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Makeup smokey ice came in make-up for a long time and still enjoys constant popularity among many of the fair sex, and leading makeups constantly improve and dilute this kind of makeup with new ideas. Knowing the correctness of its creation and selecting the right color palette of shadows will help you to always look irresistible with this makeup.

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How to make Smoky eyes

Naturally, to create this makeup, like any other, you will need a number of tools and necessaryshades of shadows. The main feature of makeup ice-cream are smooth lines and tones to create a light haze effect on your eyes. By selecting the shades of the same color scheme, several brushes or applicators, as well as a soft pencil in tone, the means for removing excess shadows and correcting the deficiencies( napkins, cotton buds, sponges), you can safely move on to the artistic stage of implementing the step-by-step instructions for the figIce.

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The classic in this genre of makeup is built according to the following scheme:

  • Correct the tone of your face with the usual means( powder, foundation).Be sure to align the skin tone on the eyelids with a light tonal basis or powder.

  • Initially, it is necessary to apply matte dark gray or black-gray shadows from the middle to the outer corner of the century, removing the brush over the border of the eyelid on the other side of the eye.
  • For smooth transition of borders of shades it is necessary to shade gray tone an arch over a century and on its internal part.
  • Use accessories to remove surpluses to correct transitions, giving the applied fragment a wing shape.
  • Pencil of black color( preferably matte) with a thick soft core you need to draw a line through the eyelid above the line of eyelash growth.
  • With the help of an applicator or a fine brush, you need to shade the pencil line upwards.
  • On the outer side of the eyelid, you need to create and adjust the fading in gray.
  • The immobile eyelid should be brought in by a black soft pencil, making a rather fat line from the outer edge of the eye to the middle.
  • With a soft black pencil you need to draw a clear but thin line from the middle of the eye to its inner corner.
  • The pencil from the bottom of the eye should be well shaded with a brush or applicator.
  • Once again, again, apply shadows of black and gray color to the outer corner of the eye, going beyond it.
  • After finishing it is necessary to cover the eyelashes with a thin layer of powder and apply mascara.
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For green eyes

Great option for creatingmake-up of a blue-eyed to the owner of green eyes will be the choice of calm shades of shadows( gray, ashy, heavenly).When creating makeup for various evening events and giving the eyes expressiveness, it is worth choosing chocolate, golden, blue and violet shadows. To your eyes do not merge with a range of shades of shadows, do not use a series of green tones.

But, if you have very light eyes, contrast-dark shades are permissible, and conversely, with very dark green eyes or green-brown, medium-tones are acceptable in green colors, for example, emerald-terracotta.

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For the brown eyes

If the owner of brown eyes has dark skin, then it is possible to create an apple ice, boldly use the bright palette of green and olive shadows. If the skin tone is light, then it is worthwhile to choose the pink, purple and blue colors and their combinations.

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An excellent option for dark-eyed will be a gray ice-cream and make-up in chocolate tones.

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For blue eyes

If the blue eyes are light and the skin is swarthy, then you can safely use the shade of chocolate, terracotta and reddish shades to create the smokey ice. With light skin it is better to stop your choice on classic make-up make-up or dilute it with cold shades of blue and blue palette.

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For the gray eyes

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To the holders of gray eyes is very lucky, because when creating makeup you can use any color range of shadows. This is a universal eye color, which does not require special selection of tones, it is only necessary to pay attention to the hair color and skin tone, so as not to overdo it. To make your eyes seem even deeper and more expressive, give preference to classic make-up, chocolate or gray tones.

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