Black high-heeled shoes

Black shoes have long become a classic. Their popularity is due to the versatility of black shoes, which, especially when combined with a classic design, fits many styles in clothing and complements many images, whether it's an evening, everyday, youth or business image.

Popular models
  • Litas
  • Platforms
  • Slingbacks
  • Mary Jane
  • Dorsay
  • Styles
  • Caseless shoes
  • Boats
  • With what to wear
  • How to choose the
  • Popular models

    To date, designers of stylish shoes have developed a variety of designs of shoes. In this case, the shape of the heel and the top of the model differ in their original appearance. The most actual types of heels of women's shoes are:

    • ;
    • Classic straight;
    • "Carrot";
    • French;
    • "Hairpin";
    • "Wineglass";
    • "Sliver".

    The most sexy model recognized shoes "hairpin".This type of footwear looks particularly impressive in black, combined with a luxurious evening dress. However, this type of shoes is unstable and uncomfortable during socks. In this regard, orthopedic doctors do not recommend models of shoes on the heel for daily wear, as the bones of the feet begin to deform and cause various diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

    On how to care for suede obovoy read here

    Especially great load is experienced by the departments of the spine. If you can not abandon the "hairpin", then throughout the day let's rest your feet, shoe more comfortable shoes.

    Popular types of shoes:

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    The distinguishing feature of these shoes is a high platform combined with a high stable heel. It may seem that walking in litas is inconvenient, but this is perhaps one of the most comfortable shoes with high heels.

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    The heel can be any shape, but the hairpin is more common. The platform is located in the front. These are unstable and impractical shoes, only on the way out, for a special occasion. But on the leg they look great.

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    Sandals with a small strap located on the ankle. Sometimes the strap acts as a decorative accent. The length of the heel and the height of the platform depend on the design of the slinkbacks.

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    Mary Jane

    These shoes can be chosen for everyday wear. Look good under pants and jeans. They are characterized by a decorative or practical strap in front. The height of the heel and platform also depend on the design of the shoes.

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    Very elegant and unusual design of shoes. The shoe block is slightly cut off from one side. On the leg look neat, but only suitable for special occasions, since dorsai is usually done with a thin hairpin.

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    Styles of

    The main distinguishing feature of the design of stilettos is the lack of a platform in front and a rounded sock. Styles are comfortable enough for everyday wear, they are good for business style.

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    Casual shoes

    Design of these shoes can be very diverse, but always there will be a main element - a small hole on the toe.

    These shoes are suitable only for the summer season and warm, sunny spring and autumn days.

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    As a rule, classic boats are presented without unnecessary decor. They can be with a matte or lacquered surface. Their shape is considered the most beneficial for all forms of foot. Boats visually build a figure.

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    With what to wear

    High-heeled shoes are perfectly combined with classic outfits - skirts, trousers and business suits. Especially stylishly combine black shoes with narrowed trousers, which are made in monochrome colors. Evening dresses will also suit shoes, executed in a romantic style and decorated with various beautiful ornaments.

    It should be noted that different types of outerwear perfectly match with black shoes. Especially effective looks shoes with high heels with elegant styles of raincoats, jackets, jackets and coats. A high heel brings to the female image mystery, brilliance and exclusivity.

    Stylists of fashion footwear do not recommend wearing heeled shoes with sports suits and baggy jeans with large patch pockets. This type of footwear also does not combine with jackets and jackets, made in a sporting style.

    To ensure that the shoes are not only beautiful, but also as comfortable as possible, they should be chosen correctly.

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    How to choose the right

    Choose shoes only of your size.

    The shoes must have a comfortable shape and a firm support.

    Fixing straps on the shoe will prevent the possibility of injury or dislocation. When choosing shoes, it is also necessary to take into account the characteristics of the female figure. So, women of modest height are better to buy shoes with a heel up to 8 cm, and women with magnificent shapes will fit a thickened heel up to 5 cm high.

    Another tip for choosing shoes: if you are not sure with a model of shoes and can not choose under your wardrobe, givethe final preference for classic black suede high-heeled shoes in the form of a boat or ordinary leather boats.

    Also a convenient everyday option will be shoes with a high heel-platform with a slightly pointed, oval-shaped sock.

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    Try to avoid not only shoes, but also any other shoes with high heels with a too round toe. Such shoes will not add slimness to you and visually shorten the figure, no matter how long it does not have a heel.

    Lovers of shoes should be able to walk gracefully and beautifully in this shoe. After all, high-heeled shoes are a symbol of female sexuality, excellence and charm.

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