All palettes of shades of hair dyes from Garnier

For more than 60 years, the Garnier brand from L'Oréal Paris has created affordable, high-quality and safe hair dyes. To date, their line is represented by 4 products that give an opportunity to get perfectly bright and saturated shades, while not damaging and not injuring the hair. Next, we will take a closer look at each paint from Garnier along with the palette.

  • Olia
  • Delightful blondes
  • Sensual chestnut
  • Impressive red
  • Passionate red
  • Rich black
  • Color Naturals
  • Color Sensation
  • Color & Shine


Unique resistant cream paint that does not contain ammonia. Oils in its composition gently convey the dye to the structure of the hair, which helps to improve the condition of the head of hear and maximum expressiveness of color. Paint professionally hides gray hair even at home.

Staining is very convenient and does not cause any inconvenience. The paint has a pleasant floral scent, and the color lasts for 6 weeks.

The Garnier Olia palette contains 25 trendy colors, which are divided into 5 categories.

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Delicious Blondie

Hue Name
11.0 Natural superblond
10.21 Pearly blond
10.1 Ash Blonde
9.0 Very Light Blonde
8.31 Blonde cream
8.13 Cream pearlescent
8.0 Dark Blonde
7.13 Beige Blonde
7.0 Brown

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Sensual chestnut

Shades Names
6.35 Caramel dark blond
6.15 Frosty light chestnut
6.0 Light brown
5.3 Golden chestnut
5.25 Pearlchestnut chestnut
5.0 ​​Light brown
4.15 Frosty chocolate
4.0 Dark brown
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Impressive red

Shades Designation
6.6+Cold garnet
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Passionate red

Shades Name
6.46 Burning copper
7.40 Sparkling copper
8.43 Copper blond
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Saturated black

Shades Name
1.0 Deep black
2.0 Black
3.0 Dark chestnut
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Color Naturals

Garnier Color Naturals perfectly nourishes the hair thanks to the presence of olive, avocado and karite oils, as well as waxes and polymers. The paint provides a durable color even on gray hair, after the procedure, the color persists for up to 6 weeks.

The palette contains 30 cold and warm shades, as close as possible to natural colors.

Shades Name Shades Name
1.0 Black 7 Cappuccino
1+ Ultra Black Alder 7.1
2.10 Raven Black 7.4 Golden Copper
3.0 Dark Chestnut 7.40 Captivating Copper
3.23 Dark chocolate 8.0 Wheat
4.15 Mopozny chestnut 8.1 Sandy shore
4.3 Golden chestnut 9.1 Sunny beach
5.15 Spicy espresso 9.13 Light blond ashy
5.23 Rosewood 10 White sun
5.25 Hot chocolate 10.1 White sand
6.0 Lehydrochloric nut 101 Crystal ash blond
6.23 Pearl almonds 111 Superosvetlyayuschy platinum blonde
6.25 Chocolate 112 pearly blond
6.34 Caramel 131 Cold beige blond
6.41 avid amber E0 Super blond
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Color Sensation

When using paintColor Sensation can get any bright and luxurious color from the 30 presented in the palette. After dyeing, the curls will just shine, reflecting the light, and the whole point is that the composition of the paint includes real mother-of-pearl. Natural floral oils will help make curls soft and elastic.

Some shades of this paint can discolour the hair to 4 tones, while others can easily paint over the gray hair, and the color will not wash for 8-9 weeks.

The full range of Color Sensation shades can be seen in the table.

Shades names Shades names
1.0 Precious black agate 6.12 Sparkling cold mocha
2.0 Black Diamond 6.35 Golden amber
3.0 Luxury Chestnut 7.0 Exquisite golden topaz
4.0 Royal Onyx 7.12 Pearl Ash Blonde
4.10 Sapphire Black 8.0 Flowing light blonde
4.12 Cool diamond brown 8.1 Luxurious northern light brown
4.15 Noble opal 9.13 Cream mother of pearl
4.30 Gold of Byzantium 9.23 Zhemchzhnoe gold
4.52 Silk temptation 10.1 icy blond
4.60 Rich Red 10.21 Pearl silk
5.25 Indian silk 101 silver blond
5.35 Spicy chocolate 110 Ultrablond pure diamond
5.52 Pearl East 111 Ultrablond platinum
5.62 Royal grenades 910 Ash-A silvery blond
6.0 Luxurious dark blond E0 Decolorant
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Color & Shine

Ammonia-free Color &Shine provides safe, but durable staining and hair care. Arganove oil and cranberry extract qualitatively nourish the structure of the curls, making them soft, silky and shiny. The palette has 17 natural shades.

Shades names Shades names
2.0 Ebony 6.60 Wild cranberries
2.10 Blueberry Black 5.50 Juicy cherry
3.6 Black Cherry 6.0 Light Brown
4.0 Chestnut 6.23 Hazelnut
4.15 Frosty chestnut 7.0 Brown
4.26 Sweetblackberry 8.0 Light brown
5.0 ​​Light chestnut 8.1 Ivory
5.30 Dark walnut 9.0 Very light blond
5.35 Chocolate

This color is not recommended for painting gray hair if the gray hair is occupied by a bole 50% of the entire hair. In other cases, the paint stays on the hair for up to 7 weeks.

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