The application of dope grass in folk medicine

Durman( from the Latin "datura") is a very beautiful herbaceous plant with large carved leaves, less often treelike. However, its beauty is quite dangerous, since all parts of the plant are poisonous. In the people this representative of the Pasolenov family was called: "intoxicant", "datura-grass", "mad potion", "water drink", "crazy grass", "buckwheat" for the ability to cause delirium, hallucinations, nervous excitement, mental disorders.

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Datura can be found in the steppe zones and in temperate climates almost everywhere. It is common in Europe, Asia, Central America, Mexico. Sufficiently tolerates drought, grows on vacant lots, landfills, roadsides as a weed, but prefers damp territories and chernozems.

The height of the plant reaches 1.2 meters, the size of the leaves is 10 * 15 centimeters, the flowers are single, large( up to 15 centimeters), funnel-shaped, most often white. The datura fruit has an ovoid shape of the capsule, divided into four nests covered with spines and covered with small black seeds.

Despite the fact that the dope has deserved popular glory in people, its properties were used by ancient priests and healers for medicinal purposes. The modern pharmaceutical industry allocates alkaloids from fresh raw materials, which are used to make many medicines.

For medicinal purposes, seeds, leaves and young shoots of the datura are harvested. Seeds are harvested after their ripening, and leaves - in dry weather, usually from the beginning of flowering plants and to the first frost. It should be remembered that dope is a powerful poison, so it is desirable to collect it in gloves trying not to inhale the fragrance of flowers. Dry the raw material in the shade at a temperature of 45-50 ° C separately from other medicinal plants. Shelf life of finished raw materials up to two years.

Composition and therapeutic properties of

All parts of the plant contain tropane series alkaloids: hyoscyamine, atropine, scopolamine, which are cholinoreceptor blockers, as well as tannins and essential oils. Thus, the content of alkaloids in stems of datura is 0.15%, in roots - 0.26%, in colors - up to 1.9%, in seeds - 0.22%, and in essential oils 15-25%.

Once ingested, these substances reduce the secretion of gastric, sweat, salivary glands, glands of the nasopharyngeal mucosa, bronchi, trachea, reduce the tone and motility of the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, bile duct and urinary tract. At the same time, heart rate and blood ejection are increased, pupils dilate, increase intraocular pressure, and cause paralysis of accommodation.

In addition, the plant has antispasmodic, analgesic and sedative properties, is a part of tablets from motion sickness and treatment of bronchial asthma, long convulsive cough. Medicines based on datura are recommended for people suffering from upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, neuralgia and Parkinson's disease. As external agents are used to treat various forms of rheumatism and radiculitis.

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The family consists of more than 13 species, the most famous of which can be referred to as: ordinary dope, Indian and violet, datura Indian or harmless, blood red.

The Indian Datura is better known as a decorative species, with large beautiful flowers, purple, purple or yellow, spread over vast areas of Asia and China.

In our country prevails dope common or smelly, the seeds of which contain up to 0.5% of alkaloids. It has the strongest analgesic effect, so it can be used in surgery as anesthesia.

Datura arborescent or brugmansia is a tree-like plant - very impressive plant up to 3 meters high, with large half-meter flowers. Homeland - South America, in our country grows only in a closed ground. The fruit consists of a two-cavity boll, filled with dark brown grains( 100-150 pieces).Like the rest of the family is also very poisonous.

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Datura is used in classical pharmacology, homeopathy, folk medicine in various forms:

  • spirituous tincture is able to relieve pain in stomach cancer, and as a sedative is often recommended for mental disorders, seizures, epilepsy, increased sexual excitability. Preparing a tincture of 100 grams of crushed raw materials and 500 milliliters of alcohol, infused for 7-10 days in a dark place, then filtered.
  • Tincture oil on seeds dope has been used since ancient times as a powerful aphrodisiac and a remedy for impotence. For these purposes, olive oil or warm wine insisted on the ground seeds of the plant and rubbed into the genital area.
  • Water infusion of root and seeds of dope help to cleanse blood vessels, improve blood circulation, resorb blood clots and treat varicose veins.
  • oil is extruded from the seeds and fruits of the plant in the factory, packed and sold at the pharmacy. It is designed to remove unwanted hair, remove from the intestine fecal stones, stones from the gallbladder, normalize the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, stabilize the state of the central nervous system. As an external agent used for skin diseases, eczema, rashes, burns, arthritis, radiculitis, etc.
  • Extract from the leaves of plants are used for the production of medications that exert spasmolytic action and suppress the secretion of salivary glands, which is necessary in the treatment of bronchitis and asthma.
  • Dried leaves of stools and thoroughly shredded are recommended for severe dyspnea and convulsive cough, as a sedative after stress.
  • Disease cones or fruits are part of many medicines used for severe pain, seizures, cancerous tumors.
  • As an astringent and antiseptic, is sometimes used as a brew from the seeds of plants for rinsing the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, to relieve toothache. External compresses help with mastitis and mastopathy, inflammation of lymph nodes, tumors, hematomas and bruises.
  • Decoction of grains and leaves of grass is prepared in the proportion of 20 grams of dry crushed raw materials for 8-10 liters of boiling water, infused for half an hour, then filtered. Used decoction as an anesthetic and antiseptic for sedentary baths, compresses, syringings for uterine prolapse in women, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the ovaries and genital organs, cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system.
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Application in folk medicine

Since ancient times, dope-grass has been used in witch rituals of different peoples and in folk medicine as a powerful hallucinogenic remedy. For example, plant substances can cause a complete inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy, a feverish state and a rise in body temperature, strange, nervous, and sometimes aggressive behavior, amnesia, a strong pupil dilatation followed by photophobia for several days and other conditions.

Since ancient times in folk medicine from the Indian dope, decoctions and ointments have been prepared to heal wounds, cuts, remove calluses, ulcers, boils and acne, since it has antiseptic and anesthetic properties. As a sedative and sedative component is part of many medications.

Cigar smoke from the dope is recommended to inhale patients with bronchial asthma to relieve the attacks of suffocation. Decoction of flowers is taken with angina pectoris and epilepsy, children are given to get rid of fright, as an external remedy is used in the form of compresses for inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eye.

Read also in more detail about another medicinal plant that is used as a tobacco filler to combat nicotine addiction - thyme or thyme
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Against parasites

To get rid of parasites use dry leaves and shoots of dope. They should be crushed and poured onto a hot frying pan or brazier. After the appearance of caustic blue smoke, it must be inhaled with the nose and mouth, you can slightly fumigate your eyes, making sure that the smoke is not too hot. As the burns and blackening of raw materials add new portions.

It is recommended to breathe in the smoke of dope before light dizziness occurs. According to specialists, infestations begin to leave almost immediately with mucus from the lungs and nasopharynx, the rest in the next 24 hours during the defecation process.

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To remove hair

Many women use dope oil to remove unwanted hair, while the skin itself, according to the assurances of beauties, becomes very soft, beautiful and supple. Penetrating into the hair bulb, the active substances of the oil destroy it from the inside, and, consequently, at this point the hair will never grow.

Before beginning the procedure, hair removal is done on a small area, then the oil is applied to the bulbs in open bulbs. If the procedure is tolerant and does not cause side effects, it is continued the next day and so until hair is completely removed.

As a rule, the course of removal of superfluous hair on legs lasts not less than 2 months. Then there is a break for the germination of not completely destroyed and the awakening of new bulbs. And even if at first it will not be possible to achieve a lasting result, then the hair on the legs becomes light and not so tough, and the process of hardware epilation will be absolutely painless.

Tincture from the root and seeds of datura( less concentrated than oil) is used to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body.

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Side effects of

It should be remembered that datura is a poisonous plant, and any medications on its basis should be used only after the appointment of a doctor, and self-made products with special care and observance of the permitted dosages. In addition, prolonged use of grass can provoke narcotic addiction, and overdose - a number of side effects.

So one-time use of 10-15 seeds can cause a light euphoria, high spirits, self-confidence, physical activity and energy. At the same time on the physical level there is nausea, thirst, abdominal pain, tachycardia, noise in the head, dizziness, a feeling of heat.

The use of 15-25 datura seeds causes persistent delirium( visual and auditory hallucinations, distorted perception of space, flowers and other environments) and severe poisoning. Its main signs are heart palpitations( pulse up to 120 beats at rest), vomiting, dry mouth, blue lips, flushing of the face, violation or loss of vision, cramps, difficulty or dysfunction of urination and / or defecation, causeless laughter or fear. Subsequently, the active stage is replaced by a passive one, until the disturbance of speech, difficulty in breathing and coma.

Symptoms of a dope overdose persist throughout the day, and visual and cardiac disorders - for several days. When poisoning by a dope, the patient should be induced to vomit, then rinse the stomach with a solution of potassium permanganate and immediately call a doctor.
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It is not recommended to use drugs containing dope, to patients who suffer:

  • adenoma of the prostate;
  • atony of the intestine;
  • with ulcerative colitis;
  • chronic liver and kidney disease;
  • by chronic heart diseases;
  • by arterial hypertension;
  • glaucoma.

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