How to make a tree-topiary made from coffee beans

Creating topiary with the use of coffee beans allows you to win at once in several moments. So, this tree is not only beautiful and original in appearance, it is suitable as a presentation, but also will be able to give a long and entrancing aroma of coffee, acting as a natural flavor for the room.

  • Required Materials
  • Making Topiary

Required Materials

When creating this craft, you need:

  • polystyrene;
  • yarn;
  • coffee beans( 100 grams);
  • wire for the frame of the product;
  • twine;
  • transparent adhesive;
  • scissors and pliers;
  • painting tape;
  • potty;
  • gypsum or alabaster.
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Doing the topiary

Step 1. First you need to prepare a basefor the product. To do this, it is necessary to form the balls of polystyrene, and then wrap them with yarns or very thick threads to get the original glomeruli.

You can manage one ball, but in this case there will be a branched tree, and for it you need to make 5-6 balls.

In order not to bother with the cutting of balls, such blanks can initially be purchased in specialized handicraft shops.

Step 2. Now you need to glue the balls with grains, selecting glue for this purpose with the maximum absence of odor. When sticking, leave a small area unoccupied. It is needed for fixing a stalk stick.

Step 3. Now you need to make a barrel. To do this, take a thick wire or wire. Make lengths of the desired length, and then bend them as you wish. Connect the pieces together using a paint tape. Shorten the branches to the desired length with a pliers.

After that, wind the entire trunk of the craft with paint tape to make it smoother.

Step 4. After the trunk and twigs you need to wrap the twine.

Do this neatly, applying glue to the paint tape. After the branches are given the necessary density and shape, glue ready-made balls to their ends.

Step 5. Lower the trunk in the pot, fill it with alabaster or lay it with plaster so that the barrel is securely fixed. Wait for the material to dry.

Step 6. Now it is necessary to glue each bead with one more layer of grains. In addition, grains can decorate and the trunk, adding in several places, imitating leaves.

Step 7. Hide the gypsum under a double layer of grains.

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