Variants of original female hairstyles in style of stylig with step-by-step description

The dudes are a youth subculture that appeared in the 60s of the XX century. For this direction is characterized by a non-standard appearance - bright outfits that cause hairdos and makeup. At that time, all this in combination with a frank style of behavior and jazz music was in fact banned, therefore attracted a lot of attention to the youth movement and made it megapopular.

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    The term "style" has emerged from the confluence of two English words: steal - steal and style - style. That is, the stylists were those who copied the foreign way of life and imitated it.

    In the period from 1940 to 1960 there were hairstyles that are related to the style of style. Whimsicality and originality are the main features of such hairstyles. With their help, young people of those times wanted to stand out from the gray crowd. Examples for imitation were the Western movie stars and pop stars.

    Despite the lack of funds for styling women of that time, it was possible to make hairstyles with original shapes. Among the most popular among the girls-style, the following options were used.

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    This hairstyle is a symbol of the style of the 60s. She gained popularity after the film "Babette Goes to War" with the legendary Brigitte Bardot in the title role.

    To create a hairstyle you will need:

    • comb;
    • hair elastic;
    • foam rubber cushion for giving volume;
    • invisible and studs;
    • varnish.

    Collect high ponytail from hair. Fold it on the forehead and pin it with studs and invisible to the base with a foam rubber roller.

    The tail should be returned to its original place by covering the hair with a roller. Tip the ends with an elastic band, tuck it under your hair and pin it with extra stitches. To spread the spreadshell so that the platen can not be seen. At the end, fix the hairstyle with lacquer.

    This styling can be done on short hair using a hairpiece. His hair in this case must be laid smoothly, and the place of fixing the hairpiece hide a wide ribbon or a beautiful hair clip.

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    Another hairstyle in style, which is ideal for long and medium hair - waves. It can be done easily and quickly.

    To make wave packing it is necessary to prepare:

    • mousse and lacquer for fixing;
    • comb with large teeth;
    • hairdryer and curling iron.

    Apply mousse to clean damp hair and blow dry. Make an asymmetric vertical parting.

    A little deviating from the roots, wind all the strands with a curling iron or large hair curlers. The main thing is to get soft and smooth waves, not curls. Then the curls should be carefully combed comb with large teeth and fixed with varnish.

    See the options for the most creative women's haircuts and hairstyles

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    This style of styling is very characteristic for style style. It was hair that made hair more voluminous and tall.

    For hairstyles with fleece, you will need:

    • varnish;
    • soldering iron;
    • tape or rubber band;
    • comb with small teeth.

    First you need to comb your hair well. Then make the hair from the roots to about the middle of the length. The ends are twisted to the curling iron.

    After creating the comb, the hair should be divided into two parts by a horizontal parting. The upper half is tied in the tail at the back of the head in such a way that the volume on the top of the head turns out. Ready hair to sprinkle with a strong lacquer lacquer.

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    Corolla of the world

    With the style of style, this hair style is most often associated.

    For its creation, it is necessary to draw a line of the probe along the vertex, thus dividing the hair into two zones. Secure the lower half with a clamp.

    loading. ..

    The rest of the hair is well combed and divided by a side parting into two parts. Each part sprinkle at the roots with varnish and wind all along the length of a large ployka. The curl must be removed from the fuse very carefully, so as not to disturb its shape. Fix the finished rollers with studs and fix it well with lacquer.

    Hair at the back of the head is divided into curls, screwed on a curling iron, combed and formed a bundle of them. Once again fix the hair with a varnish.

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    With a bow

    A bow of hair can be both an independent hairdo and can complement many styling.

    To create a bow on the top of your head, you need to put a rubber band around the top of your head at the top of your head. Collapse it in half in the shape of a loop and intercept with another elastic band. The loop is divided into two equal parts and pinned by each invisible to the head. Through the center of the bow throw the tips of the hair and fix them with invisible.

    You can create a bow in another way.

    Tie the tail on the vertex and divide it with elastic bands into three parts. Each gum is hidden under a string of hair. Put the tail on its side, as shown in the photo and pin the ends with invisible objects.

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    Lush tail of the

    To stand out from the crowd in the 60's, the girls had to make a magnificent tail. This laying does not require special skills and is suitable for daily wear.

    To create such a tail can come in handy:

    • mousse and lacquer;
    • comb;
    • brush;
    • rubber bands;
    • curl with corrugation effect.

    Clean the hair with mousse and collect in two tails one on top of the other - one on top of the head, the other on the back of the head. Make a haircut along the entire length or create a volume using curling tongs. Secure the result with a strong fixation lacquer.

    loading. ..

    If desired, you can intercept the tail with elastic bands in several places, and its ends slightly twist.

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    High flight

    Popular with the style was simple, but quite spectacular styling - "High Flight."

    For its creation may come in handy:

    • ironing;
    • thermal protection spray;
    • hairbrush;
    • brush;
    • invisible;
    • varnish.

    To begin with, it is necessary to straighten the hair with an iron, after having treated them with a heat-protective spray. Select two side strands, wind them to the back of the head and fix them with invisible ones, sprinkle with varnish. Shag in the parietal zone to comb. Smooth the hair back and put it into a three-dimensional hairdo.

    You can finish the image with a bezel, a beautiful bracelet or a variegated dressing.

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