Interesting ideas for a photo shoot in the field

Photoshoot for a girl is an opportunity to capture her appearance and complement her with an unusual way, an unordinary style. We bring to your attention several styles for shooting in the field. Each of the proposed styles will help girls to reveal their beauty on the other hand, to show individuality.

  • Russian style
  • Provence
  • Country
  • Beauty

Russian style

Photoshoot in the Russian style is an opportunity to plunge into the historical and cultural depth of the Russian people, to feel the Russian soul. You can shoot in this style both in winter and in summer.

To conduct the event in the warm season is best:

  • in the poppy field;
  • in motley grass;
  • on haymaking;
  • in the wheat field.

For winter it is worth staying on a snow-covered pure white field.

Positions for a photo shoot in the Russian style often should be as simple, relaxed and laid-back.

Outfits should be selected either colorful and festive, or everyday in pastel colors, but the people's themes. Excellent fit linen shirts, sheepskin coats, wide colorful sarafans, colorful sweaters, headscarves with bright floral prints, red boots with heels, shawls, bright large ornaments, embroidered belts. Make-up should be natural, and lips bright red or not made-up. The hairstyle should border between the Russian braid on the shoulder or the braid laid in a wreath on the head. Also, the loose hair will look beautiful.

In this style, you can beat the ideas of folkloric character, for example, to embody the image of the Slavic woman being Arys-field or Half-Dense - the spirit of hot summer and heat.

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Photoshoot in the style of Provence - this is an opportunity to emphasize the girl's romance, femininity andfinesse. Such photos are filled with sunlight and the amazing beauty of nature. Most often for the location of the shooting are selected such options:

  • lavender field;
  • the field of flowering lupines;
  • vineyards;
  • field with motley grass, which is dominated by flowers of blue and violet shades.

For the outfits pick up soft and light pastel colors, natural fabrics. Suitable traditional elements of clothing in the French rustic style: vests, dresses in the floor, light blouses, solid skirts to the knee and below.

The image should be light and gentle should avoid massive ornaments and an overabundance of paints.

Make-up model should be simple and natural, almost invisible. As a hairstyle it is worth to stop on loose hair with large curls or careless styling with braids in the style of a boho.

This style is in demand for shooting pregnant women and for family photo sessions.

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Country or western style implies a cowboy style, connected directly with the theme of the Wild West. Photosessions in the country style is an opportunity for a girl to feel freedom and spirit of adventure. You can take this survey only in the warm season. The best options will be:

  • photo shoot with horses in a wheat field;
  • shooting in sun-scorched open spaces;
  • shooting on haymaking.

For country dresses, it is worth using cowboy hats with broken fields, worn or torn denim elements of clothing, neck scarves, suede, shirt in a cage, cowboy boots. Fabrics are used in natural, calm warm tones. You can create a more romantic image - to put on a cotton dress in a floor or a light blouse and a long skirt.

As improvised and necessary elements of style it is worth taking revolvers, leather bags and leather belts. Hair can be left loose or plaited in a braid. Make-up is performed in natural tones, brown-fig-ice variants are allowed.

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Beauty means "Beauty" in English. Such a picture should be beautiful in everything. Carefully prepared all the points: make-up and clothes. It can be a bright professional, perhaps even a non-standard make-up and image or a simple accentuation of natural female beauty. Clothing can be very diverse, there are no priorities and limitations, most importantly, the image must be fashionable and suitable for you.

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The background for shooting can be any beautiful field at any time of year. Positioning for the same style boils down to the basics of fashion-posing. To pick up poses, it will be enough to scroll through several fashion magazines and copy the options you like.

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