Positions and ideas for a photo shoot together with your girlfriend or boyfriend

Love is the most beautiful and incredible that can happen to us in life, and only this all-absorbing feeling allows you to feel its taste for real.

True friendship is the second most important event that can also transform any life.
The best friend or girlfriend, a loved one, becomes special for everyone. Therefore, a photo session with them should be special.

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meaning photoset

known that love and friends did not notice the time, but, unfortunately, time notesthem, and flies inexorably fast, especially when you're happy. Sometimes, the only way to remember past feelings from the past, related to the second half or friend, is photography. And it does not matter what is happening between you, you will all be happy on it.

Nowadays many photographers offer special photosessions for couples and friends: lavstori, thematic walk, etc. These genres in photography have already separated from the genre of the group photo and have become independent, they have their own peculiarities and rules.

After all, any story of love or friendship is worthy of being a story, if not for the novel, then, at least, the scenario of photography.

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Standard themes

Not all men share women's hobbies photo, and not everyone will agree on the photoset. And even if after much persuasion and women's tricks go to such a step, there will not be much sense, because posing for them, as a rule, does not cause anything beyond bewilderment.

If you plan a joint survey, warn your lover in advance so that he can get used to this unavoidable prospect.

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For these cases, the standard themes for the lovers of the couple( walk, a beautiful candlelit dinner) will work. The choice of the genre is large enough and depends on the venue and season: romance, humor, retro, etc.

Suitable genre for any season, especially good and touching lavstori looks autumn and winter, but in summer and spring, lavstory is easier and more convenient to conduct.

As flowers, candles, wine, soft toys, setting up all sorts of scenarios, for example, he prepares coffee for you, as he gives you something, you prepare a surprise for him( which can be real) and soFurther.

Make your favorite guy a pleasant surprise - make a list of 100 reasons why you love him. Read more here http://woman-l.ru/100-prichin-pochemu-ya-tebya-lyublyu/
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This idea requires participants to have an easy mood, which can be created with the help of available entertainment: go topark or on attractions, in any other thematic cheerful place. During the shooting, you can make nonsense and fool around, for example, smear each other with a cake, pull at the braids.

This topic is suitable for both lovers and friends.

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Thematic ideas

But if your partner is a small number of men who are loyal to such leisure, the list of ideas for you is no longer limited. As for the best friend or friend, it all depends on your general recklessness, how far you are willing to go in the genre sense for the sake of unusual joint pictures.

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The production is much like a theater. Everything starts with an idea, from which further preparation is pushed.

Cosplay will require long preparation. For example, you can embody a theme within the historical genres( he is a knight, you are his lover, or you and your girlfriend are beautiful Greek ladies), myths( Greek gods, heroes), fiction( you can take any sensational fantasy film and copy its mainheroes), fantasy( for example, heroes from the "Lord of the Rings"), etc.

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A little sensuality

As for other ideas for the production, it is especially sensual and beautiful looking light erotic performances for both the couple and two friends. Do not immediately mentally vulgarize this idea. It is all within the bounds of decency. In shooting with a girlfriend, you need to put emphasis on outfits, makeup, hairstyles and give preference to the sensual style of the vamp.

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As for the beloved person, you establish that border yourself. Of course, for their implementation, you need self-confidence. So it's best to invite a friend of the photographer, before whom you can be liberated.

The best place to hold a photo shoot will be a beautiful interior, for example, a hotel. The main thing is that it has a richly furnished sleeping room, preferably in a classical style, but the situation in the style of "Renaissance", "Empire", "Baroque" and so on.

Sensual photo session for a couple - this is not nudity. In her main gestures, looks, hints.

For the photoset, the following idea of ​​setting is also suitable: power or playing dominant and slave. But this genre, to put it mildly, is an amateur. His attributes: leather things, lashes, whips, handcuffs and the like.

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Any kind of shooting can be divided into a single or group. In the first case, the emphasis is on one model, while there may be other models on the background, but they do not pull on equal roles. In the second case, all participants in the event have equal rights to the main role. So, if you have planned a photo session together with your young man or with your girlfriend, please note that this kind of shooting requires paying attention in the frame to both you and the second participant in equal proportions. If in this shooting someone dominates, then it can no longer be considered a tandem( if two people) or a group one.

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Please note the following recommendations for posing.

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With a friend of

Despite the fact with whom you are being photographed, with your girlfriend or loved ones, the posing for a photo shoot is subject to the following gradation. It differs by the genre of the photo: postures for a portrait photo, full-length, combined. Also there is a division of positions depending on that where the sight of participants of a photo session is directed. There are only three options: you look together in the lens, only one looks at the lens, and you both do not look into the lens. Another option is poses in motion, which can be combined, for example, one participant sits, the other, being in the forefront or against the background, comes to him.

Play often in posing in contrast. For example, one model sits, the other lies, putting her head on her knees.

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With the guy

You can not force yourself to love, so if your loved one resists the photo session, do not press him, anyway, without his desire you will get shots from the category "girl and log".Well, if the faithful gave good - go ahead.

The choice of poses should be based on the genre of photography. The advantage is given to those poses that favorably emphasize, first of all, the dignity of the appearance of the girl, and then the guy.

Photographing with a guy, you can approach poses aimed at conveying tenderness and your feelings in the frame.

For courageous natures will come to the place of a pose of passion, eroticism, flirting. Do not hesitate to experiment, do not clench. The more there is a looseness in such genres, the more plausible the result will turn out to be.

Interesting ideas for a photo shoot in nature, see here http://woman-l.ru/idei-dlya-fotosessii-na-prirode/

Together with your favorite you can also try poses for shooting thematic character. To do this, you will need to link your images in one direction. A very interesting solution is the style of the hippies, the style of dark( Dracula and his bride, the sorceress and her pupil), a photo session on horses in the costumes of an Amazon and a warrior, a photo shoot in the images of bandits, for example Boni and Clyde.

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