The rules and the scheme of complementary feeding for breastfeeding

Lure is a new food in the baby's diet, which he receives to switch to adult nutrition. Introduction of complementary foods is a serious step in the life of the baby, which must be done with observance of the basic rules, so as not to harm the health of the child. It is best to introduce complementary feeding for breastfeeding according to the schemes developed by pediatricians.

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When to start

Today, WHO recommends the introduction of complementary feeding with breastfeeding no earlier than six months.

Most pediatricians agree with this, but advise not to rush and take into account the individual factors of infant development.

It is believed that the baby is ready to introduce new food into the diet if:

  1. Gains weight well and by the time of introduction of complementary food weighs twice as much as the weight at birth.
  2. He had his first tooth.
  3. His physical activity has increased dramatically.
  4. He holds his head well.
  5. He sits on his own.

  6. He revives at the sight of food and shows an interest in the products, trying to try them.
  7. The child does not consume only breast milk.
Read about the rules and schemes introduction of complementary feeding with artificial feeding
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Basic rules of

  1. The complementary feeding only supplements breastfeeding, but does not replace it, so you should not rush to abolish breastfeeding.
  2. You need to introduce new products when the baby is healthy, and his stool is in perfect order.
  3. The first lure should be given to the baby before the second morning feeding.
  4. The lure is offered to the child only with a spoon.
  5. The first lure of the baby is recommended semi-liquid consistency, the density of which should be increased gradually.
  6. To introduce complementary foods you need minimum portions( no more than 5-10 milliliters), gradually, within a week, increasing the dose to 50-100 milliliters.
  7. For one reception it is possible to introduce the child into the diet only one new product. It must be one-component. The next new product is introduced only a week later.
  8. Behavior of the child after the introduction of new products and his reaction to complementary feeding is the main indicator for the mother. If the baby refuses the new food, and his digestive system does not cope - it is better to wait with the lure.
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Toddler feeding scheme

Products 6 6.5 7 8 9 10-12
Vegetable puree, mg 10-50 60-100 150 170 180 200
Vegetable oil, ml 1-3 3 3 5 5 6
Fruit puree, mg 5-30 30-50 60-70 70-80 90-100
Fruit juices, ml 5-50 60-70 70-80 90-100
Curd, mg 10-20 30-40 40 50
Milk porridge, mg 50-70 100-120 130-160 200
Meat puree, mg 5-30 30-50 50 60-70
Crackers and biscuits, mg 1-3 3-5 7 10-15
Yolk, mg 0,25 0,5 0,5
Sour-milk products, ml 100-200 200 400-600
Butter, mg 1-4 5 6
Wheat bread, mg 5 10
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According to Komarovsky

The well-known doctor Komarovsky also advises to introduce lure to babies during breastfeeding not earlier than six months.

However, as a first supplement, he advises using non-vegetable purees, and sour-milk products, and it is best to start with low-fat kefir.

The motivation for this choice is simple: the

  • product is more similar in composition to breast milk;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • increases the immunity of the child.

According to the Komarovsky system, the introduction of complementary foods should be carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. The first day is 10-15 milliliters of low-fat kefir.
  2. The second day - we increase the dose of kefir to 20-30 milliliters.
  3. The third day is 40-60 milliliters.
  4. The fourth day - 80-120 milliliters. In kefir is also added one teaspoon of cottage cheese and carefully rubbed.
  5. The fifth day - increases the dose of cottage cheese to two teaspoons, and the amount of kefir - up to 150 milliliters.
  6. After a week, the portion of fermented milk production should be:
  • kefir - 150 milliliters,
  • curd - 30 grams.
Natalia V.

Lure began on Komarovsky, from six months. First there was kefir and narina from the children's kitchen. Before six months of experimenting with lure is simply dangerous for the health of the child.


My son is now 1 year and 2 months old. When it came time for the first meal, I learned a lot of information about this - articles, reviews, all sorts of forums. Long decided on what scheme to stop - the classical or Komarovsky. I stopped my choice on the classical scheme and the main factor that outweighed the scales in this direction was the quality of lactic acid products sold in our supermarkets. We started our food with mashed potatoes, then there was cauliflower, pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, beets. Then porridges were added, first on the water, then dairy, fruits, meat, bread and biscuits. But curd and sour-milk products, we tried in 10 months.

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