Examples of tattoos for girls on the neck

If you have long dreamed of a tattoo, then the neck is one of the best places for girls, where you can fill a neat little tattoo or a noticeable and bright big one. There are many options for sketching tattoos, but there are ways to choose your style that reflects your inner world.

  • Front
  • Side
  • Behind


The most careful thing is to treat the tattoo on the front of the neck, because this zone can not be hidden, it will always be in sight. Therefore, it is prudent to first make a temporary tattoo, for example, with henna, at the chosen place, look at the result, and after that go to the permanent tattoo.

As a rule, in front of the tattoo, non-ordinary personalities, representatives of different subcultures, in particular grunge and rock, perform.

For this part fit large filling the entire zone of tattoo, complex, conceived thematic. There is no sense in stuffing something small and unattractive in front. Such tattoos are suitable for other areas of the neck. Since the tattoo will be noticeable, it's better to choose flashy options, the theme of which will be close to you in spirit.

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If there is an intention not to shine the tattoo too much, but also to disrupt the drawing there is no desire, then you can fill it directly behind the ear. This secluded place is literally created for small drawings. Popular themes of birds, animals, insects, symbols.

The tattoo on the side can be either large or small, compact or diffused around the neck. Are actual for this place ornaments, ethnic motives, flowers, a scattering of stars, feathers or birds.

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For this zone, there are drawings that have symmetry, for example ornaments, symbols,inscriptions. These drawings can continue along the spine, go over the shoulders or forward of the body, join other tattoos. It looks pretty strict vertical or horizontal placement of tattoo, but also interesting ideas without observing these criteria, for example, voluminous flowers, birds, animals, bows, patterns and much more.

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