How to create a styling of Hollywood locks on short, medium and long hair

Chic flowing curls, like celebrities on the red carpet, the dream of every modern fashionista. How to make them yourself at home? Everything is quite simple, most importantly, to have the necessary tool and a little patience to learn.

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To get Hollywood tresses that fall on the shoulders of large waves, you first need to wash your hair. After that, apply mousse on them and blow dry. To get your hair done volumetric, it is better to use the nozzle diffuser or dry your hair upside down. Next, you need to divide the hair on the zones and use one of the following options.

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To produce large waves, hair curlers will be required, measuring at least 4 centimeters in diameter. To get the most natural curls, it's better to use curlers of different diameters.

Screw all the hair on the curlers in sequence and leave until completely dry. After removing the hair curlers, combing the hair is undesirable, since they will start to crumble. It is better to spread them with your fingers, lightly shaking and using a hair gel.

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You can wind hair with a curling iron, using a thick or tapered nozzle.

Starting from the back of the head, it is necessary to separate the large strands and wind them from the roots to the curling rod. The tips should be left untouched.

The resulting curls are spread out by hand. To preserve the volume, it is recommended to use a varnish. Strands behind the ears, if desired, can be stabbed by invisibles.

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Hair dryer

Especially popular are the curls on the tips of long hair.

For this laying, you need to dry your hair by raising it at the roots. Each strand is wound on the brashing and drying stretching to the side. In this case, the tips should be directed inwards and screwed to the face. First, all the lower strands are worked through in a circle, and then the upper ones.

Strands above the ears should be twisted to the face, in the occipital region - on the contrary from the face.
The jet of hot air should always be directed from the roots to the tips. Ready to shake hands and fix it with lacquer or gel.

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With the help of professional stylers, you can create chic Hollywood locks that look equally stylish on both short and long hair.

It's better to start the perming from the occipital area. Highlight the strand and apply mousse on it to fix it. Clamp the strand with forceps at the very roots and wrap around the ironing. Smoothly, not strongly squeezing the plates, hold the straightener along the entire length of the strand. Should get a uniform elastic curl.

Repeat the same procedure with the rest of the hair. After completing the curl, you can comb the curls and sprinkle with varnish.

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