List of Kuprin's works for children

Kuprin AI- a famous Russian writer. The heroes of his works are ordinary people who, contrary to public order and injustice, do not lose faith in good. For those who wish to introduce the child to the writer's work, a list of Kuprin's works for children with a brief description is given below.


The story "Anathema" reveals the theme of the opposition of the church against Leo Tolstoy. At the end of his life he often wrote about religion. What Tolstoy expounded did not please the servants of the church, and they decided to betray the writer to anathema. The case was entrusted to the Protodeacon Olympia. But the protodeacon was a fan of Lev Nikolaevich's creativity. On the eve he read the author's story, from the bark was so ecstatic that he even cried. As a result, instead of anathema, Olympus wished Tolstoy "Many years!".

White Poodle

In the story "White Poodle" the author describes the history of the wandering troupe. The old organ-grinder, along with the boy Seryozha and the poodle, Artaud, earned by speaking in front of the audience. After a whole day of unsuccessful walking around the local dachas, they still smiled luck: in the last house there were spectators who wanted to see the performance. It was a spoiled and capricious boy, Trilly. Seeing the dog, he wished her. However, his mother received a categorical refusal, because friends do not sell. Then she stole the dog with the help of a janitor. That same night Sergei returned a friend.


The work of Kuprin "The Swamp" tells how the surveyor Zhmakin and his assistant student were returning after the shooting. Since the way home is far away, they had to go to the forest ranger for the night - Stepan. During the journey, the student Nikolai Nikolayevich entertained Zhmakin with a conversation, which only irritated the old man. When they had to walk through the swamp, both were afraid of the quagmire. If it were not for Stepan, it is not known - they would have got out. Staying at his place for the night, the student saw the meager life of the forester.

In the circus

The story "In the circus" tells about the cruel fate of the circus strongman - Arbuzov. He will fight in the arena with an American. Rib, perhaps, is inferior to him in strength and agility. But today, Arbuzov is not able to show all his skill and skill. He is seriously ill and can not fight on an equal footing. Unfortunately, this is noticed only by the doctor, who considered the wrestler's appearance on the stage dangerous to the health of the athlete. The rest need only a spectacle. As a result, Arbuzov is defeated.


"Inquiry" - one of the first stories of the author. It tells about the investigation of the theft, in which the Tatar soldier is accused. The inquiry is conducted by Lieutenant Kozlovsky. Serious evidence of the thief was not. Therefore, to obtain recognition from the suspect Kozlovsky decides a cordial attitude. The method was successful, and the Tartar confessed to stealing. However, the lieutenant began to doubt the justice of his deed in relation to the accused. On this basis, a quarrel between Kozlovsky and another officer occurred.

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The Emerald tells about human cruelty. The protagonist is a four-year-old stallion participating in races, the feelings and emotions of which are described in the story. The reader knows what he thinks about, what experiences he experiences. In the stable, where it is kept, there is no harm between the brothers. And the already unsweetened life of the Emerald worsens when he wins the race. People accuse horse owners of fraud. And after a lot of examinations and proceedings, Emerald is simply poisoned to death.

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Lilac Bush

In the story "Lilac Bush" the author describes the relationship of a married couple. The husband is Nikolai Evgrafovich Almazov, he studies at the Academy of the General Staff. Drawing up a plan of the terrain, he made a blot, which was covered, depicting bushes in the same place. Since in reality there was no vegetation there, the professor did not believe Almazov and rejected the work. His wife Vera not only reassured her husband, but also corrected the situation. She did not spare her jewels by paying them for buying and planting a lilac bush on that most ill-fated place.


The work "Lenochka" is a story about a meeting of old acquaintances. Colonel Voznitsyn, on his way to Crimea by boat, met a woman whom he knew as a young man. Then her name was Lenochka, and Voznitsyn felt tender feelings for her. They were swirled in a whirlpool of memories of youth, reckless deeds and a kiss at the gate. After meeting many years later, they hardly recognized each other. Seeing Elena's daughter, who was very much like her young, Voznitsyn felt sad.

Moonlit Night

"Moonlit Night" - a work that narrates about one event. On a warm June night, two friends returned from their guests as usual. One of them is the narrator of the story, the other is a certain Gamow. Returning home after visiting Elena Alexandrovna's evening at the dacha, the heroes walked along the road. Usually the silent Gamow in this June warm night was surprisingly talkative. He told about the murder of the girl. His interlocutor understood that the culprit of the incident was Gamow himself.

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The hero of the work "Moloch" - the engineer of the steel plant Andrei Ilich Bobrov. He was disgusted with his work. Because of this, I began to take morphine, and as a result I suffered from insomnia. The only bright moment in his life was Nina - one of the daughters of the warehouse manager at the plant. However, all his attempts to get closer to the girl ended in nothing. And after the arrival in the city of the owner of the plant Kvashina Nine matched another. Svezhevsky became the girl's fiance and the new manager.


The hero of the work "Olesya" is a young man telling about his stay in the village of Perebrod. In such a remote area there is no special entertainment. In order not to get bored, the hero goes with the servant Yarmoloy to hunt. One of these days they lost their way and found a hut. In her lived an old witch, whom Yarmola had previously told. Between the hero and the daughter of the old woman Olesya, an affair breaks out. However, dislike of local residents separates the heroes.


In the story "Duel" we are talking about the second lieutenant Romashov and his novel with Raisa Aleksandrovna Peterson. Soon he decided to terminate the relationship with a married woman. The offended lady promised to take revenge on the lieutenant. It is unknown from whom, but the deceived husband learned about his wife's romance with Romashov. Over time, between the second lieutenant and Nikolayev, whom he visited, a scandal broke out, resulting in a duel. As a result of the match Romashov perishes.


The work "Elephant" tells the story of the girl Nadya. One day she got sick, and the doctor, Mikhail Petrovich, was summoned to her. After examining the girl, the doctor said that Nadia observed "indifference to life".To cure the child, the doctor advised her to cheer her up. Therefore, when Nadia asked to bring the elephant, the father did everything possible to fulfill her desire. After sharing a tea party with a girl with an elephant, she went to bed, and the next morning she got absolutely healthy.

Wonderful doctor

The speech in the story "The Wonderful Doctor" is about the family of Mertsalovs, who were harassed by troubles. At first my father fell ill and lost his job. All the savings of the family went to treatment. Because of this they had to move to a damp cellar. After that, the children got sick. One girl died. His father's attempts to find funds did not lead to anything until he met Dr. Pirogov. Thanks to him, the life of the remaining children was saved.


The story of "Pit" about the life of women of easy virtue. All of them are contained in the institution run by Anna Markovna. One of the visitors - Lichonin - decides to take one of the girls to his guardianship. So he wanted to save the unhappy Lyuba. However, this decision led to a lot of problems. As a result Lyubka returned to the institution. When Anna Markovna was replaced by Emma Eduardovna, a series of troubles began. In conclusion, the institution was looted by soldiers.

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On wood grouses

In the work "On Wood Grouse" the narrative is conducted from the first person. Panych tells how he went on hunting. In the companions he took the official forest warden - Trofim Scherbatogo, who knows the forest well. The first day the hunters spent on the road, and in the evening they made a halt. The next morning, before dawn, Trofimych led the master in the woods in search of wood grouses. Only with the help of the forester and his knowledge of the habits of birds the main character managed to shoot the capercaillie.

Overnight stay

The protagonist of the work "Overnight" is Lieutenant Avilov. He, together with the regiment, went to great maneuvers. On the way, he was bored and indulged in dreams. At the break he was given a lodging at the clerk's house. Falling asleep, Avilov witnessed the host's conversation with his wife. It was clear that even in his youth the young man had dishonored the young man. Because of this, the master strikes his wife every night. When Avilov realizes that it was he who ruined a woman's life, he becomes ashamed.

Autumn flowers

The story "Autumn flowers" is a letter of a woman to a former lover. Once they were happy together. They were associated with tender feelings. Having met again after many years, lovers realized that their love had died. After the man offered to visit the former lover, she decided to leave. In order not to be influenced by sensuality and not to discredit former memories. So she wrote a letter and got on the train.


The work "Piratka" is named after a dog who was a friend of a beggarly old man. Together they gave performances in taverns, and they earned their living. Sometimes the "artists" left with nothing and remained hungry. One day the merchant, seeing the performance, wished to buy Piratka. Starki resisted for a long time, but could not resist and sold a friend for 13 rubles. After that, he longed for a long time, tried to steal a dog and eventually hung himself with grief.

The River of Life

The story "River of Life" describes the way of life in the furnished rooms. The author tells about the hostess of the establishment - Anna Friedrichovna, her fiance and children. Once in this "kingdom of vulgarity" an emergency occurs. An unfamiliar student takes a room and closes there to write a letter. As a participant in the revolutionary movement, he gets to be interrogated. The student was scared and betrayed his comrades. Because of this, he could not continue to live and committed suicide.


The work "Starlings" tells about migratory birds, which are the first to return to their native lands after the winter. It tells about the difficulties encountered in the way of pilgrims. People are preparing birds for the return of birds to Russia, which are quickly occupied by sparrows. Therefore, on arrival, the starlings have to evict uninvited guests. After that there is a settling of new tenants. Having lived a certain period, birds again fly south.


The narration in the work "Nightingale" is from the first person. After the discovery of the old photo, memories rushed over the hero. Then he lived in Salzo Maggiore, a resort located in Northern Italy. One evening he dined with the table company. Among them were four Italian singers. When the nightingale was singing near the company, they admired his sound. At the end, the company became so excited that everyone sang the song.

From the street

The work "From the street" is a confession of the criminal about how he turned into who he is now. His parents drank heavily and hammered the boy. The apprentice Yushka was engaged in the upbringing of the former criminal. Under his influence, the hero learned to drink, smoke, play and steal. He did not manage to finish the gymnasium, and he went to serve in the soldiers. There he ate and walked. After the hero seduced the wife of the lieutenant-colonel - Marya Nikolaevna, he was expelled from the regiment. In the end, the hero tells how he killed a man and surrendered to the police.

Pomegranate bracelet

The work "Pomegranate bracelet" describes the secret love of a certain Zheltkov to a married woman. Once he gives Vera Nikolaevna a garnet bracelet for her birthday. Her husband and brother visit the unfortunate lover. After an unexpected visit, Zhelkov commits suicide, since his life was only in a beloved woman. Vera Nikolaevna understands that such a feeling is very rare.


Thanks for the article! I am a big fan of Kuprin's creativity. And here everything in one place is collected. For myself, I discovered several of my unknown works. The only thing, I think that not everything is suitable for reading to children.


Thanks for the not believe, gave a boost to my memories of the classics of the past century. Has planted the son to read.

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