Keratin hair straightening - pluses, minuses and features of the procedure

Keratin or Brazilian straightening is a hair straightening procedure that can suppress even the most disobedient and curly locks. The basis of the leveling compounds is liquid keratin, which fills the structure of the hair from the inside. After applying the hair, the hair is dried and pulled out with an iron. Under the influence of high temperature keratin smooths the scales, forming a protective layer. Hair becomes smooth, docile and shiny. The effect is noticeable immediately and lasts up to 3-5 months.

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    How looks on the hair

    Curly, brittle, dry and fluffy strands are transformed after the first procedure into perfectly straight, flowing curls. In addition, keratinizing has a curative effect and restores the structure of damaged hair. This is evident from the photographs taken by the masters before and after the procedure.

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    The benefits of keratin rectification are noticeable after the procedure at a glance. Nevertheless, we list them:

    • the head of hear looks healthy, well-groomed;
    • hair becomes smooth, shiny, easy to comb, do not bully and do not electrify;
    • keratin is able to restore the structure of the hair after clarification and perm;
    • the shape and structure of the haircut remains the same;
    • the need for daily hair straightening is lost;
    • strands become obedient. If after the procedure, curl the hair in curls, then they will last until washing;
    • procedure is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, length and thickness of hair;
    • Keratin straightening can be combined with painting, but it must be done before straightening. Also it is worth considering that after the procedure hair color can change by 1-1,5 tone to the light side;
    • keratinizing is cumulative;
    • the state of the hair does not deteriorate after the effect of the procedure has completely passed;
    • the result of keratin straightening lasts up to 5 months and all this time the hair is protected from external negative factors;
    • repeated keratinizing procedure or correction is much faster and costs less.

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    No matter how beautiful the keratin straightening looked on the hair, however, it also has its drawbacks:

    • immediately after the procedure, the hair looks fat, this effect is created by any keratin composition;
    • To wash the head for 72 hours after the keratin rectification procedure is strictly prohibited, it is also advisable not to get into the rain;
    • is not recommended, or rather it is even forbidden to tie the hair in the tail, bun or braid for three days after straightening, otherwise the whole effect will be lost;
    • it is desirable to wash a head with a non-sulfate shampoo;
    • chemical components contained in keratinizing agents are capable of causing allergies;
    • After the procedure, ammonia-containing paints should not be used;
    • formaldehydes contained in the keratin rectifying agents can cause vapor poisoning and lacrimation during the procedure. However, there are drugs that do not contain these components;
    • hair tips must be constantly cut, otherwise after a while they will break off;
    • can cause hair loss, since the composition heavies the hair and weakened follicles may not withstand the load;
    • on thick hair the effect will be short-lived;
    • visually the visor can lose volume;
    • procedure takes a long time. Owners of long hair will have to spend in the cabin for 3 to 5 hours.
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    How long will keratin straightening on the hair, directly depends on their type, the quality of the drugs used and further care.

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    The most popular means of keratin hair straightening:
    • CocoShoco ;
    • Global Keratin ;
    • Brazilian Blowout ;
    • INOAR ;
    • Cadiveu brasil cacau ;
    • Honma Tokyo ;
    • Bombshell keratin ;
    • Estel Thermokeratin .
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