With what to wear leggings

The tight elastic pants without any extra details( buttons, fasteners, pockets, overhead elements) are called leggings. In other words, these are the same pantyhose, which supposedly cut off the part intended for the feet. Leggings were worn in the 80 years of the 20th century, when they were almost the most adored element of the wardrobe of most women. But the high point for them came precisely in our times.

  • History of the appearance of leggings
  • What are the leggings
  • Options for combining

History of the appearance of leggings

For the first time such a sexual attribute appeared on one of the American podiums, where they were represented by Karl Lagerfeld.

Later, somewhere in the 90s, such leggings began to be used in the cold season, as they began to make them warm. At this time, the leggings got some details, for example, pockets and small ornaments, and on the street girls and women wore no longer bright versions of them, and more reserved shades - beige, gray, brown, dark blue and black.

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What are leggings

All over the world, leggings are divided by style, length, design and purpose. Speaking of design, the leggings can be:

  • plain,
  • colored with prints,
  • with decorative elements.

By appointment, such a thing can belong to both a man and a woman. Many use this element of clothing for sports. It is not necessary to wear only long leggings, because they do not fit every style of clothing. The classical model is the length to the ankle. There are leggings-capri, which are below the knee by 12 centimeters. And there are also capris, their length reaches the knee.

As for the style, it can be varied, and in the stores you can choose what will suit you. The most popular styles are:

  • Classic. Usually it is monophonic, to the ankle leggings. Classics will never go out of fashion. They are universal, comfortable and suitable for almost any outfit. As a rule, choose black leggings, which can be worn with both smooth-colored things and colored ones;

  • Leggings with prints. Most often, girls buy them with a leopard or snake print. For today it is very fashionable to wear leggings with a floral pattern. Thanks to this style, you can draw attention to your slender and beautiful legs;
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  • Jeggins, or how they are called in another way denim leggings. According to the design, they resemble jeans and some of them have a buckle, but differ in the structure of the fabric and the sewing method;

  • Sports leggings. A wonderful thing for any physical activity. Thanks to the elastic material, you can practice any kind of sport, both active( running, fitness, aerobics) and passive( yoga, gymnastics).Such leggings will not allow supercooling or overheating of the body;

  • For pregnant women. They have a huge advantage over other types and styles, as they are stretched and added together with the belly of a pregnant woman, while not creating discomfort and squeezing the stomach. They are made of special material that supports the belly of the future mother;

  • Evening leggings are sewn from an openwork fabric. Most often have transparent inserts, lace, beads, embroidery from beads;

  • Treggins. Very similar to classic pants and have pockets, fasteners, belt.
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Combination options

Many girls have a question that you can wear with leggings and at the same time look stylish, modern and feminine. So, gray, white or black leggings can be worn with almost any other thing from your closet. They are perfectly suited dress-bag, dress-shirt, long skirt( preferably if it is made of fine fabric), a tulip skirt, a monophonic or multi-colored tunic, or shorts.

The classic version of the outfit remains a set of leggings in combination with a dress-sweater.

That is, in winter you can safely wear leggings with a sweater or a warm dress and it will look stylish and modern. Such a choice will please many girls, because it fits and to go to work or study, as clothing on vacation or travel outside the city. In addition to practicality and convenience, this combination of clothes can warm you, so you can safely wear it in cold weather.

And here leggings from a transparent material of darker shades are best suited for an evening out. With them you can wear shorts, as well as knitted dresses, dresses for any figure, mini skirts. To the evening, the leather variant of leggings, as well as leggings under a leopard or snake, is also perfect. In addition, such short panties can be decorated with lace, shiny sequins, black beads or pretty bows.

No less popular patterns for losin are large flowers, geometric figures, ethnic and animal motifs. Such leggings with flowers are used as everyday clothes, with which you can wear almost anything.

As for the shoes, the leggings look great both with shoes on a high heel or wedge, and with shoes on a flat sole.

If you are engaged in a gym or decide to spend a holiday in nature, the leggings will look great with sneakers. Warm leggings are combined with any boots, boots.

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In conclusion, you can say that leggings - a universal element of clothing, which is fashionable to wear at any time of the year and with anything. Such a subject of the wardrobe should be for every girl, because even in combination with different things you can look with him in different ways. In the afternoon, you can look more formal with school leggings, and in the evening wearing a dress with them, you can become romantic and feminine.

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