5 photo-examples of how to make a bunny haircut

Volumetric bows made of hair are excellent and light in the performance of hairstyles for every day, and for any celebration, depending on how they are made, than decorated and supplemented. We bring to your attention five examples of simple and original hairstyles with bows of medium length hair.

  • Padding from the tail
  • Bunch-beam
  • Small bows
  • Bantam "Malvinka"
  • Bantik with weaving

Padding from the tail

Carefully comb the hair along the entire length.

To give the hair volume and hair up to the roots, you need to make small strands of hair.

Collect the hair on the nape of the ponytail and fasten it with a rubber band.

From the top of the tail you need to take a strand of hair and make a smaller tail out of it. The last turn of the rubber band does not stretch to the end, it turns out that a loop is attached to the tail.

The resulting loop should be visually divided into two parts.

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The tail that remains at the bottom of the loop, you need to form the cushion of our bow between the separated parts of the hair andto fix by invisibility.
If desired, you can fix your hair with a varnish.

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Collect all the hair on the top of the head in a high tail. Using a roller to create a beam, decorate the beam itself. Only not by twisting the hair. It is necessary to put on a formed bundle of dense gum. That is, squeeze the hair with an elastic band around the bead so that the free ends of the hair remain.

Instead of a roller, you can use a usual fleece.

Loose hair ends in a separate tail and loop to form a bow.

Divide the hair in a loop into two pieces and fasten with a little cushion the bow of the remaining hair.

Alternatively, it is possible to fasten free hair alternately, as separate halves of a bow, and free ends to weave into a simple pigtail and decorate the center of the bow with a flower from the braid.

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Small bows

Carefully comb the hair along the entire length.

At the occipital part, pull your hair into the ponytail and begin to weave a fish tail out of it.

In places where you want to form small bows you need to leave small strands of hair underneath the fish tail.

Secure the end of the braid with a rubber band.

The remaining strands must be stretched to the front side of the fish tail. On both sides of the weave will get on a loop of hair, which will serve as the basis of the bows. Stretching the hinges, they need to be fixed with small elastic bands.

The middle, the cushion of the bow, we create from the tips of the loops, as shown in the photo.

So you can make bows along the entire length of the fish tail, based on your own preferences.

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Bowl "Malvinka"

Divide all the hair across the head into two parts.

We work with the upper part, for convenience, lower hair can be stabbed or gathered in the tail.

For the bulk of the ribbon, the strands of the upper part of the hair can be lightly combed at the base.

Collect all the hair of the top part in the tail. Doing the last turn of the elastic, do not stretch the hair to the end, but leave a noose.

We divide the loop, half forming a bow, and we form the cuff of the bow with the ends, we hide the remains of the ends and fix it with invisibility.
The bow is ready. Dissolve the lower part of the hair. Hair can simply be combed or curled in beautiful large or small curls based on your own wish.

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Bow with weave

Carefully comb the hair along the entire length in reverse order, tilting the head from the back of the head to the forehead.

loading. ..

We begin to weave the braid from the back of the head, grabbing all the hair. We weave the braid to the middle of the head and collect the remaining hair in a high tail.

When making the last coil with an elastic band, do not stretch the hair to the end, leaving a loop of hair.

The very basis of the loop is divided by hands into two parts.

The ends of the loop from the hair form the cushion of the bow between the divided hair from the loop, as indicated in the pictures.

The remaining ends of the hair wrap around the bottom of the resulting bow and fix it with invisible ones.

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