Selection of popular female tattoos for different zones of the abdomen

There are innumerable options for women's tattoos on the stomach. Tattoos can be both very small and invisible, and large, bulky. Before choosing an image, you should familiarize yourself with the various categories of tattoos, their meanings. We offer you a small selection of popular topics, divided into categories.

  • Small
  • Inscriptions
  • Symbols
  • Symmetry
  • Patterns
  • Fauna
  • Floristics


Small tattoos for different zones of the abdomen can belong to any subsequent category of tattoo. In this category, we mean the creation of a neat, small, almost inconspicuous image. This includes subjects of various characters of different types: cartoon, cine, musical, ethnic, religious and so on, subjects of flora and fauna: animals, birds, flowers, and much more.

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The meaning of the inscription made as a tattoo almost always means exactly what it was written. Very rarely the inscription carries a second semantic implication. The inscriptions are made mostly based on personal reasons. Tattoo inscriptions can be memorable, treat family and friends, philosophical. One correctly selected phrase can express the state of a person's soul and the events of his life. There are tattoos short, in one or more words, in one or more hieroglyphs, short digital tattoos. They often denote love, hope, faith, pain, hatred and so on.

Someone will give preference to whole verses or words of the song. Someone has philosophical utterances, slogans and mottoes of life. Someone will limit themselves to the names of relatives and friends, significant and memorable dates. If you choose a tattoo in a foreign language, you should pay attention to the translation of the phrase and its meaning.

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There are innumerable symbols in the world of tattoos. Each of them has its own meaning. Many of the native images of small characters carry meaning, which it is the owner of the tattoo. Most often, girls prefer such symbols as tattoos on the abdomen:

  • Signs of the zodiac - a sign can be either their own or a memorable sign of relatives( children, parents).
  • Stars - the oldest symbols in the art of tattoo, symbolizing success, happiness, the pursuit of a dream.
  • Hearts - a symbol of love, passion.
  • Crowns are a sign of confidence, strength, power.
  • Crystals, stones - a sign of purity, magic.
  • The sign of infinity is a symbol of something permanent, eternal.
  • The "yin-yan" sign is a symbol of the feminine and the masculine.

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Symmetrical drawing can be performed on both sides of the abdomen, solid pattern below the navel, solid pattern above the navel. Symmetrical drawing implies a clearness and uniformity. Symmetrical ornaments can consist of various categories of tattoos and interweave them among themselves. If you decide to make a drawing on both sides of the navel, it should be identical in the same way in size, symmetry, and colors. This version of the tattoo for girls on the abdomen will be a godsend for picking up scars from appendicitis or help hide the scar from the caesarean section after childbirth.

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Tattoos patterns for the most part do not carry any meaning or meaning. Patterns are a simple beautiful decoration of the body. Tattooing can be gentle and smooth or strict with interlacing of clear lines and geometry. Patterns can be in the style of tribal, Celtic, ethnic, Indian, geometric, ornamental, natural, abstraction, mendi, mehendi, dot-wark and so on. To the patterns you can add plants, animals, glare, shadows, lace inserts. Patterns can also be created in the form of 3D tattoos.

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This category of tattoos can be attributed to the whole animal world. In different zones of the belly, girls prefer to depict insects, reptiles, birds, water dwellers, real and fictional fantastic animals. Drawings of animals in tattoos are designed to help express and emphasize personal qualities to their owners. The most popular sketches of tattoos for girls from this category are:

  • A cat is a symbol of beauty, grace, dexterity, cunning, independence.
  • Panther - a symbol of perseverance, femininity, restrained aggression.
  • The unicorn is a symbol of innocence, perseverance, purity.
  • Tiger is a symbol of liberty, strength, courage.
  • The snake is a symbol of wisdom, power, temptation.
  • Dragonfly is a mystical symbol.
  • Butterfly is a feminine symbol of lightness and beauty.
  • A spider is a symbol of wisdom, wealth, magic.
  • Lizard - a symbol of agility, delicacy, development.
  • Ladybird is a symbol of love, luck, joy.
  • A swan is a symbol of tenderness, loyalty, purity, eternal love.
  • Seagull is a symbol of freedom and independence.
  • Swallow is a symbol of good luck and youth.
  • Pigeon - a symbol of peace, good, peace.
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Most often in this category of tattoo, the girl's choice is stopped on bright and double colors, preferring tattoo flowers to basically depict the bottom of the abdomen, right or left below the navel. The most popular topics are:

  • Rose - a symbol of love, passion, purity, imperiousness.
  • Lily - a symbol of tenderness, harmony, poise, tranquility.
  • Poppy is a symbol of beauty and youth, sorrow, memory, very often a poppy can become a memorable sign for someone( about someone or something).
  • The lotus is a symbol of fertility and life, immortality and perfection.
  • A dandelion is a positive sign of lightness, weightlessness, coquetry.

When choosing a flower as a tattoo, it is worth considering the color of the image, the color is able to change the value of the tattoo.

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