All the signs and superstitions about Benjamin Ficus

Ficus Benjamin, named after the English botanist, is a popular wild or indoor plant, used in phytodesign, where its thin branches with many green leaves are given the original shape or weave into various floral arrangements. However, the tree is surrounded by a mass of signs and superstitions that connect it with a happy family life or, conversely, with a lot of trouble.

  • Can I keep the house
  • Popular signs
  • To improve the mood
  • Influence on eloquence
  • Draws money
  • Attracts love
  • Promotes pregnancy
  • Where to place

Is it possible to keep houses

The ratio of Slavic and Oriental peoples to Benjamin's ficus is very different. Some consider it a symbol of family well-being, others - a witchcraft tree that brings troubles:

  • The Chinese perceive ficus as a family plant, they give it to weddings and birthdays, they are passed on to descendants. According to the beliefs, the tree clears the room of negative energy, gives the person vivacity and nurtures vitality, which makes it especially popular among the elderly.

  • Thais consider this plant sacred and are sure that it can drive away evil spirits. The tree-symbol of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is the ficus of Benjamin. Another species of ficus became a symbol of statehood for the inhabitants of the island state of Barbados and is depicted on the arms of the country.
  • In the Slavic countries, the wax leaves of the fig tree of Benjamin are attributed to magical properties, endowing him with the ability to introduce discord into the family, cause conflicts and lead to divorce. The plant is considered a muzhegon - such properties were given to it in the post-war period, when a large number of families, where a tree grew, lost men who had not returned from the front.
  • A benign mention of this plant is present in the Bible. One species of ficus served as the first clothing for Adam and Eve, and the fruits of another species( figs) became their first independent food after being banished from Paradise.
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Popular signs of

If you use the Benjamin ficus correctly, it will be useful to any member of the family:

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To improve the mood

The tree positively affects a person's emotional state. The leaves of the plant emit ethers and phytoncides, purifying the air and killing the pathogenic bacteria. Also useful substances help to normalize the nervous system, improve mood, get rid of fatigue, and even cope with depression.
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Influence on eloquence

It is believed that the ficus of Benjamin gives the person the ability to articulate words more clearly, express thoughts more clearly, it is better to convince the interlocutor. On the other hand, the flower eliminates unnecessary talk and inclination to untruthful statements, helping to control one's speech.

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Attracts money

Usually, money trees include plants with fleshy green leaves. However, the ficus of Benjamin can also be programmed to attract wealth and prosperity to the house. To do this, you must ask for help and follow proper care, avoiding mass loss of leaves. It is good to transplant a tree in a pot of green color or to glue it with suitable materials. In the ground, you need to bury a few coins - to draw your own kind.

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Attracts love

The plant can help you find happiness in your personal life or strengthen relationships with your loved one. To do this, it is necessary to plant( or transplant) it into a pot of pink color, preferably, ceramic, and not plastic. Well, if the pot will depict the hearts, otherwise they can be painted or glued on their own. In the process of work should add a few hearts under the roots of the tree, and talk with him, describe the problem, ask for help in love affairs.

Read also other folk customs, customs and ceremonies how to attract money and wealth to your life and home.

Ficus Benjamin helps people who can not conceive a child. For the onset of pregnancy, it must be placed in the matrimonial bedroom at the head of the bed and carefully looked after, treating both with the baby-in time to water, wipe from dust and stroke the leaves, talk, feed fertilizers. Such actions have a beneficial effect on the hormonal background of women and contribute to conception. The appearance on the tree of a new escape is also a good sign.

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Where to place

It is very important to choose the place where it will maximize its abilities:

  • According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the best ficus will manifest itself, being in the southeast side of the room. There he will promote peace in the family, making the right decisions.
  • Located in the living room, the tree will balance the energy and will attract only the guests welcome to the house, as well as contribute to the improvement of relationships between family members.
  • Ficus in the kitchen attracts wealth to the house, protects against unforeseen expenses.
  • In the bedroom, the plant will contribute to a full night's rest, relieve insomnia and nightmares.
  • In the office, the tree will help to establish the workflow, quickly exit from difficult situations, reduce the level of conflict.
  • It is not recommended to put ficus in the northeast or central part of the room - in these places its positive impact on the energy of the room is significantly weakened.
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