How to make a fashionable Iroquois haircut

Initially, the Iroquois was a purely male hairdo, demonstrating the manliness and strength of its owner. But over time, thanks to the stylists, this daring styling has gained popularity among women. It can be performed on both short and long hair, combined with shaved temples and weaving.

  • Technique for laying
  • Short hair
  • Shoulder length
  • Medium length
  • Long hair

Technique for laying

This Iroquois involves a complete shaving of hair from the temples. To start, from the forehead to the neck perform two parting, highlighting in the center of the head the strip is not wider than 5 centimeters. Then comb it all on one side and shave off the hair first from one temple, and then from the other. You can shave not bald, but leave 1-2 mm of hair, then paint them or create a picture on them.

Iroquois can be of two types:

  • of equal length along the perimeter,
  • with an elongation from the occiput to the forehead.

There are several ways to lay the Irokez. You can put it on both curly and straight hair, and their length is not of fundamental importance.

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Short hair

The classic version of the styling is suitable for both men and women who own ultra-short haircuts.

  1. Apply mousse to damp washed hair.
  2. Hair comb along the slicing line so that their tips are pointed exactly upwards.
  3. Clamping the hair between the palms, pull them up with a gel so that the entire perimeter is a smooth scallop.
Sometimes Iroquois can be done only on a bang, and separate strands should be selected with a lacquer varnish.
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Length to Shoulders

Most women who decide to make the Iroquois stitch try to choose options for which it is not necessary to shave whiskey, but you can open them with a skillful weaving or by smoothing them with gel.

To perform the installation you need a hair dryer, mousse and strong hair. If everything is done correctly, the hair will stand even without varnish.

  1. For mashed hair, apply mousse.
  2. Dry curls with a hair dryer, head down.
  3. In the center of the head, select a part of the hair under the mohawk.
  4. At the temples, smooth the hair with gel.
  5. Divide the curls on the crown of the head into separate strands and execute them on it, lifting them upright.
  6. If necessary, treat the roots and tips with a strong fixation lacquer.
  7. If desired, you can create at the tips of peaks, wind or color them.
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Similar optionit will look great as an evening hairstyle on medium length hair.

  1. Wash your hair and apply foam on it.
  2. Dry the curls with your head down.
  3. Divide hair horizontally from ear to ear.
  4. The upper part of the hair is tied, and the lower part is pulled out with an iron.
  5. Strands from temples to lead back and stab in the back of the head. Preliminary it is possible to execute on them weaving.
  6. On the upper part of the head to perform a radical haircut.
  7. Put hair back and smooth with a soft comb.
  8. Fix the installation with varnish.
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Long hair

Very hairstyles in the style of "punk", looking like a mohawk, are very expressive on long hair.

  1. Apply mousse on clean hair and dry.
  2. Hair from the middle of the length to screw on the curling iron.
  3. Locks on both sides of the head lift to the central parting and stab with a special hair clip or a lot of invisible along the perimeter of the styling.
  4. Curls straighten and hide under them invisible.
  5. Fix the installation with varnish.
  6. loading. ..

If you have a shaved temple, then you can wind hair, lay it on one side and effectively open it.

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