What to wear in autumn

"Dull time! Oche charm! "- So the famous classic characterizes the fall. That is the wonderful time of the year when nature changes and completely changes its appearance, dressing in golden and purple colors. Infinite desire for innovation and renewal is the prerogative of every woman. Therefore, with the advent of autumn, you especially feel the desire to change something in yourself or simply add new products to the wardrobe so that it will play with bright colors, giving its owner warmth, comfort and self-confidence.

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Styles in clothing suitable for autumn

First, let's see which styles should be preferred.

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For every day

Proceeding from the fashion trends of the season, experts from the prediction firm Fashion Snoops( New York) offered a very interesting casual style. They called it the Weekend.

The idea of ​​style is to stop the crazy pace of the surrounding world and just enjoy a peaceful calm, as if every day is a carefree Sunday morning. To do this, offer to use plush clothing, and from materials - cozy velor and a pleasant flannel, which literally envelop their warmth, as if creating the feeling that you have put on your bed or are in a cocoon.

The color palette of this style is mostly warm and light. From dark tones: camel, brown, blue chambray, olive.

The basis of the whole style is materials, they must be soft to the touch, such as fur, cashmere, wool, mohair and felt. Silhouettes are loose, broad sometimes even formless. Shoes are mostly on a wedge or low heel. Accessories are the simplest: hats, long scarves, dimensionless bags.

If you are not yet ready for such an experiment, the ideal style for every day for you can be casual. The main accents in it are placed on the convenience of clothing, its practicality and simplicity of design. A remarkable feature is the multilayeredness and comfortable combination of unusual things.

For the casual style, the predominant range of colors this fall: beige, sand, aiouri, navy blue, brown, gray, black and pastel pink and blue.

Silhouettes from voluminous to pritalennyh. The prevailing fabrics are knitwear, denim, cashmere, wool.

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The choice of shoes in casual style is most often determined by comfortable models at low speed.

Of accessories, capacious bags, berets, hats, scarves and any decorations are preferable.

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On the evening of

Evening image of the coming autumn is best illustrated by Lady like style - the style of the brilliant Audrey Hepburn.

The main feature of this style is a refined femininity with aristocratic retro elements. Preference is given to elegant, monophonic, but at the same time refined attire a la Chanel. Quite spectacularly look pre-fitted silhouettes, the length to the middle of the knee or slightly lower. The color scheme is represented by noble pastel tones and juicy shades of black, blue, violet and red.

When choosing materials mainly used expensive in appearance fabrics: silk, satin, velvet, chiffon, gabardine, cashmere, satin, lace.

Shoes in the style of lady like are elegant shoes with boats on a hairpin.

Among the accessories are small and neat hats, scarves and neck scarves, tights with a seam on the back, straps, gloves and sunglasses.

You can not ignore the new restrained, but very extravagant style of "Raven", proposed by all the same Fashion Snoops. Raven is a style, as if descended from ancient tapestries, a gothic reminder from the past. The basic style of things of this trend style sends us back to the Victorian era. The color scheme consists mainly of dark rich tones: black, deep blue, purple, burgundy, eggplant, green. Materials predominantly feminine and romantic: lace, velvet, tapestry, jacquard, pile fabrics. Richly decorated with ornaments( flowers, birds, midnight motifs), embroidery, feathers, precious stones. From shoes fit comfortable loafers or shoes-boats.

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To work

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Picking the outfit for work, give preference to the conservative business style, its elegant styles and strict lines. Its basic characteristics are straight and tightened by cuts, the severity of lines, reserved almost closed silhouettes, the decollete is categorically unacceptable.

Typical representatives of this style are two-piece suits and a troika, as well as a dress-case.

Proof that this style is wonderfully suitable for autumn is the use of natural, cozy, warmth-giving fabrics. Among them, there are tweed, wool, jersey, cambric, cashmere, drape, silk and cotton.

At the forefront of natural colors and shades: white, gray, brown, blue, green, terracotta, black, and calm pastel shades. Preferred monochrome things, diluted with a small strip, cage, peas or a discreet vegetable ornament.

Shoes are recommended restrained with an open toe or fully closed, on a low heel or wedge. As accessories choose modest, refined ornaments.

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The color scheme of the autumn wardrobe

Should be prepared for more natural natural shades. The main fashion trends are subject to solemn black, all nude colors and a variety of gray gradients. Nevertheless, it does not prohibit the use of rich, bright colors. It should be noted, fashionable this fall will be: honey-golden, yellow-green, fiery red, orange. You can contrast them with no less relevant shades of rich blue, dark azure, pale lilac, violet, fuchsia and emerald green.

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Materials from

What are the leading gurus-designers suggesting us to wear this fall to look not only in accordance with the fashion, but also not to give up comfort?

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What can best give warmth in cold weather? Of course, fur. For late autumn it will be the most suitable option. A woman dressed in fur always looks aristocratic and attractive. In the current season will be in demand furs of goats, yaks, foxes, mink and monkeys.

For warm autumn, fur products are also available.

The designers paid special attention to the fur as decoration and decoration material. The most demanded and fashionable trends in fur jewelry will be the edges of the sleeves and voluminous fur collars.

Stylishly look like classic models of outerwear combined with fur stoles. And do not forget to complete your outfit with a beautiful belt.

By the way, stylists advise wearing with fur trim not only coats and jackets, but also jackets, vests, capes and even dresses.

In principle, this season fur can be used as decoration for any accessories. And the color scheme is not limited to traditional classical shades. It is allowed to use massively artificial fur of various color combinations - from bright pink and red to emerald green.

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In the autumn season, designers in each collection offer products and accessories made of leather. Over the years, this natural material remains the most ideal option for wet autumn weather. He can protect from the wind and the wind, but, most importantly, will not allow you to go unnoticed.

It is this fall that leather dresses, skirts and jackets will be very popular. And you definitely will not lose if you get an elegant leather dress of a beautiful brown shade. This outfit will become a favorite of the autumn season. Supplement it with stylish gloves made of fine leather, massive bracelets and dark glasses.

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Suede invoices continue to make the weather in the fashion industry. This fall, they find a display in shoes, and in clothes, and in accessories.

For warm autumn days and evenings, designers offer luxurious suede jackets made in scrappy technique, as well as classic fitted trench coats with a belt in combination with boots to the knees.

The current tones for the selection of suede products this fall will be considered bronze, pink, chalk, cornflower and lavender.

In addition, warm and dense fabrics that remind us of the 70's fashion, such as velvet, tweed, brocade and cashmere, will be actively used. And also lace, which has been losing its popularity for a year now.

In order to combine these completely different materials in the composition, this fall designers often resort to the use of patchwork techniques.

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Accents of

The main trend of this autumn season are Victorian-style models, echoing the hippy and chic style of the 70s.

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This season this wardrobe element will be designed to emphasize femininity. In this case, the skirt styles promise to be diverse. Pay attention to pleated models, skirts with wedges or with large folds, and retro versions of 1940-1950's knee length and slightly lower.

A special place in the autumn fashion will be a classic skirt-pencil, as well as a tight-fitting womanly skirt in the floor. Stylists advise wearing a trendy pencil skirt with a wide belt and neat high-heeled shoes. A skirt-maxi combined with a free pullover, denim jacket, knitted hat and a pair of men's boots.

The second accent of the season will be a pleated skirt. Ideally combined with this style will be a monochrome turtleneck made of fine fabrics, plus a jumper or a fitted jacket and a miniature clutch that will make your autumn image especially at ease.

And do not ignore one of the main trends of the season, which can be traced in the collections of all the famous fashion houses, skirts with fringe. Such a design solution will help to hide the flaws of the figure and add a light and airy silhouette.

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Fashionable dresses of the season are characterized by the following details: fitted silhouettes, all kinds of asymmetrical hem, ubiquitous use of cuts and the main trend - a deep V-neck.

Warm dress-shirts that are better combined with leggings, low-travel shoes and a wide scarf under an aviator jacket or oversize oversize coat are very popular. And also the invariable midi-length dresses, which in this season are preferably chosen in orange, red and bright blue. They should be worn with classic models of boots and fitted coats, which must necessarily hide the length of the dress.

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Pants, shorts

This season will be fashionable with any style.

First of all, from the '70s, the beloved model of representatives of the "hippie" direction - pants "klesh" - is returning. They are advised to wear with a spacious blouse and waistcoat.

Secondly, the whole year the model's oversize pants do not lose their popularity. The only true thing is to combine them with a fitted shirt and classic high-heeled shoes.

The following favorite models - trousers "skinny", leggings and leggings.

This fall, designers recommend choosing models with high waist, made mostly of leather and suede and worn with knitted dresses and boots at low speed.

And the last, but not less trendy model - trousers-skirts. They are better to wear with a chiffon blouse on buttons and velvet boots or with a volumetric sweater tucked in and high glossy boots.

A separate category is the shorts of strict silhouettes. In the autumn-winter variant they are made of warm fabrics, restrained colors of the preferred length to the knee, which allows them to wear even to young women.

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Choosing fashionable jeans this fall, you should give preference to models flared style 70's. Wear them better with comfortable tight-fitting turtlenecks, large gold ornaments and ankle boots on wooden or fully transparent plastic heels.

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This season a luxurious look of outerwear is achieved by using quality fabrics of the most fashionable colors.

Special distribution will be disproportionate, at first glance, but nevertheless very fashionable coats and jackets with a worn armhole. The sloping shoulders help to distract attention from the lush hips, and the narrowed bottom will make the figure slimmer and stricter.

A special niche will be occupied by a poncho, romantic raincoats forming soft lines of a silhouette and coats in a shape reminiscent of cloaks.

Do not lose relevance and any fur products. Experiments with the color of fur and the length of the pile will continue this fall.

Necessary in everyday life things, according to designers, will be jackets and jackets aviators. These double-breasted military uniform elements are now successfully adapted for modern ladies. You can wear them with a cashmere sweater and jeans or shorts and pantyhose under suede shoes.

And the last trend of this autumn is quilted things. Such outerwear is a stylized reminder of a duvet, in which it is always warm and cozy.

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For anyone who does not wear fur for various reasons, but wants something soft and cozy, there remains the option of acquiring a popular element for this season of a female wardrobe. So they call a sleeveless coat, but with some additions to the design that distinguish it from the original coat.

One of the advantages of a kapa is that it visually slender and visually draws any shape.

Under it you need to wear tight jeans and trousers, fitted dresses-cases, wide-brimmed hats and shoes with high heels.

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And, finally, what shoes are recommended to wear stylists in the autumn period.

In the fashion, the models with narrow-cut socks and high thickened heels are firmly established. Acceptable decor - lacing, fringe, embossed stitch and metal buckles.

Trend models: classic boats with a sharp high-heeled toe, high-lobed loafers, closed shoes, intertwined belts, and ankle boots with warm gaiters or golf. Do not go out of fashion and boots in the style of a western.

If you are ready for a bold experiment, then get into your wardrobe trekking shoes, in the autumn-winter period they are perfect for hiking. And in combination with the park, narrow jeans, leggings, loose knitted sweater or shirt, they will look perfect.

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The main trend of the autumn season will be wide belts and large buttons. These elements are actively complemented by coats, coats, skirts and dresses.

Particularly relevant in this season will be the tights of all kinds of models, from classic dense black to fun colorful and lacy models, most importantly, they fulfill their main task - protect the female legs from the cold.

Unexpected, but pleasant fact will be the return to fashion of braces. But now they are not only a traditional addition to the trouser ensemble, but also actively combined with maxi skirts and shorts.

Still, one of the most important questions this fall is how to choose a hat? In this season, designers have relied on hats, which will look equally great both with warmed outerwear, and with business suits and everyday sets. This option can be a luxurious hat with wide margins or an elegant hat of Fedor. But they all give way to the French classics - berets, especially since the choice of models, textures and variants of their wearing is simply boundless. But, remember, when choosing a headdress, you should take into account not only its practicality, but also your type of face and features of the figure.

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