Tips on how beautiful and fashionable to dress a woman in 50 years and older

happens that women over 50 are beginning to consider themselves old, ugly and dress like real grandmother, they go in skirts to the floor and heavy knitted jackets. And some all the time trying to regain youth and put on tight jeans with open tops. There is a "golden mean" that can prevent such a pun, because you can dress fashionably and look elegant at any age.

  • Contents:
    • Rules for selecting a wardrobe
    • Style
    • Colors
    • Casual image
    • Evening clothes

    Dressing rules

    For the correct selection of wardrobe should identify their shortcomings, which need to hide, but also to find out what advantages can be shown in public, for example, beautifulhands or calves.

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    The older a woman becomes, the more she must strive for elegance and restraint in her style. It is understood that 50 years - this is not 25 or even 40, so the clothes should stick to refined and versatile classic, French, or English Chanel styles that from time to time it will be possible to dilute the attributes of other styles. The amount of fashionable things in the closet will be significantly reduced, but the classic outfits will be able to solidify there.

    You can also add clothes and accessories to the wardrobe in suitable styles for adult women: oversay, kazhual, rustic, some ethnic styles, especially Russian.

    Tips for selection of basic wardrobe of Evelina Khromchenko look here
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    color scheme

    Women over 50 should adhere to the basic principle of the selection of wardrobe - a combination of colorswith a tone of the skin of the face, because a well-chosen color will help refresh and rejuvenate the woman.

    should also look for shades that it is beneficial to look at you, but it should be done among the following colors: pale blue, milk, beige, light pink, peach or lilac.

    Ordinary usually look golden colors.

    Among the dark colors you should stay on a rich green or chocolate, blue and dark brown are also good options.

    In the wardrobe, no longer a young woman should significantly reduce red color, but it is not forbidden to select accessories of its shades.

    Black color slim, but it should not prevail, otherwise your outfit will seem mourning.

    Snow-white color unfavorably emphasizes the various shortcomings of the elderly skin, it must be excluded and replaced with warm shades of white.

    50-year-old ladies should avoid multicolor, and give preference to monophonic things, as they visually lengthen the silhouette.
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    Casual image

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    In the wardrobe of a business lady, it is desirable to have a pencil skirt, a classic is considered the length to mid-calf, as it will help to visually draw the figure and hide the extra kilos, full of eggs will look more elegant with this length.

    You should also buy loose trousers( 2-3 models) from expensive and good fabric.

    In the basic wardrobe you need to have several classic women's shirts and blouses, these things are better to choose in soft pastel colors.

    Things for the everyday image of a woman in 50 years can emphasize the forms, but should not fit them. This is important to consider when choosing clothes for the summer.

    length everyday dresses varies from the knee to the ankle, it may be a dress-shirt straight cut, it will hide imperfections figures also possible to pick up the dress-holder, which will look good, and the extra weight hide under the long jacket made of thick fabric. Summer sarafans can be supplemented with a light cloak.

    Jeans in the wardrobe can be added, but the color is desirable to choose darker models, so the figure will look slimmer, you should exclude options with holes, embroideries, scuffs and rhinestones.

    To create a successful everyday image, you may need a long tunic( covered hips), it can be combined with jeans, and with straight trousers you will get a fashionable image in the style of kazhual.

    Also in a wardrobe not a young woman should be present cardigans, fitted jackets, sweaters with a V-shaped or wide neckline, these items should be chosen without getting out of the general style. Chosen by the shape, they will look much more interesting than baggy sweaters.

    Choosing shoes, you can not focus on fashion, it is better to choose more comfortable and classic options, for example, shoes, shoes or shoes with a small heel. It is also desirable to have comfortable ballet shoes and moccasins for everyday walks.

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    Evening clothing

    When choosing evening outfits, it is worth remembering a small black dress, which for women in 50 years should be slightly longer. This decoration in addition to the drapery will help cover up the imperfections of any type of figure. So you can dress like a corporate, and your own holiday, an elegant image will help complement the accessory in the form of a string of pearls.

    At such a solemn event as a wedding can be dressed rather discreetly, it can be a strict dress with guipure sleeves, if the hands need to be covered, then preference should be given to dresses with fitted jackets or short boleros.

    A full woman in 50 years must choose an outfit with a waist or an overstated waist, but the cut must be as simple as possible, from draping, frills and flounces should be discarded, the length of the decoration can be just below the knee or on the floor. A slender lady is better to choose a dress with a skirt in the form of a trapezoid.

    Shoes should be comfortable, it is better to choose a pair of shoes on a stable heel or ballet shoes, from massive shoes on a wedge and studs should be discarded.


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