How to choose an image for leather pants

Leather pants - a classic element of clothing to create a variety of images. Naturally, over time it has been repeatedly modified and improved, but because it has not become less popular. We bring to your attention several variants of styles and images created with the use of leather trousers.

  • Biker style
  • Business style
  • Romantic style
  • Rock style
  • Oversize
  • Evening image
  • American style

Biker style

This style should not be confused with the rock style, although they are similar visually.

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The biker style implies a craving for a biker subculture. Leather trousers for creating an image within this style are very important.

Here are the variants of the images:

  • tight-fitting leather trousers, with black shoes without heels and a knitted black T-shirt, you can throw a checkered shirt over your shirt, and a shortened leather jacket over a button-up shirt;

  • leather trousers with high waist, ankle boots or black shoes, a short top or a black T-shirt dressed in trousers, a sleeveless jacket over a shirt and a large abundance of jewelry in the form of metal chains;
  • the next option is softer: leather trousers, comfortable and neat shoes of black color with or without a heel, T-shirt or T-shirt in light colors with themed prints or inscriptions, on top of a jacket with a three-quarter sleeve.

Each of the images can be supplemented with a classic attribute of the biker style: leather gloves without fingers, leather sleeveless, bandana or black glasses.

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Business style

Forming your ensemble in a business style and using leather trousers, it is necessary to take into account that the main accent will fall on trousers, therefore the image should not be overloaded.

In addition to trousers, tranquil colors will suit things in business, English or business French styles.

In this style, the color of the trousers can be not only black, but also calm colors: beige, white, coffee, gray.

Here are some examples of images:

  • leather trousers with high waist, dressed blouse of classic cut, flesh-colored, turquoise, blue, black or gray, shoes, color of shoes, belt, tie or scarf;
  • leather pants, a smock with a smell, shoes in tone to an additional accessory;
  • leather trousers, top with a collar of white or milk color, an accent color jacket, for example, monochrome with a blouse or contrast( red, blue), black shoes.

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Romantic style

If you want to complement your romantic image with leather trousers, then it should be taken into account that the whole accent of romance will be based on the correctly chosen top.

With this style, it's worth focusing on light chiffon and silk blouses, products trimmed with guipure, lace, and delicate accessories. Incredible femininity of the image can bring not a cumbersome, refined shoes on the heel.

The color of the trousers is multifaceted, from classic shades to fashionable red, blue, brown, yellow.

Here are the variants of the images:

  • tight pants and a delicate chiffon blouse with unobtrusive and non-screaming color print, refined high-shoes on a hairpin, small classical clutch will fit the image;
  • leather trousers with high waist, blouse with free top dressed in trousers, ankle boots or heeled shoes( can be taken classically black, and can be combined with a bag or clutch), you can supplement the image easily with a jacket or vest;
  • tight-fitting feminine T-shirt with a gentle print or a calm tone, narrowed leather pants, heeled shoes.
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Rock style

In this area very often there are chains, spikes, various thematic rock prints( photos from rock concerts on T-shirts and stuff).

Unlike the biker style, where the color of trousers can only be black, in this direction the rules are not so strict. Many designers offer bold models of red, blue, white and other colors.

Image options:

  • leather pants, T-shirt with themed rock print, leather jacket and dry coarse leather shoes;
  • loose monophonic sweater, tight leather trousers, jeans jacket with tears or patches, grinders;
  • a strict black jacket with chains, a black monophonic T-shirt, ankle boots with chains or thorns and, directly, leather trousers.
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Overseas style clothing creates visually blurred contours of the figure due to loose things. For complete harmony, it is worth choosing only one free thing. Leather trousers can be complemented with free tops in the style of an oversize or take the trousers of a free cut, and the upper is more reserved.

One should try to avoid oversaturation of loose things in one bundle, such baggy will completely hide any silhouette of the figure and this will destroy the harmony of the oversize.

Image options:

  • leather tight trousers, loose volumetric sweater or sweater dress, high-heeled shoes or boots in a brutal style;
  • voluminous loose leather overweight pants, elegant fitting jacket with a fitted silhouette( shirt, blouse), massive ankle boots;
  • volumetric undersize T-shirt oversize, restrained leather trousers, fashionable massive sneakers.
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Just one loose baggy detail in a set of clothes can effectively decorate the whole image in the style of oversize, give an appearance of softness due to interesting folds.

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Evening image

Evening fashion is very diverse. As an option, you can dilute the traditional image by adding a little new to it.

Leather trousers of classic cut, flared trousers or narrowed trousers will fit perfectly into evening sets of clothes.

Image options:

  • wide leather trousers, a narrow jacket of pastel tones, a massive belt at the waist over the jacket, elegant classic shoes on the hairpin;
  • skinny leather pants-skinny, translucent chiffon blouse with high collar, high-heeled boots, classic black clutch;
  • leather classic trousers, blouse with a basque, high heeled shoes, loose jewelry.
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American style

American style stands out for its convenience, practicality and simplicity.

Do not confuse it with the style of "western".Leather pants in American-style clothes are also welcome.

Variants of images:

  • T-shirt of a semi-fitted silhouette with a print( President's photo, American flag, cartoon characters, inscriptions), skinny skinny trousers, boots with massive sole;
  • sweatshirt with the inscription of your favorite team or university, a sweatshirt can be replaced with a model of an aircraft jacket, plus leather leggings, sneakers or moccasins;
  • tight leather pants, a simple cut one-color t-shirt, checkered shirt over, comfortable shoes at low speed.

With full certainty it is impossible to say that the American style has a certain direction. Most often in this direction, acceptable images from a variety of fashion trends are acceptable.

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