Burdock shampoo for growth and against hair loss

Agrimony since ancient times is known as a medicinal plant, which very effectively solves the problem of hair loss. Previously, for this purpose, used decoctions, infusions and oil from the leaves and roots of the plant. However, today in pharmacies you can find a more convenient format of a medicinal product based on burdock - shampoo.

Usage and Composition
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    The main component of burdock shampoo is the burdock oil rich in vitamins B, A, C and E, minerals, trace elements - copper, iron, calcium,chromium, as well as palmitic and stearic acids.

    Regular application of burdock shampoo promotes:

    • blocking enzymes that cause premature hair loss;
    • strengthening of hair bulbs;
    • activating hair growth;
    • rapid cell renewal and keratin synthesis;
    • stimulation of blood supply and nutrition of the roots;
    • strengthen the tissues surrounding the hair roots;

    • removal of irritation, itching, inflammation;
    • regulation of sebaceous gland secretion;
    • active nutrition of hair roots.

    Burdock shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and prepares it for subsequent active feeding.

    After several procedures of application of burdock shampoo, the hair will become elastic, soft, shiny and will acquire volume.

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    How to use

    Burdock shampoo is suitable for frequent use.

    The required dose of shampoo should be squeezed out on the palm, add water and foam well. Apply evenly to damp hair and massage the root zone for 30-60 seconds. Then wash the hair with a large volume of water. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

    Strengthening the effect of the use of shampoo will help balms and masks based on burdock oil.

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    Recommended tools

    If a hair loss problem occurs, the following brands of burdock shampoos are recommended. They all have a natural composition and are free of silicones and parabens.

    • LekoPro "The Power of a Horse";
    • Sante "Burdock Series";
    • Elf "Burdock shampoo with complex Bh intensiv +";
    • Compliment "Shampoo burdock against hair loss";
    • Floresan "Burdock";
    • Bio Pharma Laboratory "Burdock shampoo against hair loss";
    • ВІТЭКС Natural Care «Burdock shampoo»;
    • Eveline Cosmetics «Віо.Burdock pharmacy », bioactive repeating shampoo.
    Find out the best recipes for masks for hair based on burdock oil http://woman-l.ru/maski-s-repejnym-maslom/

    For the activation of hair growth, experts advise washing your head with burdock shampoos of the following brands:

    • Mirrolla "Burdock Shampoo for Restoration»;
    • WEIS «Shampoo burdock»;
    • Phytopathologist "Repeyny";
    • Amazing shampoo of Agafia "Burdock";
    • Clean line "Shampoo 2 in 1 Hops and burdock oil";
    • Alloton PhytoTouch Extraction;
    • One hundred recipes of beauty "Burdock 2 in 1";
    • 911 "Burdock Shampoo";
    • Afrodita Cosmetics "Burdock";
    • Viva Oliva with burdock oil;
    • Віо on burdock oil.

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    Home recipe

    If desired, you can prepare yourself a burdock shampoo. This is very simple - just add burdock oil to a normal shampoo in the ratio of 1 tablespoon of oil to 100 ml of detergent.

    It is desirable that the shampoo at the same time was as natural as possible without sulfates, parabens and silicone.

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