Interesting ideas for a summer wedding photo shoot

Summer favors many interesting and unordinary ideas for a wedding photo shoot, but it's better to choose light and romantic themes that would reflect the weightlessness of summer days. You can make them both in nature( in the forest, in the fields, near the sea, near the river, etc.), in a colorful village, and on the streets and parks of the city.

  • Retro
  • Provence
  • By the Sea


The retro theme is both incendiary and romantic, gentle, eccentric and passionate. A lot of it is possible to draw ideas from this style, because every decade of the last century spawned original retro periods, so that the shooting can be carried out by the following popular themes of the photo shoot:

  • Silent movie( retro 20's);
  • Ganga( 30's style);
  • Jazz( style of the 30's);
  • Soviet( style 40-50-x);
  • Dandies( style 50-60's).
  • Hippies( style 60-70's).

In addition to these generalized ideas, a wedding photo session can be decorated in some recognizable retro-image, for example, a wedding in the style of a famous old film. Suitable films such as Breakfast at Tifani, In jazz only girls, Bonnie and Clyde, Wedding in Malinovka, Great Getsby and so on.

The best scenery for retro will be themed cafes, summer areas of these institutions, designed for a particular time interval retro. Clean and beautiful city streets will also suit, and some areas, such as hippies, are better to implement in nature.

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The main distinguishing features of the Provence style are:

  • Lavender( this is one of the main features of this French style. If it does not, then there is nothing to start a photo shoot of this kind of theme. As a last resort, fresh lavender can be replaced with lilac or driedbunches of lavender);
  • Large abundance of fresh flowers not bright shades;
  • The predominance in the design of pastel tones, especially milk, beige, white, gray, as well as all shades of blue, pink, light green and lilac.

The following items are desirable:

  • Forged items;
  • Wickerwork;
  • Red wine;
  • Lace and light lace fabrics;
  • Wicker furniture or simple furniture made of wood;
  • Retro bikes or thematically decorated modern bicycles;
  • Suspended swing, decorated with garlands of flowers;
  • Haystacks.

Such a photo session is held exclusively in nature or against the backdrop of beautiful countryside, in a spacious open space. Ideally, lavender fields would approach, but you can confine yourself to an even field, on which trees will also be present in small numbers.

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By the sea

Summer is the best time of year for a wedding photo session in a marine style. You can carry it both on the seashore, and on a suitable swimming facility, especially suitable for sailboats, small boats, stable rafts. The beach for shooting should be deserted, clean, preferably not covered with vegetation, stone or sand, with a beautiful coastline.

Also suitable scenery of beautiful coastal buildings, especially of stone or wood in Hawaiian style.

The following elements should be present in the marine photo session:

  • Recognizable attributes of the style: anchors, flags, seashells, starfish, nets, boats, pulled to shore, toy ships, letter bottles and so on;
  • Large abundance of flying, translucent fabrics in white, blue, blue, azure, aquamarine or other tones of the sky and the sea;
  • Abundance of colors of not bright shades;
  • Wicker or coarse wooden furniture, things made of wood.
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It's better to take a picture at dawn or sunset, then the light on the photo will be especially soft.

For a photo shoot in the water, it's better to bring another white dress with you, which will not be a pity to dunk.

Photoshoot can be done with a thematic overtones, for example, in the style of Scarlet sails or pirates.

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