Signs of the weather for July by days and church holidays

  • July 1 is the day of Hypatia. If the clouds on Ipatia across the sky extend in stripes, it will rain soon. Does the moon have a greenish color? This is a clear sign that a severe drought will soon come.
  • July 2 is the day of Zosima Beefnik. On this day, they looked at the behavior of the bees: they do not fly very much and sit more on the walls of their hives - to severe heat, sting often - angry because of the coming drought, they do not want to fly and quickly return to the hives - it will soon rain.
  • July 3 - Day of Methodius. It is believed, if on this day in the street a downpour, then the rains will go for another week. Quail on this day flock to the fields. July 4 - Raincoat. The downpour does not stop day nor night, so this rainy weather will remain for another forty days.
  • July 5 is the day of Ulyana. Ulyan has good weather - the sun and heat will last another 50 days.
  • July 6 is the day of Agrippina Bathers. The rain on this day heralds that in the near future there will be warm weather.
  • July 7 is the day of Ivan Kupala. If on this day:

    • still not squashed - there will be a good harvest;
    • strong dew - you should expect a rich harvest of cucumbers;
    • starry night - mushrooms will be very much;
    • thunderstorm - there will not be a good harvest of walnut.
  • July 8 is the day of Peter and Fevronia. It was noticed that if this day turned out to be hot, then the heat will last for another forty days.
  • July 9 is the day of the Tikhvin Mother of God and David the Strawberger. On this day, rain promises that the rest of the summer will be rainy. But a good and clear day portends sunny days for seven more days in a row.
  • July 10 is the day of Samson Senogna. The folk sign says that the rain on Samson means that the next seven days will rain.
  • July 11 - the day of Herman and Euphemia. The cuckoo ceases to eat on this day - wait for the early winter.
  • July 12 is the day of the apostles Peter and Paul. If in puddles the bubbles from the rain quickly burst, then it must quickly pass.
  • July 13 is the day of the Twelve Apostles. Long since had been watching the cuckoo, if it continued to cuckoo, the remaining days of the summer will be warm.
  • July 14 is the day of Kozma and Demian. If this day yellow leaves on trees are more than green, then autumn and winter will be early.
  • July 15 is the day of the Most Holy Theotokos, Beregini. If yellow leaves appeared on the trees, then autumn will be early, and winter - snowy.
  • July 16th is the day of Athanasius of Athos, Mokias and Demid. It is noted that if Athanasius plays at night on the sunrise, the harvest is expected to be rich this year. A lot of mosquitoes and midges - good clear days will last for another seven days.
  • July 17 is the day of Martha and Andrei Naliva. What will be the day, such is expected and the day of August 11.
  • July 18 - Afanasyev's Day. It was believed that on this day the moon gives its strength to people. A bright and bright month foreshadowed a warm and dry autumn.
  • July 19 - Sysoev day. They tried to get up early before dawn and walk barefoot on the grass with dew. It was believed that the dew on this day has healing properties. If a month in the sky with a greenish tinge - in the coming days it will rain, white and shiny - to cold weather without precipitation.
  • July 20 is the day of Avdotya Cenognojka. From this day, rains began that prevented the drying of the Sen. If it rains on July 20, it will be wet for 7 more weeks with small gaps.
  • July 21 is the day of the Kazan Mother of God. There were various festivals, celebrations dedicated to the beginning of the harvest. Mushrooms appeared in the forest. A dull and pale month - to the rain.
  • July 22 is the day of Cyril and Pankratiya. If the sun hides behind clouds, then tomorrow it will be rainy weather. A goose stands on one leg for a long time - a sharp cooling will come, and a lot of flaps flapping its wings - on the contrary, to warmth. If the birdies of the room are silent - the cold will last for a long time, without stopping, sing, then the weather will be clear.
  • July 23 is the day of Antony the Thunderbolt or Ryasochnik. The duckweeds tightened. The more duckweeds, the more successful the coming year will be. Sharp thunder on this day - to a small rain, booming - to a downpour.
  • July 24 is the day of Olga and Efimia Stozharnitsa. Time of suffering and height of field work, tried to remove the hay in stacks, so as not to wet the rains. Rumble of thunder is audible - to good fishing.
  • July 25 is the day of the Mourning Proc. On this day, the biggest dew falls. If the whole field is damp from the dew, the rest of the summer is expected to be hot and dry. Dew and fog at all - until September it will be rainy and windy.
  • July 26 is the day of Gabriel. Dry weather for Gabriel, then, the same will happen and autumn will rain, in winter it will be snowy and cold.
  • July 27 - Stefan the Wonderworker. They coaxed Polevoi, the spirit, who guarded the crops from the bad weather. At the edge of the field he was left with a pot of porridge and a bunch of rye. At this time, severe thunderstorms began with lightning, which the villagers were very afraid of. If the gulls quietly swim in the reservoirs - to good weather.
  • July 28 - the day of the martyrs Ulita and Kirik. Sun rays on this day are the most useful, as they give happiness and luck, strength and health. Work in the field did not go out - a bad sign.
  • July 29 is Afinogen Day. The birds are silent - the heat will be gone. If the forest gets warmer in the evening, it will rain. The carrot topped - to the rain. The fog all day stands - to a good harvest of mushrooms. Many berries and fruits - winter will come long and cold. A lot of acorns on oak - a noble harvest is expected;leaves on the tree turned yellow from below - it is worth waiting for an early good sowing of winter bread.
  • July 30 is the day of Marina and Lazarus. The time of lightning and lightning that brought drought and fires. According to the popular signs of a thunderstorm this day to rainy autumn and winter with snowstorms. Hot and dry weather speaks of a cold but little snowy winter.
  • July 31 - Emelyanov Day. The end of the suffering and the beginning of harvesting and conservation for the winter. A hot day - to a cold December. Spruce cones cover only the top of the tree - frost will not come until January.
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July has long been considered a month of thunderstorms and is therefore popularly called a thunderstorm. Its name was given to the month in honor of the famous Roman commander and dictator Guy Julius Caesar. With the coming of this month, holidays and festivities are coming to an end, and it's time to harvest different crops, pick mushrooms and berries, and store stocks for the winter.

  • About the weather
    • About the weather
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    • Wedding in July

    About the weather

    Natural phenomena in July that help determine how the weather will change:

    • the spider began to weave a spider web - the weather will stand good;
    • crows take off high - the bad weather is approaching;
    • large amount of sow - winter will be cold;
    • in the morning the grass is dry - closer to the night it will rain;
    • smells in ponds from stagnant water intensified - the weather will be bad;
    • the whole month was hot - in December there will be severe frosts;
    • in the morning there is fog over the water - the weather is expected to be good.

    Much will be associated with the rainbow. Appeared - the weather is changing;its yellow color stands out more than others - it will get warmer;the more red it is, the more windy it will be in the next few days, and the greener, the more rain.

    If in the afternoon of July day thunder from far away thundered, there will be a soft and fine rain, and booming peals - to a shower. The blue evening clouds in the second half of this month according to popular signs are a sign of the impending cold snap.

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    Signs for every day

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    Wedding in July

    July- A wonderful month for the wedding. Holiday companies begin, the city is empty, giving the opportunity to the newlyweds on this solemn day to stroll without excessive obsessive attention. At the same time, an abundance of vegetables and the first fruits diversify the festive table.

    About the wedding in July they say: "a long and happy sweet and sour life".That is, there will be sweet moments in the family, as well as small griefs, but what kind of life do they have without them? But the wedding of July 31, according to ancient traditions and signs, foreshadows a joint life for couples filled with passion and love, until old age.

    Couples who are going to get married in the church, it must be remembered that exactly one week after the Trinity, on July 12, the Apostolic( Petrov) post passes and the ceremony is better postponed at the end of the month.

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