also canceled the genres of a photo-tour or photosession of Lavrastori, and if these genres have already become boring in the city, then against the background of the village scenery they will look fresh and interesting.

To realize your idea of ​​a photo shoot on the street as efficiently and beautifully as possible, it is important to give importance to the very choice of poses. Positioning is the basis of the model's work. Of course, you may not have the same experience as a professional in this field, but you have to know the basics, otherwise you risk getting shot at shooting all the time as a result of "something is not right".Next, we'll talk about the basics of posing and the most appropriate poses for shooting outdoors.

Having decided on the theme of the photo session, in choosing the poses, you should start from the accepted image. So, let's say, romantic poses in a photo shoot are not suitable for an image in the style of "fashion", as he, in his turn, completely ruins the style of "dark".This article is not enough to cover all genres and styles, so we will give advice only on universal, most popular themes for a photo shoot.

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Theme of romance

Posture for standing position. It is necessary to take such a position to be in a half turn to the photographer. It is necessary to select the main attribute, then what will be the main emphasis in the frame. Focus on the subject in the hands. It can be any attribute of the style of romance: a beautiful bouquet, a single flower, a book, a shawl, etc.

The head in a standing position should be slightly tilted forward. Shoulders should not be left straight. It is enough to slouch a little. Look - anywhere, just not directly into the lens, you can just above it, this will make the view enigmatic.

Another option - to rely on something( brickwork, street lamp, fence) while you must, as it were, to transfer weight to the support, as if to lie on it. The head can be tipped back a little or tilted forward. Legs are pushed forward. One foot is pulled up to the wall a little closer than the second. You can even bend one leg in the knee, both lightly and maximally - by placing your foot on the wall. To remove this pose is beneficial from different angles: in profile, in full face, portrait.

Pose for the position when you sit. Romance almost always implies in postures shyness, tenderness, spiritual beauty. To convey this, sit, for example, on the curb of the sidewalk, Pull out your legs, slouch and place your elbows on your feet. You should sit in profile to the photographer and turn on him either just the face, or even the shoulder girdle.

Positions for the position when you lie, in the frame of shooting on the street are not welcome, in general, do not lead up to such banality. They will fit only in those places where there is not even the slightest hint of the human factor, or on campuses, where the atmosphere reigning there still allows you to stretch out with textbooks on the grass. So limit yourself only to poses in a half-reclining position. You can realize this pose on a beautiful bench in the park or, leaning your back on the tree, while also in the park, but do not choose these poses on purely urban streets, where they are inappropriate.

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It's worth remembering that some standard postures differ slightly depending on the time of year. So, the poses for a photo shoot in the street in winter are more constrained than the poses for shooting in the fall.

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Theme of the holiday

The holiday implies openness in poses. In this thread, the slightest squeezing in the frame is not allowed, on the contrary - it should be a surge of emotions. Pre-store accessories and attributes of the holiday, you can take popcorn, sweet cotton, air or soap balls, clown attributes, etc.

The poses that convey movement are the best postures of this topic.

So, you are allowed to fool around in the frame, for example, constantly blowing soap bubbles while being either in motion( walk in the frame) or in sitting position. Do not be shy and do not hold back emotions, they are the basis of this topic.

You can also use pose where you need to stretch, raise your arms high, spread your legs widely, bounce in the air. You can take an armful of balloons and jump upwards, as if you are carrying away, or you can simulate a strong wind, turning out the old umbrella as it happens with wind gusts, and bending towards the umbrella, which supposedly turns out. In this case it will be appropriate if, in addition to the umbrella, you will also keep the hat. It is desirable that it was a cylinder or bowler a la Charlie Chaplin.

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Learn about the features of the photo session in the style of the doll
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Walk. Positioning in motion

Photoshoot in motion keeps dynamics in the frame. This posing is done without fixing the posture.

You are moving all the time, in this case - moving along the selected area of ​​the location: along the street, along the avenue, along the alley, etc.

Positioning in motion is quite simple: you need to keep one and the same facial expressions and just go beautiful.

The photographer should work in high-speed shooting mode to capture the maximum frames of one pass. Then the most successful ones are selected from them.

You can try to convey in motion not only walking. Dance and beautiful movements also fit.

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