What are the effective anti-aging facial masks you can do?

Over the years, facial skin begins to undergo elusive transformations that give out all the secrets of age. When you look in the mirror, you apparently can not see visible changes, but it feels like someone wrote huge letters on your forehead that you are thirty years old. What to do? How to be? Is it time to go to a plastic surgeon?

Do not rush, try to get rid of yourself for several years. Do more anti-aging masks, and your face will soon thank you. To the face was not dull and malovyrazitelnym, use a mass such as milk with bananas, honey, eggs and everything that you have at your fingertips.

  • Mask from milk
  • Berry and fruit masks
  • Pumpkin mask
  • Cucumber
  • Melon
  • Mask with gelatin
  • Yeast mask
  • Recipe for the most effective rejuvenating mask with paraffin
  • Oat mask with coconut milk and honey
  • Mask from starch
  • Based on white clay and sea buckthorn

Mask from milk

In order to straighten existing wrinkles and return the skin to the face of the lost tonus, it is necessary to make a dough that should resemble sour cream. Dissolve one tablespoon of wheat flour with milk and add the egg yolk. The mixture should be homogeneous, that is, without lumps. Next, apply this mixture to a pre-washed face and neck. Wash off after about fifteen minutes, then apply any nourishing cream to your face.

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Berry and fruit masks

To prepare a variety of anti-aging masks can be in minutes, and they are prepared very simply. You will need any products that are in your refrigerator, for example, vegetables, fruits and berries. Crush the gruel and add to this set flour or bran. Some berries are not mashed, but used entirely. Berry and fruit rejuvenating masks are detected by very nutritious and softening for the face skin. After such procedures, the skin is visibly rejuvenated and becomes supple.

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Pumpkin mask

Add the yolk, one teaspoon of natural honey( preferably not candied) and a little milk into the boiled and pre-mashed pumpkin to the state of gruel. Pumpkins need a little, the mixture should be of medium density, so it is recommended that milk be added gently. The mask is applied to the face and hold for 15 minutes.

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From the cucumber

To prepare this mask, you will need only 2 small cucumbers to grate and a couple of spoons of honey. These two ingredients need to be mixed and put the mixture on your face and neck, soak for about 15 minutes. Cucumber will add to your skin freshness and tone, and honey will make the skin silky and smooth wrinkles.

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From melon

It is necessary to stretch the melon pulp or grate on a coarse grater, add honey and sour cream. Apply about twenty minutes, and then rinse with cold water. After this procedure, the facial skin will be supple and soft.

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Mask with gelatin

If the mask is based on gelatin and the fruit and berries are taken additionally, an excellent mask will be obtained, from which the effect will be noticeable after the first use. First you need to prepare the gelatin, soaking one teaspoon in a small amount of water, the mixture should be more uniform, without large lumps. Then it is necessary to stretch the fruit or berries by choice: banana, apricot, persimmon, strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, peach and, taking one tablespoon, mix with the finished gelatin. The mask needs to be applied to the skin, lubricated with a nutritious cream, cooling, it pulls the face. While holding the mask it is better to take a horizontal position and relax, so that the facial muscles do not tense. When the mask is almost completely dry, wash it off with warm water.

Some more excellent masks with gelatin in the article http://woman-l.ru/recepty-masok-dlya-lica-s-zhelatinom-ot-morshhin-i-ix-poleznye-svojstva/

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Yeast mask

Excellent result after a mask of yeast. If your skin is dry, then you need to add half a teaspoon of any vegetable oil, with normal and oily skin it is advisable to use milk. Yeast must be diluted so that they look like consistency thick sour cream, then this slurry is applied to the face and hold for about twenty minutes.

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The recipe for the most effective rejuvenating mask with paraffin

No one has refused such a mask yet, but for complete implementation it will be necessary to run around pharmacies to get all the necessary ingredients. The result will please you. Get fifty grams of paraffin, twenty grams of white wax, five grams of spermacet and lanolin. Then heat the wax in a water bath and mix with the rest of the ingredients. You should get a homogeneous warm mass, which must be applied with a small soft brush immediately on the face. Next lie half an hour in your favorite position on the bed and relax. You can listen to your favorite songs and dream about something beautiful.

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Oat mask with coconut milk and honey

Prepare one tablespoon of coconut milk from a nut, one teaspoon of ground oatmeal and one teaspoon of honey. Mix coconut milk with honey, then add oatmeal and mix everything thoroughly. The mask is applied to a pre-prepared face: steamed and peeled for about twenty minutes. Then first rinse with warm water, and after cold.

Coconut milk promotes rapid regeneration of the skin of the face, perfectly moisturizes and tones, and also makes it velvety. Eastern women have long used coconut milk for cosmetic purposes, because after using it the skin becomes elastic, tender, soft and noticeably rejuvenated.
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Mask from starch

For this mask it is necessary to take one teaspoon of starch and ordinary salt, add a little warmed milk and one teaspoon of honey. The mask should be applied gently, with lightly rubbing movements and left for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water and apply a nourishing cream. The skin after the mask becomes very tender, with regular carrying out of this procedure, the rejuvenating effect will be more noticeable than after the first application.

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Based on white clay and sea buckthorn

The effective mask is prepared easily, you only need to stock up the ingredients in advance. Preparation does not take much time, at the first stage you mix one tablespoon of white clay and sea buckthorn oil, you can add 1 drop of essential oils of neroli and incense or others at will. The mixture should be applied to clean and slightly moist skin, and after standing for about 15 minutes, rinse.


I always use seasonal natural masks. Since I think that all the chemistry somehow spoils the skin and speeds up aging. I start the season, usually with a strawberry mask. The result of it is wonderful - it whitens the skin well, pulls together the pores.


I have oily skin, so I like to use clay masks. I buy clay in a pharmacy, it costs a penny and I add various natural ingredients. Often oil, and not only sea buckthorn. I love citrus oils, they give shine to the skin and elasticity.

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