Step-by-step photo-instruction how to make a snowman from plastic cups

Decorations for the street and the house, which are made by hand, are always considered the most beautiful, especially if they are done neatly and correctly. Snowman from plastic cups will be an excellent decoration for both the winter courtyard and for the festive decoration of the house. And also the process of creating such a snowman will serve as an excellent developing and cognitive game for your child.

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Work process for

For the following work on the snowman you need to know the following:

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How many need the

cups The size of a snowman can depend on the size of the plastic cups andtheir number. To produce a large two-segment snowman, 300 pieces of white disposable glasses of 200 grams each will be needed. A small snowman can be made from plastic cups with a volume of 100 grams. And also you can make a three-segment classic snowman, both large and small. Try to pick up the same glasses, to achieve a more aesthetic kind of snowman.

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Materials for crafts

To create a big snowman you will need:

  • disposable plastic cups( white) - 300 pieces;
  • stationery stapler for bonding;
  • packing stapler brackets;
  • silicone adhesive;
  • decor elements: paper eyes, nose and buttons, garland, hat, scarf.
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How to assemble

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. To create a large lower ball, you need to lay out 25pieces of cups bottom inward and fasten them together with a stapler.
  2. The next layer should be staggered in relation to the first, slightly pushing the glasses away from the edge, to form a hemisphere. Bind the cups in a circle and bottom, attaching to the previous layer. In total it is necessary to make 7 layers, and with each layer the necessary number of glasses will decrease. The resulting blank of the lower ball should remain open from above, since the head of the snowman will be attached there.
  3. To create a snowman's head in the same way, you must lay out the first layer of 18 glasses and fasten them together. Similarly, then lay out the next layers and fasten them. If the hemisphere can not be completed from above, the hole can be covered with a cap or cotton wool( instead of hair).
  4. Set the resulting head preform on the body and check the stability of the composition. To fasten the two parts you need to use a silicone adhesive and fix it with a stapler, if possible.
  5. Create decorative elements( nose, buttons and eyes) from colored paper and glue them to the snowman. At the junction between the balls, you can wind the scarf to cover the connection place of the segments. Inwardly, you can also lay a regular or LED garland to create a festive atmosphere.

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