Modern types and techniques of hair styling

The technique of highlighting involves selectively brightening individual strands of hair. Thanks to this simple method, you can achieve a beautiful visual transition of tones on the hair. After the procedure, the hair appears more vivid, bright, renewed, and overgrown roots on long hair for a long time are invisible.

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on hand

types Depending on the degree of coloring, the highlighting can be:

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This kind of highlighting is also called sparing. It is characterized by a light, uneven, closest to natural, lightening of the hair, which is performed mainly on the upper strands or on the tips.

This uses paints that do not contain ammonia. Such melirovanie helps to refresh the haircut and give the hair the lack of shine and volume. But the effect of staining itself is hardly noticeable.

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Graphic highlighting, on the contrary, uses contrasts, and clarified strands are specially allocated, so that the effect of staining is emphasized as much as possible.

Depending on the dyeing area:

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When performing this type of melioration, the master uniformly stains the hair along the entire length of the hair. The width of the strands and the color of the paint can be absolutely anything. But the strands are thinner, and the difference between the natural color and the colored curls is smaller, the more natural the result will be.

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This is a partial highlighting, due to which it is possible to select a certain zone of hair, for example, tips or ringlets in the face.

Depending on the staining agents used:

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Meltdown is performed using clarifying agents.

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With this type of highlighting, unlike the traditional, the strands are toned in dark shades. This coloration is suitable only for blonde girls.

With its help you can give complexity and depth to the normal color of hair, as well as smoothly restore its natural color.

Learn how to get rid of the yellowness of the hair
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Strands chaotically painted in any bright color, sharply different from natural.

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Techniques of

Before making a marking, it is worthwhile to understand that the staining is performed using aggressive dyes, so the clarified strands in most cases become dry and brittle. After melirovanija it is necessary to provide intensive humidification and a delivery to hair.

Stylists do not recommend bleaching hair that has been painted with henna and basma, otherwise you can get unexpected shades.

It is also not recommended to grind hair that was exposed to a chemical wave. First you need to restore them.

For all other types of hair, there are several special techniques for highlighting.

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This technique of highlights is also called Californian, Venetian and coloring. And she got so many titles for being very popular all over the world.

In this technique, the stylist creates with the help of paints an effect that has sunburned hair on the sun. To do this, pre-clarification of the strands is carried out, and the paint is applied chaotically. After this, the strands are toned in one or several close shades, thanks to which noble patches and gradients appear on the hair.

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It is rather difficult to do this, however, after it the curls will look very natural.

It is often used to mask the beginning of gray hair and to level the difference between overgrown roots and length.

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French sparing staining technique, which is used exclusively for light hair. Melating is done with paint with the addition of wax instead of the usual ammonia. As a result of staining in the technique of "Mazhimesh", the hair appears glare of honey, pearl, wheat and nutty hues.

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The "Baliage" technique also applies to gentle types of staining and is aimed at lightening the tips of the hair. Miraculously, this melioration looks on long hair.

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This dyeing technique is more suitable for brunettes and brunettes. It is based on enriching the natural color of hair with 2-5 shades of red, red and brown.

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Magi Contrast

The technique is based on the contrast of the clarified strands against the background of dark hair. In this variant, the melting is carried out in the form of strict vertical lines by means of careful clarification. Staining long preserves color and looks great on long even hair.

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–°razy colors

To perform the highlighting on your hair in such a creative technique, not everyone will decide, as the strands are randomly painted in one or several crazy bright colors. This melioration is suitable for any hair color and looks very stylish.

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Based on gradual horizontal color transitions, for example, from light tones to darker colors and vice versa. Staining is performed from the center of the head in a downward direction. Shades are used necessarily contrasting.

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Highlighting in this technique assumes a specific separation of the cores: vertically or at an angle. In this case, the color scheme must be necessarily contrastive. Very often this technique is used to create vivid avant-garde images.

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With the help of this technique, you can update the overgrown hair roots.

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Ways of

In general, hair melting is not very difficult, here the main thing is to choose the strands that need to be lightened correctly and determine their thickness.

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With cap

For the simplest method of melting a special rubber cap with holes is required. Through them, with the help of a hook, individual strands are pulled outward, which will be clarified. To create a natural image, strands can be obtained in staggered order.

This highlighting does not require special skills and can easily be done at home. Equally well this melirovanie looks like on long, and on short ringlets.

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disk The procedure for highlighting is done in a circle, using a special disk.
To lighten the hair in this way, you need to collect them on the crown and gradually pull through the hole individual strands. Then they need to be expanded around the perimeter of the disc and lightened.

This procedure is very similar to melirovanie with the help of a rubber cap, but thanks to it on the hair unusual effects are created.

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On the foil

Professional stylists often use foil for highlighting. This makes it easy to control the clarification process and correctly distribute the melted strands, even if they need to be painted in different colors.

After application of the paint, the strands are wrapped in a foil sheet. However, this technique requires a great skill from the hairdresser, because the hair is lightened for no more than 20 minutes, so it is very necessary to work with colored strands very quickly.

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combing is performed using a comb with rare denticles. This technology allows you to evenly distribute the paint over your hair and get neatly painted strands.

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At the hands of

Milling is performed by hand. Most often this method is used for strongly curly and very short hair. The master paints the paint in random order with a brush or hands, shading the tips or creating glare on curly locks.

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