How to learn how to weave brakes correctly

For a long time, spikelet for many women and girls remains a favorite hairstyle option. This scythe always looks very stylish. This convenient variant of weaving will perfectly withstand a strict office dress code, and will perfectly suit the elegant evening style. The braiding of spikelets is so universal that even the strands that have disappeared at the end of the day look equally elegant.

  • Classic version of
  • French version of

Classic version of

For beginners, it is better to learn to weave a classic version of the spike, which is still called "Dragon."

This hairstyle perfectly suits owners of medium length hair.

  • Comb the hair back and moisturize with normal water or a special spray to give smoothness.
  • With a fine comb, make a smooth horizontal parting from ear to ear.

  • The upper half of the hair is divided into three strands. Begin plaiting the braid by placing the left strand on top of the middle, and covering them with the right.
  • Continue to weave to the base of the neck, alternately picking free hair from the sides.
  • The last three strands are weaved like a regular braid. And the end is tightly tied with an elastic band.
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French version of

This is a more complicated variant of weaving braids, which always looks very original especially on long hair. To get a voluminous fluffy braid "Fishtail", you can use the tresses or procedure for hair extensions.

Learn 5 Ways of Beautiful Braid Braid

To braid such a French spikelet:

  • Comb your hair back and moisturize with water, mousse or spray to make themnot electrified and shone.
  • Select on each temporal zone one small hair strand, about 2.5 cm wide. Strand both strands to the back of the head and cross the right over the left.
  • Holding them with one hand, select to the left one more strand of the same width and again cross it with the right strand, putting it from above and pressing it with your left hand to the head.
  • Now with your right hand, take a new strand from the left and cross again with the left. Next, on each side alternately separate the strands and braid them in a braid until the hair growth line at the back of the head.
  • From under the free tail, alternately choose strands of small thickness and continue to cross them in the same way as before.
  • The end of the braid is fixed with an elastic band.

For beginners braid yourself such a spikelet is sometimes quite difficult, so the first time is better to collect all the hair on the back of the neck and follow the scheme described above to learn this weave.

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