Under that you can wear a fashionable decoration on the neck of the choker

Choker( "choker" with English "strangler") - an ornament that worn around the neck. It tightly surrounds the throat, but it does not press and does not interfere with breathing. For the first time chokers began to be worn by Indian tribes. They used them as insignia( the different members of the tribe had different chokers), and also as talismans.

  • Types of chokers
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Types of chokers

The history of decoration also has a shady side, because the chokers were worn by Spanish courtesans. So they pointed to their belonging to the "ancient profession" In the Middle Ages the choker turned into a ladies' jewelry, and its noble ladies wore it.

Second life a stylish accessory was received thanks to the fashion house Chanel.

The varieties of female choker are:

  • tattoo-choker( made of plastic, it is a woven stretchy baubles);
  • velvet( velvet strip, adjustable in length with the help of fasteners, most often velvet are decorated with a small suspension);

  • leather( made of leather);
  • satin( made of satin ribbon, the width of the product can be different);
  • jewelry choker( reminiscent of the classic only by the way socks on the neck, otherwise it is a necklace made of precious metals and inlaid with stones);
  • pearl( made of pearls);
  • beaded( braided from beads);
  • metal( made of metal, can cover the neck in whole or in part);
  • lace choker( lace band around the throat).
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Image options

If you want to look feminine, give preference to lacechokers. It will be good in combination with a topic on thin straps and a deep neckline. Lace accessory is combined with long dresses, evening dresses and kazhual style. Perfectly complement the image with black skinny skinny, black top or light translucent T-shirt and high heel. You can wear a lace choker with a rough leather jacket, rough boots and a tight-fitting dress "stocking".

Wide chokers made of metal and ceramics fit under shirts in combination with jeans. The decoration should be in harmony with the outer clothing in color.

If you want to look sexy, pay attention to the velvet. Such a choker can be worn with jeans, cowboy boots and a tight T-shirt. It will also look great with a light-weight dress with a case, augmented with an oversized overcoat and massive boots.

If you do not know what kind of clothes to wear a choker, choose the image "total black"( all in black).

If you want to repeat the images of instagram or tambler models, this will help you tattoo choker. The wicker looks great with oversized T-shirts and boyfriend jeans. Try to combine a short top, a jacket of bombs, skinny jeans and "army boots", adding it to a wicker choker. T-shirts with a rocker print and denim overalls will also look good with neck ornaments. Tattoo choker can be beaten and in an image with dresses, for example a sweater with long sleeves and a small neckline will become much more interesting if you decorate your neck with a weave.

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Satin, jewelery and pearl chokers are suitable for an elegant look.

They will complement evening and cocktail dresses, as well as elegant trouser suits and everyday images. Most suitable for clothes with a deep V-neck.

Choker made of beads and beads will fit the youth style, ethnic African and hippie style. It is compatible with jeans products, with flying tunics, blouses and light and colorful or variegated dresses.

Leather chokers, like velvet, can add an image of sexuality. They look best in the style of grunge and rock. Combine with other things from the skin, as well as with monophonic things made of cotton.

Metal choker is suitable for many styles, it all depends on the execution of the decoration itself. If this is an all-metal choker all the way up, then it can be applied both in the style of blackjack and in ethnic images.

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A choker in the shape of a snake or other metal elements can be a complement to the business style, the evening image and come up with an evening trouser suit.

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