Ideas of registration of a photon for celebratory events and thematic photosessions

Photozone is the main element of photography. It does not matter for what kind of event or style it settles. The main thing is to correctly and genuinely choose the place and attributes for taking photos. There are many different ways to decorate a photozone, and any time of the year will not interfere with a good photo shoot.

Contents: In marine style
  • In the style of BOHO
  • In the style of glamor
  • In military style
  • In the style of Provence
  • In the style of retro
  • In the style of rock
  • In the style of rustic
  • In the style of safari
  • In the style of fashion
  • Birthday
  • Children's birthday
  • For pregnant women
  • Mystery
  • At the graduation school
  • At the wedding
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy
  • In marine style

    The sea style is suitable for children's birthday or for single-themed photography. Options for decorating the photozone:

    • On the white wall hang a fishing net with starfish and fish, a semicircle of garlands of flags. At the bottom, arrange a boat layout, an oar and an anchor.

    • Near the blue wall to put white wooden boxes, an anchor with a rope, a wheel. On the floor arrange paper boats, in a large suitcase to plant a white teddy bear.
    • On the branch of the tree horizontally hang the steering wheel, to tie the blue and white ribbons and fix them on the ground, garlands of red flags. On the ground is a white plaid with striped pillows, a lantern and a red anchor.
    • A panel of blue balloons, on them to fasten the octopus, fish, seaweed from the balls.
    • On the beach, put a round table, covered with a white tablecloth and fishing net, near it a steering wheel, two high-backed chairs, a large glass with a gold fish on the table, a lantern and a tea set.
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    Boho style

    Boho is one of the young styles. It is suitable for single and wedding photo sessions. You can take a picture in a photo salon or on the street. Photozone decoration options:

    • Of the paper colors to make the similarity of the blind. Flowers strung, starting with light hues and ending with dark ones. Such a curtain to hang on a tree branch or on a wooden arch.
    • Under the tree, put a chair or chair with a soft back, hang the dream catchers, jars filled with sugar or white sand, bottles of flowers, macrame, ribbons.
    • Between the trees to lay a rug, put the hemp, arrange bowls with flowers, candles, between two trees pull ribbons or white threads, hanging dream catchers.
    • In the nature to build a hut, cover it with light flowing white or light tones with a cloth, decorate with clay vases and bottles of flowers, lay a blanket, put pads, bunches, put a kerosene lamp.
    • Arch vine with vines with leaves( can be both dry yellow and green), hang empty window frames and picture frames, jars with candles on long threads, keys, bottles. Vine decorate with bouquets of dried flowers and wheat ears. Spread the leaves on the floor. Suitable for shooting outdoors and in the studio.
    • In the nature to put a table and chairs, put a tablecloth on the table, put a kerosene lamp, glasses, candlestick with a big candle, a vase with dried flowers, plates with fruit, decorate with green grass. Top hang jars with light bulbs or candles.

    Examples of images and ideas for a photo shoot in the style of boho look here
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    In glamor style

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    Glamor is a style"The elite of the 70's."Shooting in this style is best done in a photo studio, as the background should be selected the most neutral. Suitable for a wedding or a single photo shoot. Options фотозон:

    • On the steps of an ancient building.
    • At the mirror in an antique gilded frame with a table with twisted legs.
    • A bed with a white back and a dark-colored blanket. Next to put a nightstand with a candelabrum. Ottoman with satin coverlet.
    • A table with a white tablecloth and antique utensils.
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    Military style

    A militant photo shoot can be organized in a photo studio, in nature, in a museum or near military monuments.

    Photozone for shooting:

    • Draw a background with a dark cloth, put a large wooden box, put various weapons and military ammunition on it.
    • On the street to build a wooden hut or put a tent, cover with camouflage net.
    • To drape the wall with a camouflage net, hang a flask, helmet, machine gun.
    • In an abandoned building near the window opening, install a sniper rifle.
    • In the sand quarry to make a trench like a trench.
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    Provance style

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    Provence is a French romance in a rustic style. Such a survey can be arranged in a photo studio and in nature. Several options for decorating the photozone:

    • Against the background of wallpaper with a lavender field, put a bench with a twisted back( white) and with white cushions, a small stack of flowers, put a green carpet on the floor and put pots with indoor plants.
    • Set against white wooden fence white chairs, wooden boxes, white bicycle. On the chairs put the purple pillows, put a bouquet of flowers in the bicycle basket, and hang paper flowers of lavender color around it.
    • On the tree to hang colorful paper balls, near the tree to put bicycles, a small table, suitcases, lay a rug. To put the gramophone on the suitcases, put a white tablecloth on the table and put the kettle, cups, cakes, put the pads on the mat.
    • In the garden hang a white tulle. Pick it up as a curtain on the window and attach bunches of lavender. Hang a bird cage and place a chair with a high back.
    • Put a white tablecloth on the bales of hay and bandage it with tape. Place on top a basket of apples, a pair of logs and a bottle of wine. You can decorate with dried flowers or lavender.
    • In the lavender field or in the field of other pink or pink-purple flowers put a table, cover it for tea.
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    Retro style

    Retro is quite popular for photo sessions. This shooting can be arranged in a photo studio, in nature or in a room with a stylized interior. Options фотозон:

    • On the green grass, lay out the books, put the wicker chair, cover it with a rug.
    • Spread the plaid bedspread, scatter oranges, apples, put a basket for a picnic, a couple of books, a hat. In the background put a retro car.
    • To put a retro TV on the nightstand, next to an outdoor pot with a flower, put a rocking chair with a rug, put a book on it.
    • On the table to put a gramophone, a vase of flowers and flowering branches, hang a photo in a frame or a picture on the wall.
    • To glue the photo zone with newspapers, put suitcases on the floor, a rare receiver, phone, plant a teddy bear.
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    In the style of rock

    It's best to shoot this picture on the street or in a music studio. Examples of photon:

    • Improvised stage, decorated with a stand with a microphone, musical instruments.
    • Make background from posters of rock stars or names of rock bands.
    • Against the background of an abandoned building you can put a biker motorcycle, you can add metal chains.
    • Make a background from the pages of the music book, arrange it on the guitar stand, the microphone on the stand.
    • Background as a wall, painted with graffiti.
    • In an abandoned building to arrange musical instruments, on the walls to hang chains, posters of rock bands.
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    Rustic style

    Rustic - rustic, homey, simple, cozy, natural.

    Options for the decoration of the photozone:

    • At the wall of wooden uncut boards put a wooden ladder, bags, on the floor, lay straw.
    • Randomly fold the wooden boxes, next drawer on the box, cover with sackcloth, put ceramic jug.
    • In the garden, arrange a table and benches from untreated wood, cover with burlap, arrange ceramic plates.
    • Near the home of a large fireplace made of wild stone, put a table and chairs from a rough wood, arrange wooden utensils, put flowers in a clay pitcher, and cover the chairs with burlap.
    • Near a woodpile, put a couple of bales of hay, cover them with burlap, put a bouquet of wildflowers on top.
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    Safari style

    Safari style appeared in the 60s. It is a mixture of ethnic African style and colonial African style.

    Photozone options:

    • Make an application of the cartoon characters "Madagascar".
    • Near the brick wall to put palm trees in large barrels, next to plant a soft toy monkey.
    • On the mat to seat soft toys of African animals, from above to hang a parrot, green and yellow balls, put palms out of balls.
    • On the white wall hang out African masks, put on a beautiful chair, hang a pair of binoculars on the back, and place a double-barreled gun next to the chair.
    • Near the exotic plants put a tent, expand and arrange bamboo.
    • In a deserted area, put an open or closed jeep-off-road vehicle.
    • In a deserted area to break camp, cover a picnic, decorate all elements of style.
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    In the style of the fashion

    One of the directions of glamor, which appeared in the beginning of the XX century. As in the style of glamor, the background should be as uniform as possible. Options for the design of the photo zone:

    • On the white wall, hang a photo in a frame, put a white table next to it, put a round chair on it, throw a white scarf on it, put a lamp on the table in the 1920s and 1930s.
    • On the wall to attach black and white wallpaper, put a white sofa, put pillows in stripes, put a table lamp, a layout of the Eiffel Tower, a candlestick.
    • At the black marble sink put a black floor vase with white roses.
    • Set up the four floor mirrors as a screen.
    • Arrange the mannequins, hang out different outfits in the style of fashion.
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    Birthday can be held in a certain style, and depending on the chosen style to decorate the photo zone. Variants of registration of a photon for a holiday:

    • In the pirate style. Hang up paper flags with skulls, nets, the inscription: "Happy Birthday", pirate flags, a treasure map, arrange chests with coins, sabers, bottles with rum.
    • Pioneer. On the wall hang a horn, the flag of the USSR, a poster: "Pioneer! Drunk - have a snack! ", Various pioneer posters.
    • Alice in Wonderland. Attach to the wall playing cards of different sizes, round watches of different sizes with a Roman dial( you can draw), arrange bouquets of white and red roses.
    • Make a stand with balls of white color, any other highlight the figure of age.
    • In retro style. You can beat the theme of poker, style, bar, gangster Chicago of the 30s, gambling, adaptation of the novels "The Great Gatsby" or "12 chairs".
    • On the banner make holes for the picture or window frames.
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    Children's birthday

    There are many different options for the design of the photo zone:

    • Hanging a garland of flags and letters on the wall with a birthday. On the floor put a big birthday figure, highchair, lay out pillows, hang balls and flowers in a vase.
    • Make an arch of balls like a rainbow on the wall. On the floor put large flowers of balls.
    • Wall Murals Mermaid, paper algae, treasure chest, anchor.
    • On the wall make a panel of colorful butterflies from colored paper on the floor put a large flower of paper for Thumbelina.
    • Put the cartoon characters carved from the cartoon( for example, minions), add the photo zone suitable for the cartoon attributes.
    • On the wall make a mock ship, on it a black flag with a skull, put on the sides palms of balls, on the floor ancient pistols.
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    For pregnant women

    Here are a few options for the design of the photo zone:

    • Depending on the sex of the child, attach balloons( pink or blue) to the floor at different heights, use white background or the color of the balls.
    • In the summer in nature, put an arch, attach white, blue or pink ribbons, paper flags, flashlights, lay blankets, put a small table with delicacies, candles and flowers.
    • In nature put a tent or hang a canopy from the curtains, lay a blanket, put pads.
    • On the green grass, lay out soft toys, pillows, put a basket with wildflowers.
    • On the floor lay a light veil, sprinkle with petals of roses of different colors, put blossoming tree branches.
    • To put a blanket, books, knitted small socks, tangles and knitting needles, toys on a bed or sofa, put a kettle with tea next to it.
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    Mystics are secrets, horrors, legends, riddles. Quite an eccentric style for a photo shoot. Options for registration of the photozone:

    • Against the background of the wall-paper of the dense forest, hang the origami birds from the ceiling, put dry branches from below.
    • Photo wallpapers of an ancient cemetery with stone tombstones.
    • On a gray background put a chair with a high back, put on it a skeleton skeleton dressed in armor.
    • As background use an abandoned dilapidated house with a stone well.
    • On the charred tree plant a stuffed raven, hang skulls, black and white ribbons.
    • On a burnt-out glade to place huge candles.
    • Against the backdrop of a dense forest, to place mirrors in the forest, to start up colored or ordinary smoke.
    • In the attic among the old trash.
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    At the graduation school

    Variants of the photon:

    • Banner with figurines Oscar. Spread the red carpet on the floor.
    • Hollywood celebrity banner, red carpet, theme of a starry night.
    • Banner from children's photos of graduates, decorated with balls and flowers.
    • Large frame of inflatable balls with large puppets pupils and pupils.
    • On the tulle fabric hang the names of all graduates, the year of release, smiles, balls, smiles.
    • Large page banner of the class magazine with the names of graduates and grades. Decorate with flowers, balls, ribbons.
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    For the wedding

    Options for the decoration of the photozone:

    • Banner to issue as an invitation card. Write the names of newlyweds, the date of the wedding, on the sides put outdoor vases with flowers, a little ahead of the big letters "LOVE".
    • On the banner or wall, arrange a photo exhibition with photographs of the newlyweds starting with children's photos.
    • On the banner to fix live flowers and moss. You can make a photozone of paper flowers. Put a beautiful chair.
    • Photo wallpaper with pink roses, white sofa, on the couch white guipure cushions, next to put candelabra with candles. On the back of the couch, lay the branches of a wicker rose.
    • Fix on the wall circles of fans of different colors and sizes.
    • In the garden to put a table and a couple of chairs, set the table for tea.
    • In the garden hang a swing, decorate them with garlands of flowers.
    • In the garden to put a bed and a nightstand, make an imitation of the bedroom.
    • In the garden to make a sofa, table, make an imitation of the living room or boudoir.
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    Sci-fi is unusual, interesting and magical. Photography in this style can be done both in the studio and in nature. Options for registration of the photozone:

    • Place wall-papers of starry or stormy sky, sunset on the wall.
    • Against the backdrop of a white wall, fix balloons on top, attach helium balls to the threads.
    • Fasten the white and blue organza in the form of theatrical scenes.
    • In a sandy quarry, in the dunes or on the seashore, fasten on thin twigs paper windmills with thin ribbons.
    • Against the background of the blue wall, attach white clouds, put a large wicker basket on the floor for a balloon, attach the ropes from the basket to the ceiling.
    • Use projectors and projectors to achieve fantastic effects.
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    This is the most fabulous style. Such a survey can be conducted in a photo studio or in nature. Options for the formulation of the photozone:

    • On the fallen tree in the woods put a chest of jewels.
    • On the shore of the reservoir near the large stone put a copper pitcher, scatter the red apples.
    • In an old wooden house in a forest or village.
    • Against the backdrop of the carriage and horses.
    • In a beautiful symmetrical garden or park.
    • In a clean, snow-covered field or in a snow-covered forest.
    • Near the high shelves with books put a leather chair, a large globe, candles.
    • Against the background of bare trees in the autumn forest arrange sailboats cut from paper.
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