Cosmetic and folk ways to clean bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes - an unpleasant phenomenon, which spoils the appearance of any person. Many perceive this problem as a cosmetic defect, however, do not forget that the cause may be hidden in the body itself and the violation of its natural processes. In simple words, bags under the eyes are a consequence of excess water in tissues and slowing down the process of cell metabolism.

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Reasons for the appearance of

There are 3 basice causes of this disease in people who have any disturbances in the body:

  • Fluid accumulation under the skin of the eyelids. Often the cause of such inflammation is kidney or bladder disease. Also, inflammation occurs as a result of an allergic reaction to cosmetics, pollen, food and other allergens.
  • Loss of elasticity. The skin loses its elasticity due to aging, metabolic disorders and lack of collagen.
  • Fatigue in the eye area. Usually, such a disease has a hereditary character and can manifest itself in some pathologies.

Usually bags under the eyes of women are concerned, however, this problem is often found in men of different ages.

Bags and swelling under the eyes often occur in healthy people, due to the following reasons:

  • Abuse of salty foods that delays water in the body;
  • Excessive consumption of liquid( especially coffee and tea) before bedtime - in this case, the kidneys do not have time to remove all the liquid, but swelling usually disappears quickly;
  • Long stay in the open sun or in the solarium( the skin begins to accumulate water - a protective reaction to ultraviolet radiation);
  • Great eye strain when reading or working with a computer / smartphone;
  • Tears;
  • Bruising or trauma to the face;
  • Unsuspicious or, conversely, excess sleep;
  • Smoking and drinking large doses of alcohol;
  • Stress;
  • Age changes in the skin( skin flabbiness, pigmentation and so on).

Bags under the eyes can be found in any person, regardless of age. Inflammation can be of short duration and can occur during the day, but it can also acquire a chronic form.

If you do not have health problems and chronic diseases, and bags under the eyes have appeared due to violation of the habitual way of life or disregard for nutrition, you can try to get rid of them either in the salon or at home, using cosmetics or folk recipes.

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Salon procedures

Currently, cosmetologists offer several ways to get rid of puffiness under the eyes. Among them are lymph drainage, mesotherapy and electrostimulation.

  • Lymphatic drainage is a procedure for stimulating fluid outflow from tissues, similar to massage. It is carried out manually or by means of a special apparatus. Massage is performed not only under the eyes, but also on the whole face with the use of various cosmetics. To achieve maximum effect, 6 to 10 procedures are sufficient.
  • Mesotherapy also perfectly removes bags under the eyes. Its action is that special injections are injected under the skin with a thin needle. Injections promote rapid regeneration of skin cells and its rejuvenation. They are also divided into different formulations - hyaluronic acid, botox, fillers, dysport. The technique is relatively new, but very effective. To get rid of puffiness, several procedures are needed.
  • Electrostimulation is a procedure that allows you to remove bags under the eyes without surgery. The inflamed areas are affected by a low frequency current, as a result, blood rushes to the vessels of the eyes, and edema disappears.

In addition to these procedures from bags under the eyes, in the salon you can be offered a vacuum massage, various serums and gels.

Separately, you can select a procedure such as blepharoplasty. This method is surgical and it is more suitable for age-related changes or bags under the eyes, resulting from diseases, especially the eye. In the course of the operation, the sagging fat tissue is removed with a scalpel or laser. The scar usually remains invisible, bruises after the operation go through a few weeks.

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In addition to blepharoplasty, the surgeon can also offer laser resurfacing of the lower eyelid, which not only saves the bags, but also removes wrinkles and tightens the skin of the eyelids.

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Cosmetic tools

It is not always possible to undergo a course of procedures in a salon or clinic, and not everyone needs to resort to such radical methods. If the problem with puffiness is not chronic, then you can use innovative cosmetics to care for the skin of the eyelids and to relieve inflammation.

When choosing a cream, gel or serum from bags under the eyes, you need to ensure that the product includes such components:

  • collagen and hyaluronic acid;
  • vitamin E;
  • seaweed;
  • medicinal herbs such as ginseng, mint, chamomile and others;
  • extract of parsley, sage, horsetail;
  • elastin and caffeine.

It is desirable to choose a natural remedy, with a minimum content of chemicals, dyes and flavors. Good cope with the problem of puffiness of the eyelids and pharmacy ointments, such as Troxevasin, Curiosin gel, Advantan hormone cream, Bodyaga and others.

Perfectly removes the puffiness of a special gel mask, which must be placed in the refrigerator for cooling before use.

Moreover, many cosmetics companies have developed a cream for bags under the eyes specifically for men( these include companies such as Faberlic, MKMen, PFC-cosmetics).Novelty among cosmetic products - plasters from bags under eyes and puffiness.

Ideal for hiding dark circles and bags under the eyes tonal remedies and concealer.

It should be remembered that cosmetics are only a temporary assistant, if the problem does not disappear, it is necessary to seek help from a specialist to select a more adequate and effective treatment.

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Pharmacy preparations

If the puffiness of the eyelids is caused by the disease, then special medicines are used to solve this problem. Usually such a medicine is prescribed by a doctor( dermatologist, oculist or allergist), as the causes of inflammation can be very different:

  • In case of inflammation of the eyelids caused by kidney diseases, diuretics are prescribed to remove excess fluid from the body;
  • If bags under the eyes have appeared due to an allergic reaction, then antiallergic drugs are prescribed - Claritin, Suprastin and others;
  • In cases of infections and inflammatory processes, the doctor has the right to prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is not recommended to prescribe yourself the above mentioned drugs, as incorrectly selected medicine can cause side effects.

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Home methods

These methods are time-tested and can help get rid of inflammation if it is not caused by diseases. Consider the most popular and effective ways to eliminate bags under the eyes at home. The main condition - the regular performance of actions, whether it is gymnastics or a course of masks.

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It is effectively applied both independently and in duet with masks and tonics for eyes. The main rule - do not crush or stretch the delicate skin of the eyelids, the movements should be light almost imperceptible and performed with the help of finger pads. First, you need to do circular movements from the outer to the inner corner of the eyes, then vice versa.

After this, massage the eyelids with light, patting or driving movements. The duration of such a massage is 3-5 minutes, the procedure should be performed 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. Thanks to such a massage, blood circulation in the eyelid zone improves, swelling decreases, and wrinkles are smoothed.

Massage with chilled silver spoons is also very effective. The device must be applied to the eyelid and perform several circular movements. Repeat the procedure can be several times a day.
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Gymnastics for the eyes

Efficiently relieves eyelids from edema and strengthens the eye muscles. The fact is that the eye muscles are rarely exposed to the load( not to be confused with the eye strain from the computer), the outflow of fluid is slowed down and therefore the bags firmly settle under the eyes. Gymnastics promotes muscular load, the outflow of lymph is accelerated and the inflammation disappears.

Carrying out such a complex every day, you can not only get rid of puffiness, but also increase visual acuity, and your eyes will be less tired from your computer or TV.So, the basic exercises:

  1. Close your eyes very tightly, then open them. Movement slow to feel the load in the muscles. Run 10 times.
  2. Fast blinks for 30 seconds, then close your eyes for 10 seconds, then open and relax your muscles. Repeat 10 times.
  3. Close your eyes tightly for 10 seconds, then open and look up 10 seconds, then look 10 seconds before you. Repeat several times.

These are basic exercises that will suit a beginner for the first time. Subsequently, you can add other exercises or engage in facebuilding( bodyflex) - gymnastics for the whole face, which will improve its color, tighten the skin and relieve wrinkles.

How to get rid of dryness and flaky skin on the face at home
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The most common method of skin care for eyelids and getting rid of circles undereyes. There are over a hundred homemade recipes, most of them do not require unusual and expensive ingredients.

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Take 10 grams of baked pumpkin pulp, apply under eyes for 10 minutes, remove. Apply an apricot oil under the eyes.

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Squeeze 2-3 tablespoons of juice from sauerkraut, soak the cotton wool with this juice and press it to the lower eyelids for 30 minutes. After the mask, moisten the eyelids with coconut oil.

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Tip of sea buckthorn oil soak cotton balls and cool for 20 minutes. Then put cotton wool on eyes, soak for 30 minutes, remove. Remains of oil gently to drive into the eyelids with the pads of fingers.

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One of the most popular masks from bags and circles under the eyes. Both raw and boiled chilled potatoes are used. Grated mass is applied to the eyelids for 20-25 minutes, after which the potatoes are removed, and the eyelids are lubricated with grape oil.

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Take a teaspoon of chamomile, plantain and linden, pour 100 milliliters of water, cook in a water bath, then drain the broth. Saturate cotton balls with a warm solution and apply to the eyelids for 10-15 minutes, after lubricating the skin with cream.

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Aloe vera juice

Remove the young aloe leaf, put it in the refrigerator for 2 weeks, then squeeze juice from it and gently beat it into the lower eyelids for 35 minutes, then remove the remaining juice with a damp cotton pad.

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Apply a thin layer of honey under the eyes for 10 minutes, then remove with a napkin.

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It is possible to apply oil on the eyelids from the bags under the eyes - it should not be much, so that it is easily absorbed. Effectively eliminates the bags under the eyes of essential oil of rose, almond, apricot, coconut, grape seed oil and wheat germ.

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Sour cream

Sour cream together with parsley cleans swelling and tones the skin of the eyelids. Grind parsley and mix with a tablespoon of fatty sour cream. Apply the mixture to the eyelids for 7-10 minutes, rinse with rose hips or chamomile tea.

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Thanks to this method, you can quickly and easily get rid of bags under the eyes from tears, alcohol, lack of sleep, overeating or excess fluid in the body.

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A mixture of milk and green tea also favorably affects the skin of the eyelids. Sachets of green tea without additives pour boiling milk, let it brew, then attach to the eyelids for 20 minutes. Remove, grease with coconut oil.

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Rubbing the skin of the eyelids with ice cubes also quickly saves the situation. If the problem of puffiness occurs frequently, then you can prepare ice cubes from broths of herbs( mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, sage, etc.) in advance and use them if necessary.

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Fruit and vegetable

Thin plates of cucumber or strawberries laid on the eyelids will have a cooling effect and will help to remove puffiness.

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Express method

Applying brewed and chilled tea bags for 5-10 minutes usually works well when the swelling is not strong and is not caused by any diseases. Tea can be black or green, but without additives and flavors.

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Preventative measures

The best means of preventing bags under the eyes is prevention. Preventive measures include the following:

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding bad habits;
  • Compliance with sleep and power;
  • Restriction of consumed food and liquids at night;
  • Correct posture for sleep( face up or side);
  • Control facial expressions( avoid frowning the eyebrows, do not wrinkle your nose and forehead, do not screw up your eyes);
  • Use of quality cosmetics in moderation;
  • Gymnastics of the eyes and face as a whole, as well as massage;
  • Use of special creams and eye serums, especially after 25 years.

By observing these rules, you can reduce the risk of bags of circles under the eyes and generally improve your health and mood. If the problem of puffiness of the eyelids is associated with any diseases - you should always seek medical help.

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