30 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

30 years of marriage - this is a solemn wedding anniversary, which shows that the love of the couple has only grown stronger over time, even despite all the domestic turmoil. Many are interested in the question of which one is this wedding? What to prepare congratulations and what to give to the "newlyweds"?

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

How the wedding is called

The 30th anniversary of the wedding in the people is commonly called the Pearl wedding.

Pearls are an exquisite and precious decoration. He always symbolized chastity, love, purity and fertility. A pearl is created as a result of a unique and long process. Like the pearl of a wife, they solve problems year after year together, overcome obstacles, learn to understand each other, and at the end of this laborious and sometimes difficult process, the marriage life becomes more valuable and harmonious.

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How to celebrate

Usually the celebration of the 30th anniversary of a joint life is very lavish and large-scale, with the invitation of witnesses of "newlyweds", their relatives, friends and relatives.

The celebration can take place both at home and in the rented banquet hall of a restaurant or a country club.

This day traditions are extremely important, because they determine how best to celebrate the Pearl wedding.

Important Jubilee Traditions:

  1. At dawn, the couple leaves for the pond. At sunrise, near the water, the couple bring each other vows of eternal love, and after this touching ceremony they throw one pearl into the water together. If the pair does not have pearls, coins will do for this ritual.
  2. In the morning, on the day of the Pearl wedding, the "newlyweds" should go together to church together.
  3. After coming home, the husband and wife must face the mirror, hand in hand, once again bring oaths of loyalty and love to each other. Taking a mirror as a witness, the spouses, in this way, confirm that their words and intentions are crystal clear, and that for thirty years of living together they have not kept secrets and secrets from each other.

The subtleties of the celebration of the Pearl wedding:

  1. As the 30th anniversary of the wedding is directly related to water, the solemn part of the event is best spent near the pond.
  2. The festive hall is best decorated in pearl color, using the decorations made of silk, satin, balls and ribbons.
  3. The center of the table can be decorated with a composition of different colors of light colors, beautiful shells and string beads.
  4. The wedding menu must include dishes with seafood, best of all - with shellfish.
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Gift for the wife

A gift for 30 years from the date of the wedding for the wife should be special, because year after year, despite all the trials, she was always with her husband. Of course, during the choice of a gift, it is best to stick to the traditions of the Pearl wedding.

Therefore, the ideal choice as a gift will be:

  • necklace of thirty pearls;
  • jewelry with natural pearls;
  • mirror in the frame, decorated with pearls;
  • precious comb with pearl inlay;
  • casket;
  • costume jewelery with pearls;
  • hair clip.

A greeting card with poems of his own composition and a large bouquet of delicate pink or white color will perfectly complement any gift.

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What to give to her husband

Not all men accept as a presentation of jewelry, so in choosing a gift for 30 joint lives, one should start with the hobbies of her husband.

Ideal gift can be:

  • mother-of-pearl cigarette case;
  • cufflinks;
  • lighter with pearl inlay;
  • pocket watch;
  • car accessory;
  • spinning;
  • mini-bar;
  • household appliances;
  • antiques;
  • soft woolen plaid.

  • loading. ..

And unique handmade items, as well as possible complement any gift.

Pearl wedding is directly related to water, therefore the best greeting for 30 years from the wedding day from guests can be:

  • aquarium;
  • tour at sea;
  • family portrait of the "newlyweds" against the background of the watery surface;
  • exquisite vase with pearly tint;
  • decorative fountain;
  • live plants;
  • bed linen set with sea print;
  • panel on the theme of the sea;
  • tea service.
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Congratulations to

And, of course, on the anniversary anniversary of the wedding, one should not forget about beautiful poems addressed to spouses. Here are examples of such poetic greetings:

Sometimes and brick houses
Will not be able to stand so long,
How much a marriage to which the price is -
More expensive than the pearls of any!
Your marriage you built on conscience,
And in your home - beauty:
Warmth, love and respect,
And everyone is ruled by kindness.
Let and further laughter and joy
Will arrive with you every moment,
And your all happiness and cares
Always divide for two!
All 30 years hand in hand,
You've easily walked through life.
All the fate tests of
You only took it together.
Today's wedding in pearls,
Love and joy with you,
And congratulations fly,
Spoken by friends!
With love, happiness and good
Let your house always sparkle! Let the joy of the magic moment
Repeat it again and again!
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