How to determine your color

Surely you have often heard a compliment: "This color suits you!" But did you ever think about why one color suits you perfectly and emphasizes your charms and virtues, and the other, despite the fact that you like it and even mix itwith your wardrobe, does not make you more beautiful?


Main seasonal types of color types
  • Description of the main seasonal color types
  • So, the first warm color is the spring
  • The second warm color is the autumn
  • The first cold color is the winter
  • The second cool color type is the summer
  • The method of 12 color types
  • The characteristics of the dark) and light color types
  • Characteristics of cold and warm color-types
  • Characteristics of soft and pure color-types
  • Why you need to know your color-type
  • Online test for determining the color appearance of
  • The main seasonal types of color types

    It turns out that the whole thing is in color types. Each person has a natural color scheme based on a combination of his pigments. It includes the color of the eyes, the shade of the skin, and the color of the hair. They can be warm or cold, in proportion to the pigments that predominate. In accordance with these warm or cold color shades of our skin, hair and eyes determine the four main color types, whose name corresponds to the name of the seasons.

    Thus, there are the following seasonal color types:

    • winter;
    • spring;
    • summer;
    • autumn.

    Each of them corresponds to certain colors and shades: spring and autumn - warmer, fly and winter - colder. To warm colors are color combinations with a predominance of red and yellow tones. To cold shades - combinations with blue tones.

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    Description of the main seasonal color types

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    So, the first warm color is the spring

    The appearance of the woman of this color type radiates a warm radiance, the basic characteristics of the color type are:

    1. The color of the skin is a warm shade from the color of honey to porcelain and delicate peach.
    2. Hair - from light brown to chestnut-red.
    3. Eyes - blue, brown with a rustle, yellow-green( cat's), but certainly warm tones.
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    The second warm color is autumn

    The appearance of a woman of this color is soft and sensual, and the main characteristics of the color-type are as follows:

    1. The skin is warm peach or yellow-beige.
    2. Hair - reddish, copper, light brown with a rust, golden brown, dark brown, with golden or red tint.
    3. Eyes - extremely warm shades: blue, gray-green, amber, nut and brown with a rustle.
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    The first cold color is the winter

    The appearance of a winter woman is cold, bright and contrasting.

    Key features:

    1. Leather - grayish-beige or olive, but more often porcelain.
    2. Hair - very dark, sometimes even blue-black.
    3. Eyes - cold and piercing, blue, gray-steel, brown, olive-green shades and even deep black.
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    The second cool color is the summer

    The appearance of a woman of this color type radiates a cold silvery glow. Key features:

    1. Leather - cold shades with a bluish or pink-lilac tint.
    2. Hair - gray shade( from platinum-blond to ash-brown).
    3. Eyes - green-blue, blue, gray, gray-blue, can be and dark-brown, and proteins of a milky shade.

    It would seem that everything is simple, but each of the listed seasonal color types has several varieties. Identify them with the help of the method of 12 color-types, which today is considered the most accurate.

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    Method of 12 color types

    This method of determining color-types is based on the theoretical principles of Albert Munsell - an artist, a professor, a well-known teacher of fine arts.

    According to its system, the color is determined by the following three values:

    • color tone( from cold to warm);
    • depth( from light to deep);
    • saturation( from clean to soft).

    By definition, Albert Manselly, the color can be:

    • dark( color deep and saturated);
    • light( color is light and elegant);
    • soft( color calm and muffled);
    • clean( contrast and bright color);
    • warm( color without admixture of cold shades);
    • cold( color without an admixture of warm shades).

    These color categories, according to the professor, determine the color-type of a person. A total of 12 - three for each main color type:

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    • spring light;
    • spring clean;
    • spring is warm;
    • summer light;Summer cold
    • ;
    • summer is soft;
    • autumn is dark( deep);
    • the autumn is soft;
    • the autumn is warm;
    • winter is dark( deep);
    • winter is clean;
    • winter is cold.

    Thus, six more categories are added to the above characteristics of color-types, and in order to accurately determine your color-type, you need to analyze its dominant properties.

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    Characteristics of dark( deep) and light color types

    For light color types are:

    1. Light hair( usually blond).
    2. Light eyes( blue, often green or light brown).
    3. Light thin skin.
    4. No contrast between eye, hair and skin color.

    For dark( deep) color types are characteristic:

    1. Dark hair( dark brown or even black).
    2. Dark eyes( dark brown, dark nuts, blue or black).
    3. Skin of a dark, light or neutral shade.
    4. High contrast between eye, hair and skin color.
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    Characteristics of cold and warm color types

    For a cold color, the following are characteristic:

    1. Hair with ashy hues, as well as black saturated dark chestnut tones without any admixtures of redhead.
    2. "Cold" blue or gray-blue eyes.
    3. Skin with natural pinkish glow.

    Warm colors are characteristic of:

    1. Hair of "warm" shades( red and reddish-brown).
    2. Eyes warm colors( green or brown) with golden rays or sparkles around the pupil.
    3. Peach skin, often with freckles.
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    Soft and clean color options

    For soft color types are:

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    1. Eyes of amber, gray-green or soft soft hue.
    2. Hair of neutral "mouse" color( light blond, pale-blond) without bright light accents.
    3. A kind of haze, a lack of clarity in the image, without contrast.

    For a clear color, the following are typical:

    1. Bright sparkling eyes( blue, green, hazel-brown), bright white squirrels.
    2. Bright hair, both natural dark and light shades.
    3. High degree of contrast, especially between the color of the eyelashes and the shade of the eyes.
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    Why you need to know your color pattern

    Knowing your own color is a powerful weapon in the hands of an intelligent woman, because thanks to the correctly chosen color of clothes, a successful makeup palette and the corresponding shade of hair dye, her face looks rested, fresh, radiant and young. And even in the event that she did not sleep well as it should, or something upset. On the contrary, an incorrectly selected shade will only emphasize fatigue, focusing on circles under the eyes and fine wrinkles, make the face yellowish or greenish, highlight redness and pigment spots( if any).

    For example, the natural beauty of a woman of pure color will perfectly emphasize clothes and makeup of bright and contrasting colors, but the muffled tones on her will look boring and faded.

    So knowing your color will help you to always look in a winning light!

    In addition, knowing your color, you can quickly navigate in a huge selection of color shades of clothing, and shopping will bring you even greater pleasure. And extra costs can be avoided without buying the clothes that do not suit you in color.

    It remains only to determine correctly which color-type you are. For this we propose to pass our test.

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    Online test for determining the color appearance of

    1. Describe the shade of your skin?
    bronzed, light beige, yellowish( ivory);
    porcelain, cool pink, bluish, transparent;
    peach, yellowish( ivory), yellowish-beige or golden-beige;
    light, pale, olive.
    2. How quickly and intensely do you tan?
    quickly, tan of a golden hue;
    quickly, a tan of a greyish-olive shade;
    I burn, a tan of a red shade, falls badly;
    quickly, tan is light or with a dark olive tint.
    3. Eye color?
    amber, turquoise, blue, olive with a light iris;
    dark or light muted shades, soft, with an iris of cold shades with yellowish impregnations;
    dark or light muted shades with an iris of warm shades with golden or yellowish impregnations;
    deep, rich, clear - dark brown, gray-blue, emerald, violet, amber, dark blue with contrasting iris and bright white proteins.
    4. Hair color( natural)?
    light blond, light-red, straw, chestnut with orange or golden tint, light brown;
    from dark brown without reddish skin with a cold silvery tint to ashy;
    copper-red, copper, ash-brown, dark chestnut with a reddish tint, light blond;
    dark( black), with a bluish, silvery or aubergine shade( or blond in combination with dark skin and dark eyes).
    5. Color of eyelashes and eyebrows( natural)?
    light( light brown, blond);
    ashy, similar to the hair color;
    with reddish hair, similar to the hair color;
    is dark, black.
    6. Does your skin have hyperpigmented areas( freckles and birthmarks) and what are they?
    and moles, and freckles are, light golden;
    moles there, there are no freckles( usually), ashy;
    freckles in large quantities, dark-golden or brownish;
    there are no moles and freckles.
    7. The hue of your natural blush?
    warm peach;
    cool pink;
    no blush, with wind and frost on the skin only redness;
    mild, pale pink.
    8. The color of your lips?
    pink, light;
    pink, bright;
    dark pink, salmon, bright red( warm shades);
    cold, with olive tint.


    Interesting and informative article!


    I did not bother with what color type I belong to before. As for the first classification, everything is too ambiguous, you can refer yourself to several types, but in the second more specific. As soon as I realized that I was getting more light, muted, warm colors, it became easier to choose clothes in which I look harmonious and it does not overlap my face. Previously, I made many mistakes in this regard.

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