6 Ways to Make a Beautiful Hairstyle on Your Side

There are a lot of hairstyles in which the hair is laid on one side, and recently they are quite popular, as almost every one of them can be done on their own. The optimal length of hair for performing similar styling - curls that are longer than the shoulder blades and lower. The combs, rhinestones, pearls and flowers will be well complemented.

  • Casual hairstyle
  • Styling with bang
  • Scythe
  • Variant with curls
  • Evening hairstyle
  • Wedding styling

Casual hairstyle

As a daily styling, it is enough to dry hair treated with mousse, toss them on one side of the head and put on top of a stylish bezel. Get the style in the style of "grunge".

A haircut on long hair with a shaven temple looks more creative and flamboyant.

However, not every woman is ready for such an experiment, so you can just weave your hair into a thin, stiff braid on one temple or pin it with invisible ones.

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Styling with a bang

A hairstyle looks impressive, in which the hair on the side is combined with a thick bang. Its length can reach the eyebrows or reach the ear lobes. Hair can be collected on one side of the head, and bangs braid in a braid or twisted into a tourniquet.

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Hide high forehead and smooth out rough features will help ironed bangs, stabbed invisible on one side and smoothed with wax. If desired, on the bang, you can make a haircut and stab it back, and collect all the remaining hair in the voluminous side tail.

Or perform on the bang wavy flowing strands, repeating waves along the entire length of the hair.

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Spit on the side

The braids can be weaved from any number of strands. It is important that the braid does not tighten very tightly and does not start from the top of the head, but from the back of the head. To create such a braid is not very important accuracy and strict symmetry. Even, on the contrary, the more careless and lush the styling, the more noticeable it will be.

Therefore, doing the weaving, put the strands from below, and the finished braid slightly stretch to the sides, weakening each strand. One or two curls can be separated from the total mass and completely released, in this case they will be a decoration for the hairstyle.

Weaving can also be done in the form of several thin braids, woven parallel to each other in the direction from the temple to the nape of the neck. In this case, the remaining hair should be straightened, combed at the roots and thrown to the opposite side of the head.

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Variant with curls

To make a hairstyle with curls, you can use a hair curler, styler or curl of the desired diameter, while remembering that the largest waves to face absolutely all the girls.

To achieve a good volume, you need to apply mousse on clean wet hair, lower your head down and sideways and blow dry, constantly shaking curls so that all your hair is focused on one side.

Then wind the locks in any way and comb the curls of a large comb or disassemble with your hands. Stacking can be performed in different ways - fixed with a comb, elastic band or invisible ones. Do not abuse the varnish, your hair should look as natural as possible.

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Evening hairstyle

You can pick up your hair upstairs by building a bump, shell, roller, bun, or curling your hair into bundles.

A beautiful hairstyle is obtained if long hair is gathered on its side, and individual strands leave falling on the shoulder. In this form they will emphasize the bend of the neck and décolleté.

A pony tail made on one side may well become an evening hairdo. You can lay it differently, in the fashion of low tails, which are collected on the side below the ear.

In order to braid the tail on one side, it is necessary to separate a horizontal strand of hair from one ear to the other on the parietal area. Run on a string naches and gently picking it near the ear, tie a small rubber band. To hide the elastic, you should wrap around her a small strand from the tail and fix it with an invisible and varnish.

Then separate the next strand and repeat with it the same actions, but only fixing it 10 centimeters below the previous one. Do the same for the entire length of the hair. Just do not abuse the varnish so that the hair does not lose volume.

If desired, the hair can be curled and disassembled into careless ringlets. Using rhinestones, ribbons, braids or flowers will give the hair a luxury and nobility.

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Wedding laying of

Many girls choose the hairstyle for the main event in their life, in which the hair is laid on one side curls. This wedding hairstyle will suit people with an elongated shape of the face, while the length of the hair can vary.

For styling the hair on one shoulder, you need a few hairpins, a hairdryer, a curling iron, and styling products for fixing the hair. In order to make the hair look more voluminous, you can resort to using overhead strands.

The simplest version of the hairstyle is as follows. First you need to wash and dry your hair with a hairdryer. Then, using a curling iron, create equal, neat spiral curls. To do this, each small string clamp at the roots of the plate and wind on the entire length, laying on one side.

Always use lacquer. Curls can not be combed, for this hairstyle it is important that each curl is curled evenly. You can give them a shape by hand, slightly stretching them to the sides.

Determining in advance which half of the hair will be located, it is necessary to start the creation of the hairdress on the opposite side. Each time take one curl and stab with a hairpin around the head. Gradually continue this way until all the hair is concentrated on one side.

The hairstyle will wonderfully complement the veil, veil, diadem or flowers.

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