Hair cutting with hot scissors - features, advantages, technique, effect

Every woman dreams of healthy and beautiful hair. However, such a minor detail, like split ends, can spoil the whole picture. In this issue, shearing with hot scissors will help. This salon procedure, which has both a cosmetic and therapeutic effect, after the first application of which a significant result will already be noticeable.

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What is it?

Haircut with hot scissors is a therapeutic procedure that helps to stop the cross-section, improve and strengthen hair.

In the process of similar cutting under the influence of high temperature, which has blades of special scissors, the tips of the hair are sealed, the hairline is closed, and the structure is no longer penetrated by harmful particles from the environment. Thus, the section of the hair stops. Moreover, the curls no longer lose moisture and nutrients. They become healthier and thicker.

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Advantages of

Hot scissors are an excellent option for those who can not grow hair due to constantly split ends. Haircutting with hot scissors is especially useful for long, curly, dyed, streaked, weakened and damaged hair, since they are most prone to the appearance of dry ends due to insufficient nutrition. Short hair like this haircut will give an incredible amount.

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The external result will be visible after the first procedure of cutting with hot scissors, but to achieve a full recovery effect, you need to perform 4 to 6 procedures. With regular execution of this haircut, the hair will have the same thickness along the entire length, they will look stronger and thicker.

Due to the thermal conductivity of the hair shaft during the hot cut, the hair follicle stimulation, which promotes active growth and regeneration of hair, involuntarily occurs.

After cutting with hot scissors, the split ends can appear only after 3-4 months, whereas during normal haircut it is a matter of 30 days. The difference is obvious!

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Disadvantages of

Haircut with hot scissors is absolutely harmless, more precisely, it is even recommended to hair after staining and perm. However, the harm of the head of hair can be caused by an unprepared master or poor-quality equipment.

It should be understood that professional hot cutters are expensive, so haircuts can not be a cheap procedure.

Most often, such a service is provided by high-level salons, in which there is the opportunity to properly train the master. After all, the temperature regime for each type, structure and length of hair is chosen strictly individually.

Therefore, the main drawbacks of cutting hot scissors include its high cost and too long procedure.

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Technique for performing

In a professional salon, before performing cutting with hot scissors, a hair scan is usually performed. Thanks to him, the master can identify problem areas and determine the necessary temperature regime.

The procedure for cutting hot scissors is quite long, it takes about twice as long as usual.

The fact is that most often the master first gives the hair style a conventional scissors, and then performs the final processing of hair with a hot tool.

And this is the only correct option. If the master performs the milling or trimming of the strands with the usual scissors after the hot cut, then this indicates his incompetence, because by these actions he reduces the entire curative effect of the haircut to naught.

To perform a hot cut, an experienced hairdresser connects the scissors to the electrical network and carries out a special cutting technique - allocates thin strands, twists them into flagella, turns on themselves and cuts off the protruding, broken and visited hair. Then the tourniquet unfolds, and the remaining hairs that are knocked out of the common mass are removed.

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The surface temperature of hot scissors is adjusted according to the type, condition and thickness of the hair. Blades can be heated up to 180 degrees, however, the probability of burns is minimized.

Specialists recommend cutting with hot scissors at least once a month.

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Hot scissors can be used in two ways:

  1. As the main tool. The master performs the entire haircut by a hot method, while he can use hot thinning shears or a similar razor for finishing;
  2. As a healing tool. In this case, the basic haircut is performed on wet hair with a conventional tool, and after drying, hot sealing of the ends is carried out.
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