Tips on how and when you can pierce the ears of a child

A parent who decides to pierce a child's ears should take care of the safety of his child. Puncture is a stress for a young organism, since a needle or a pistol injures the soft tissues of the ears. In this regard, the aesthetic procedure of decorating has rules. If they are not respected, there is a risk of leaving a scar on the body or infecting the baby.


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    Age when you can pierce the ears of a child comes from three years.

    Faced the problem of adaptation to kindergarten? The child often and is ill for a long time. The young organism has just begun to develop its immunity and is prone to diseases. The body piercing perceives as an intrusion of a foreign body, so there is redness, a clear liquid, an itch.

    With proper care, the body stops struggling with penetration and forms a new skin around the wound. This place is called a canal. He repeats the shape of the earring. Be ready, that the daughter will complain of a pain when you decide to try out new ear rings of greater thickness.

    Channels in the ears can not be pulled and touched with your fingers. The older the girl, the more likely she will listen to your advice and will not do it.

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    Time of year

    The time of the year when it is better to pierce - spring. The wound heals a month, during this period the lobe needs to be protected from hypothermia. Favorable is the temperature above 15 degrees.

    Strong wind is dangerous frostbite. Frozen lobes slowly heal and become inflamed. For this reason, it is undesirable to chop ears in winter. The puncture site can be hidden under the hat, but if the earring is caught on the cloth - the baby will be hurt.

    It is undesirable to pierce in the summer and autumn because of the large amount of dust in the air. Her entry into the wound threatens the onset of the inflammatory process.

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    Ear piercing is contraindicated in children with skin diseases, diabetes mellitus, low blood coagulability and other diseases, which make skin injuries dangerous to health. Do not pierce ears to children during colds - reduced immunity can not cope with healing.

    Also, chronically weakened immunity will not allow you to easily transfer the operation to install the jewelry, and the healing process will be longer and more painful. With a low pain threshold, the effects of piercing are hard to be felt: the healing wound itches, constantly aching, few children can withstand it.

    The parent should take into account the presence of a child allergy to metals. Allergic reaction affects the timing of the formation of the channel and causes inconvenience. The problem is solved by selecting another ornaments from hypoallergenic material.

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    Take the girl to a specialist in a cosmetology or piercing salon. Employees of the salons undergo special training for various types of piercing, know how to put the jewelry with minimal risks for the young organism.

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    Pistol is a special device designed to pierce only the ears. The tool grips the lobe with the built-in clamp. On one side of the clamp, the earring is pushed with a sharp end to the ear, the second one, which is located behind the lobe, is fastened with a clasp. After pressing, the earring breaks the lobe and is fixed in the ear.

    The gun instantly pierces the skin. A child or adult will not have time to feel pain during the procedure, but clearly feels it after.

    Puncture is painful, since it is carried out by the earring itself. Choosing a model of decoration, the parent can touch the end, which will pierce the skin. It is conical and blunt. The lobe is roughly compressed by such an end.

    After piercing the ears with a pistol the lobe is tightly clamped between the earring and the clasp. Soft tissues are squeezed, which prevents healing. Because of such fastening it is inconvenient to process the puncture site: it is necessary to pull the earring from the lobule and only then to pour the solution.

    Not every master will undertake to pierce the ears of a child with a gun. The tool is characterized by a variety of models, but each of them is suitable only for one-time use. When piercing, the surface of the gun contacts the skin and open wound. It is difficult to disinfect this place - the plastic case is not disassembled, and using chemical or thermal processing, it is possible to melt the tool body. Basically, before the subsequent applications, these parts are wiped with disinfectant solutions that do not destroy the bacteria properly.

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    The pistol requires the use of special earrings-studs. They consist of an alloy of nickel, chromium, magnesium in various proportions with gold dusting. These metals oxidize when lymph is released, the skin around the puncture becomes a strange shade.

    For ears, like any other puncture site, titanium, steel, silver, bioplast, acrylic and 14-18 gold are best suited. By the way, these same materials are used in the manufacture of medical implants for joints due to its hypoallergenicity.
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    Needle for piercing

    Currently, any type of piercing is performed with special needles for piercing. Masters prefer them because of security.

    The end of the needle is sharpened by a laser, so it easily cuts through the skin. Inside the needle is an empty space, into which the decoration is subsequently cut. During piercing, the lobe is pierced with a needle, left in the lobe, and the chosen ornament is inserted into the needle cavity. Then the earring is pulled through the channel and fixed. Such a puncture does not require a thread or other foreign object. The procedure takes only a few minutes.

    Needles are only disposable. In this you can see for yourself, since the master extracts them from a special sealed package right at you.

    This method extends the choice of jewelry, you can choose the material and shape. Recommend titanium, it does not cause allergic reactions. Surgical steel is cheaper and brighter, but it is an alloy of several metals, which is why it does not always get well.

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    With the master, the parent selects an ornament that does not squeeze the lobe and prevents the care of the wound from the puncture.

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    How to care for

    So, the ears of the child have been pierced, how to care for them - it's time to find out all about it. Care tips are changing, as all new treatments are available.

    • Every day 2-3 times treat ears with miramistin or chlorhexidine. Depending on the type of decoration, it is enough to moisten the cotton pad and clamp it to the lobe for a few minutes, or sprinkle with a solution the puncture site.
    • If there is a suppuration - treat miramistin 4-5 times a day.
    • Do not disinfect with hydrogen peroxide. It dries the skin around the wound, thereby causing microcracks and bleeding. After such healing, ugly scars at the puncture site are possible.
    • Decoration during processing is not removed. The first month the channel is only being formed. If you pull out, during the processing time the puncture site will begin to shrink, and the child will have to break through the lobe again to insert the earring back.
    • During healing, crusts can form around the earring - the skin reacts to the injury and tries to heal it. You do not need to remove these crusts, as this is also a part of the skin, and if you rip them off, blood will flow.
    • No need to pull the earrings or scratch your ears. Also, make sure that the hair near the ears are removed from the puncture site, from which germs and dirt can easily get into the wound.
    • For a minimum of 3 days after the procedure, do not wash your baby's head. Increased risk of infection with water. If the lobes have broken up, the blood flow in them is stronger, which can cause painful sensations and bleeding.

    Regardless of how and at what age you want to prick your daughter's ears, approach the choice of the master and the salon responsibly. Request a portfolio to get acquainted with the types of work performed and the quality of their execution. Do not forget to ask about the tools and materials that the specialist uses.

    How to properly pierce the ears of a child, parents decide themselves. Because they are responsible for the health of their little daughter, in particular, and in such a delicate procedure as ear piercing.

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