How to choose the right hair style for a face type

The selection of any hairstyle should begin with taking into account the most important criterion - the shape of the face. It is from him that one must start, not forgetting about the shape of the ears, the length of the neck and the structure of the hair. Let's try to figure out which styling suits each type of person, and which ones should be avoided.

For oval
  • For oval
  • For oval
  • For round
  • For square
  • For rectangular
  • For triangular
  • For diamond
  • For oval

    Oval face is considered to be an ideal oval, therefore its owners choose a hairstyle easily, because with it almost any laying is combined on short, and on long hair.

    A good option is the cascade,

    classic and elongated square,

    natural strands with a light volume in the forehead area.

    In this case, the choice of bangs is not limited by anything, it is acceptable and its absence.
    To the owners of oval-shaped faces, stylists recommend avoiding very short men's haircuts. They can disrupt the harmony of the ideal face shape.

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    For round

    The round and pear-shaped face is distinguished by an equal distance from the line of the chin to the top of the forehead and from one cheek to the other. Owners of this form should always strive to stretch out their face.

    To reduce the roundness, select the diagonal or asymmetrical haircut. The most profitable will look hairstyles on medium and long hair, graduated haircuts and curls - they will make the face more refined.

    Any haircut that is performed on a round face requires volume.

    A good option in this case is an asymmetric square with a maximum length just below the chin level and volume on the crown.

    The owners of a round face are absolutely not suitable for haircuts that make the shape of the head look like a ball, for example, the classic square, long above the level of the cheekbones, too flat and elongated laying in which the hair is located along the face. Also it is necessary to avoid even lush buns and straight fences.

    Learn how to make a hairdo with a bang on long hair yourself
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    For a square

    The face of this shape differs quite clearly expressed lines of cheekbones andforehead. Superciliary arches and the line of the lower jaw are located almost on the same level, due to which the face appears square.

    At selection of stacking for the given type it is necessary to be guided by a principle of softening of structure of the face then the hairstyle will look harmoniously.
    It's best to choose a hairstyle below the chin line, without excess volume at the edges of the face.

    Styling, having a pronounced volume in the upper part, will be suitable, they will visually extend the face.

    Hairstyles with soft lines that hide this or that part of the face - that's what you need. Well fit bangs on one side, asymmetrical prostrings and curls.

    You do not need to choose the square face for a groom's cut with straight horizontal lines above the chin level and avoid pile tailings.

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    For rectangular

    This type of face differs elongated length, while the width of the forehead, cheekbones and chin has a slight difference or is almost identical.

    In this case, special attention should be given to all variants with wavy hair on medium length,

    hairstyles with volume on the parietal area and forehead,

    as well as asymmetric haircuts on moderately short and medium hair.

    Rectangular type of face fit a fluffy even or oblique bangs, the length of which falls below the eyebrows or the line of cheekbones, respectively. They will help visually reduce the length of the face vertically.

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    Long hair, smooth styling, flat prostrings and curls removed from the back are not recommended.

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    For triangular

    Characteristic features of this type of face are a fairly wide forehead and prominent jaw in combination with a narrow chin, so this type is also called heart-shaped. Efforts to select stacking should be aimed at softening the jaw line, and increasing the volume of the upper part.

    One of the most suitable options is laying on the basis of a volumetric graded square in which the strands are thinned downwards. With its help, you can give the lower part of the face ease.

    Create a balance of wavy laying performed at the level of the lower half of the face,

    and even hair without volume on the forehead.

    To the holders of the triangular face, experts advise avoiding hairstyles with short cheeks, haircuts that open ears and cheekbones, voluminous stitches at the top.

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    For a diamond-shaped

    A distinctive feature of this type is the widely protruding cheekbones against the background of a narrow forehead and small chin. The right hairstyle should balance the lower and upper parts of the face.

    Haircuts with an average length of hair with a volume around the temples,

    hairstyles with waves up to the shoulders,

    asymmetric quads are perfect.

    Fringe should choose a torn oblique slightly above the cheekbone line or even to the level of the eyebrows.

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