Calendar of People's Appointments for October

  • October 1 is the day of martyrs of Ariadna Promisskaya, Sofia and Irina of Egypt. From that day, they began to collect and dry the dog-rose, which was used both for cooking and for medicinal purposes. If the cranes began to fly to the warm regions, then until the 14th( the Intercession) they waited for strong frosts, if they remained, until November 2( Artemia) frost will not happen.
  • October 2 is the day of Trofim, Zosim the Desert or Bee. The holiday of honey began. For 9 days in the morning it was decided to eat honey and wash down with warm water. Cooked and cleaned the hives for the winter in the cellar. In the evenings, young people arranged bridesmanship, choosing brides and grooms for themselves. If the wind blew in the evening from the south - wait for a rich harvest of cereals. In the morning everything is covered with hoarfrost - to a clear and dry day.
  • October 3 is the day of Eustace Plakida( Roman) or Windmill and Theophystia. The old people said: "Astrophy Windmill - everyone blows."Millers celebrated their day, rafted bread and flour by water to the fairs, until the river was covered with ice. South wind - to the weather. If a lot of cones were hanging down on the fir trees - to an early and harsh winter. In the morning the sky is low, cloudy and with whitish veins - to fast rage.
  • October 4 - Kondrat, the martyr Hypatia, the Exaltation of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord. This day was considered a symbol of the fertility of Mother Earth and farmers. Fertilized fields with fresh manure, dried grain. What is the weather for Kondrat - such a month will remain unchanged. If it's clear in the yard, let the wind come from the north-east, then wait for the cold winter.
  • October 5 is the day of Jonah da Foki Sinopsky or Listopadnik. Cleaned the last cabbage and radish. Strong seasonal winds began to blow, which tore the leaves from the trees, the initiative of this autumn. If the birch tree still does not fly a leaf, so it will not be for a long time.
  • October 6 - the day of Xanthipp, Polixenia, the Virgin of Iraida( Raisa).Real cold started, children were not required to let out of the huts without any need. If the sun sets in scarlet clouds - to rainy and cloudy weather, dull circles around the moon formed - to a sharp deterioration in the weather.
  • October 7 is the day of the First Martyr Thekla of Iconium or Spinning. The saint was considered the intercessor of women, the patroness of the home and coziness. Mistress in the morning doing household chores, spinning, cleaning the beets, the last time they sent young people to the forest for mushrooms, baked pies. In the evening, parties were organized, for which oatmeal porridge was necessarily cooked. Weddings were played, and unmarried girls guessed at the grooms. If there were a lot of acorns on the oak, the winter season will be mild, and the next summer will be pleased with the generous harvest of bread.
  • October 8 - The church calendar for this day honors the miracle-worker Sergius of Radonezh, the Peacemaker or the Cabbage. They prepared a whole family for the winter cabbage, and in the evening they organized a holiday. Good housewives knew that cabbage can be sour only after the first frosts, otherwise it will turn sour. People's signs said: if at night on Sergia the first snow fell, then until November 21( Mikhail) waiting for the winter with frost, when the weather was clear, then it would be another three weeks. Bullfinches appeared in flocks near the huts and in the gardens - soon wait for the first snows.
  • October 9 - John's Day, John the Evangelist or the Theologian. On this day it was customary to read the artists and icon painters, who were patronized by the Theologian. Rain with snow this day foreshadowed 3 strong thaws throughout January, warm and sunny weather promised a rainy and cold June next year.
  • October 10 is the day of Callistratus, the Gymnasium, the Savvaty of Solovetsky or the Bee-eater. We finished cleaning the bees for the winter and prayed to Savvatia to keep the beehives unharmed until next year. It was considered sinful to engage in other affairs on that day - everything will not be of any use. Early leaves began to fly from the trees - to warm and long autumn and a mild winter, the leaves flew late - to an early and harsh winter.
  • October 11 is the day of Khariton the Confessor, the Schemonoh Cyril and his wife Maria. The old people believed that Kharitonov's day was not quite good. They tried to stay at home, not to engage in economic affairs, beware of brown-eyed people. If the aspen leaf flew from the branches and landed on the ground "face" up - wait for a warm winter. The wind changes its direction clockwise - to swift and abundant fogs.
  • October 12 is the day of Kiriak the hermit of Palestine, Theophanes the Merciful. This day usually thaws happened, but people said: "The Monk Feofan covered the caftan".At night, there are many bright stars in the sky - the end of autumn will be dry and warm. In the morning everything was covered with hoarfrost - to a sunny and warm day, the lena became clouded and pale - to the early rain.
  • October 13 - the day of St. Gregory, Michael the Wonderworker or Straw. On this day it was customary to burn old straw mattresses and stuff new ones. Children were bathed on the threshold of the hut, so that the whole winter would be healthy. If the first snow falls on Michael, then the winters will not wait for a long time according to popular signs. Luchin in the hut burns dimly - soon the bad weather will fly. Bullfincs plaintively squeak - to frost and early winter.
  • October 14 - Protection of the Holy Virgin. Till this time, they tried to complete all economic affairs, arrange livestock for the winter, and pay off with hired workers. Early in the morning, the entire family went to church, pray to the Theotokos about health and well-being. The girls this day was considered the happiest for marriage. If the girl has not yet found her fortunate - she should have spent the evening as cheerfully as possible, so that the Mother of God would cover her head with a veil. Signs of the Intercession: the cranes have already flown away, hence, winter will come harsh and early;if all the leaves have flown from the oaks and birches - to an easy year, otherwise - to a heavy winter;snow fell - to know and November 8( to Dmitry), he will.
  • October 15 is the day of the martyrs Cyprian, Justina, Feoktist. This day in the old days was considered at times purification and getting rid of glamor and the influence of evil spirits. Men prayed to Kupriyan, and women - to Ustin, did not arrange special festivities, but quietly sat at work and sang sad songs. If the cattle were driven out into the pasture, and he turned back - soon, wait for the frost with snow. Chickens hohljatsja and raise feathers - to a cold snap. Iridescent or muddy circles around the moon appeared - to strong winds and bad weather.
  • October 16 is the day of Dionysius the Areopagite or Zimnik, Rustika, Eleutheria. They believed that at this time on the earth fall fevers and go to people, feared "bad" eyes and other diseases. They were conspirators and put onions, garlic, radishes, salt, spicy broths on the table. Rosehip blossomed a second time - to a long and warm autumn. Heard whistles in the afternoon - to fast rage.
  • October 17 is the day of Hierothea of ​​Athens, Peter, Vladimir. The real cold starts. Old people believed that on this day in the woods the last day running and laughing goblin, and then hiding until the spring. The squirrel changed its fur coat - to fast frost, the bullfinch whistles near the house - to rage.
  • October 18 - Haritina Amisiyskaya( Pontine) or Holstnitsa. From this day on, women began to weave the canvas, and men were taken to make felt boots. If the jackdaws and crows circled high above the ground, and the clouds floated against the wind, they waited for the early snow, and the calm promised clear, but cool weather.
  • October 19 is the day of the apostle Thomas. People said: "Foma came, drag all of them to the bins."They prayed to the saint that they had enough supplies for the whole winter and did not have to starve. Windless weather spoke of the imminent approach of frost. The first snow has fallen, means, the next wait in forty days.
  • October 20 is the day of the martyrs of Bacchus and Sergius of Pechersky or Zimnik. From this day, real frost could begin. If snow fell, and the foliage from the trees was not all flown away, then winter was waited only after November 22( Matrona).If the wind blows in one direction in the morning, and after lunch back, the next day promised good weather.
  • October 21 is the day of the maid of Pelagia of Antioch, Taisia ​​of Egypt and Trifon of Vyatka. On this day the housewives took warm clothes from the boxes, ventilated it, repaired it. Around the solar disk a haze or fog appeared - to dry and warm weather. In the forest you can still find mushrooms, which means that the snow will not be long.
  • October 22 - the day of Jacob Alfeev, Andronicus and his wife Athanasius. The last mushrooms were collected, and wood was harvested for the winter. Often on this day a small hail fell from the sky: "Jacob will come - he will bring grains with himself."On Jacob, the dining table was usually racked with a variety of cereals and pies. People went, to each other on a visit and treated everyone with pies. The morning sky is gray and in the haze, and by the evening the crimson - to the good weather of the next day.
  • October 23 is the day of the martyrs of Evlampius and Evlampios. They continued to prepare firewood, the children had to beat the thin logs into splinters, so that they could be illuminated in dark winter evenings. If the horns of the young month point north, then winter promises to be quick and severe. If it's to the south, then slush and dirt to the very Kazan( November 4) will be in the yard.
  • October 24 - Filippov Day. Famous for mud and mud on the roads. When on that day the snow fell and did not melt for a long time, in spring a good harvest and income were expected. If by this time the river froze, it was considered a good sign to walk along the ice. This promised a profitable year and prosperity in all matters. The rain with the east wind - to a long bad weather, with the northern - to a sharp cold snap.
  • October 25 - the day of the martyrs Prova, Taraha and Andronicus. Andron was considered a wise astrologer and it was customary to sit up this day until midnight, looking at the stars. If there were a lot of them in the sky, then next year they were waiting for a rich harvest of peas. Bright stars pointed to the approach of frost, dim - thaw, flickering - to variable weather. The shooting star promised strong winds and drought next year.
  • October 26 is the day of the Iberian Icon of the Mother of God. This saint, as well as her icon, in the old days people were very revered. She was prayed for health, for consolation in the mountain, for the well-being of the family, for the fertility of the land, for protection from fires and other troubles. A high dark blue sky - to good weather. Day and night, the air temperature did not change much - to a long overcast weather.
  • October 27 is the day of the martyrs of Nazarius, Gervasius, Protasius, Kelcius, the Monk Paraskeva of Serbia, Friday or Gryaznukha. On this day, thaws, rain and slush usually happened. The day of her patroness was usually considered a woman by sewing, cloth and other handmade work. The wind blew from the west - to be soon damp. Strong dirt on the roads spoke of the arrival of winter in 4 weeks.
  • October 28 is the day of Lucian of Antioch, Euphemia of the New, of Salun, or of the Autumn. The thaw on this day was a harbinger of many warm and clear days in winter. Heavy frost - to the early frost.
  • October 29 is the day of Longinus Sotnik. People said: "Sunlight though not long, but very expensive."They tried to warm up in the sun, if it happened to be winter clothes or, conversely, to freeze on the first frost. The sun sets in the clear sky - to a clear day, tomorrow, no frost comes out of the trees - to the night frosts.
  • October 30 is the day of Andrew of Crete and the prophet Hosea or Kolesnik. They removed the carts to the sheds, after removing the wheels from them, inspected and repaired the sleigh. Poultry( geese, ducks) wings as if they want to fly, and doves under the roofs hide - to rain and rage.
  • October 31 - Apostle and Evangelist Luke, Luke's Day. On this day, they arranged onion trades and cooked a lot of dishes with onions. This plant was considered a remedy for all diseases and a guard against evil spirits. Women prayed to the saint about well-being in the family and good relations with her husband. If you still see flocks of mosquitoes - autumn will be protracted, and winter is warm, the moon shines brightly - to clear weather.
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October is the second month of autumn, with which many people's signs are associated. It is believed that his name came from the ancient Roman "octo"( eight), because at that time it was the eighth. Although the trees are still covered with a yellow-purple dress and warm sunny days occur, but the autumn rain begins to fall more and more, and the first nocturnal frosts are picked up.

  • About the weather
  • By days
  • Wedding in October

In previous times October was called "wedding", "posmnik" or "dirty".By this hour all field work was over, and the season of weddings was coming. A happy omen for the girl was to get married on October 14 to the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos. Such a marriage promised happiness and well-being in a long family life.

About the weather

If October is too warm, then the winter will be severe, but the sudden thunder predicted a short and snowless winter. When, after a few days of cold weather, the trees blossomed a second time, it was believed that autumn would still be happy with warm weather.

If oak wore a lot of acorns - they were waiting for a frosty and fierce winter, and if the green foliage lasted for a long time on trees, then the winter on the signs should have been short and soft.

Real snow from the first in October waited in forty days. If he lay down on wet ground, then, as a rule, he stayed for several days, and if on a dry one he quickly melted, and warm weather was set again. If everything is covered with snow, and it does not go off for a long time, then in the spring it will melt for a long time.

The old people said that the weather in October, pointed to the same in April. Up to which the number will be a clear sky this month, from the same day spring will enter its rights in the fourth month of the year. If around the moon are visible dull circles, then the next summer will be arid.

Rare white clouds on a October afternoon portend for a few days a cold, but clear weather. Low and fast floating clouds - to quick cold and possibly with snow. Bright-scarlet sunset - to a windy day, and dull stars - to swift precipitation. Before the autumn rain, the moon is usually pale, as if in a fog, and before the wind - bright and clean.

If spiders weave cobwebs - this is to cold, but dry weather, and when the web freely spreads through the plants and flies through the air - wait for warm temperatures. At the beginning of the month, the eastern winds began to blossom - to dry and clear weather, western - to wet, northern - to frost and snow.

Pay attention also to the calendar of people's signs for the last autumn month November
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Wedding in October

October is a beautifultime to create a new family. It was in this autumn month that our ancestors played the largest number of weddings. Signs indicated that the October union promised to be long, happy, strong, rich, but the couple will have to fight for their own happiness.

The most successful day for the church calendar for marriage was considered October 14( Intercession).The presence of snow or rain at the festive ceremony spoke of the blessing of the newlyweds in heaven. The heavy rain foreshadowed the imminent birth of the heir.

Not entirely favorable, according to the church, are the numbers: October 5( Holy Martyr Foki), October 19( Thomas), 28( Lucian and Euphemia).

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