The most tattooed person in the world

For many, a tattoo is a way of self-expression, and someone thinks it's just fashionable. Tattoos are for some Hollywood stars, as well as for football players. But some people, starting to make tattoos, can not stop and try to cover every centimeter of their body with a new drawing.

  • Recordsman Lucky Diamond Rich
  • Top 5 tattooed people
  • Eric Sprague or lizard man
  • Denis Avner
  • Julia Gnac
  • Maria Jose Christer
  • Tom Leppard

Recordsman Lucky Diamond Rich

Lucky was born in New Zealand in 1971 and workedin the circus from fifteen years. The first tattoo was applied to him at the age of seventeen, it was made by a huge hairy biker, to put it mildly, not in the most prestigious salon. His first tattoo was the mace that he juggled with. This tattoo was on his hip.

There are entries in the Guinness Book of Records, where it is reported that Lucky Diamond Rich was making himself a tattoo in salons scattered across continents, cities and countries. The subjects of his tattoos are quite diverse. If very well to try, on his body you can find even the face of Christ and the murals of ancient Tibetan prayers.

Originally, the most tattooed person was Tom Leppard. His body was covered with 92% tattoos, but Lucky broke his record, as he filled his body 100%.He covered his eyelids, ears and even his gum. To date, we can assume that he covered his body 350% with tattoos, as he continues to make them, and they are superimposed in layers. At first they were black, then over new tattoos were applied new, but already white, then black again. The record was put in 2006.

To add to its image even more shocking, the world record holder in terms of the number of tattoos pierced his nipples, made unusual ears piercings, inserted silver teeth and covered them with diamond dust. To date, no one has yet broken the Lucky record. To do this, a person will have to apply tattoos to eyeballs and possibly even to internal organs.

If you calculate how much time he spent on "drawing" on himself, then in total comes out about fifty days! The most lasting application of a tattoo on his body is a seven-week session. Now that Rich is completely covered in tattoos, he does not stop there and tattoo the red paint with the third layer on his skin. Thus, he sets his own record.

Because of its, to put it mildly, not quite usual for the everyday image, the most tattooed world record holder was also among the ten so-called physically modified persons of the planet. If one day look at this person, then today's fashionable tattoos and adolescent piercing seem to you quite harmless.

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Top 5 tattooed people

At the moment, the most popular tattooed person in the world is a human skeleton or in another way Rick Gent. His body is covered with a tattoo that depicts a human skeleton. He became famous thanks to the created Facebook page, which gathered more than 1500000 subscribers. Thanks to his image, he took part in the filming of Lady Gaga's video and played in the film "47 Ronin".But besides Rick there is also the top 5 most tattooed people:

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Eric Sprague orlizard man

About 10 years ago, Eric decided to turn into a lizard.
At that time he was little more than 30 years old. The first thing he did in approaching the image of the lizard is the whole body's scaled tattoo, which took about 700 hours or 29 days of continuous work. After that he took up his face.

Over each eyebrow he implanted implants, which became accretions, like a lizard. His lip made a dark green color, and also kind of sharpened his teeth. Later, he cut the tongue into two parts. He had only to make a tail. But since the real can not be implanted, he refrains from this operation.

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Denis Avner

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To many, he is known as a human cat.

Denis served in the Navy, but one day he wanted to become a tiger and gradually he began to translate his dream into reality. First, he decorated his body with strips, like the desired animal. And after implanting a mustache. But even this seemed to him insufficient to complete the image. Denis continued to move on to his dream and put in his fangs, like a tiger, grind his teeth.

Every day until his death he used raw meat.

His fate was very tragic. In 2012, at the age of 54, the human cat committed suicide. The reason for this departure from life was a prolonged depression.

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Julia Gnas

Her thirst for tattoos woke up when she was diagnosed with porphyria. The girl's skin became very sensitive to sunlight. You can treat such a disease, but in this case there is one side effect and this is loss of vision. Gradually, blisters of the blisters began to appear on the body of the girl, leaving huge scars behind them. Then Julia Gnas decided to cover her whole body with tattoos to close those scars that had mutilated her body. Now her body is covered with tattoos by almost 95%.On her body you can find characters from cartoons, famous Hollywood movie stars, as well as various landscapes.

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Maria Jose Christerna

This girl has an extraordinary appearance.

Until the fateful days in her life, there were only a few amateur tattoos on her body. In the first marriage, Maria was very unhappy. Her husband constantly beat, humiliated and provoked premature birth. All this, as a defensive reaction to all the events that she experienced, led to the desire to change her body.

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Now Maria is a mother of 4 children. She is married a second time. Works as a lawyer, manages his own tattoo parlor.

Her vampire image helped her become a popular girl.

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Tom Leppard

At the age of 28, he graduated from the army and realized that he would not be able to work for the benefit of society. Therefore, having made tattoos for 10,000 dollars, he fled from civilization and moved to live on an island called Sky.

Gradually Tom covered almost the entire body with a tattoo. He was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, but after a while his record was beaten by the above Lucky and the rest. Now he is 80 years old and once a week he goes to the city to buy food and take his pension. He continues to live in a small house on his island.

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