Negative consequences after application of botox injections

The so-called beauty vaccinations, or botox injections, have become very popular in the United States a few decades ago, and have recently become widespread in Europe. There are many comments about this procedure, both positive and negative. Moreover, the number of the latter prevails, and they concern the negative consequences after the session.

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The essence of the

procedure Botox is a drug produced from the secret of specific bacteria, botulinum toxin is a super-strong poison. It is this substance that causes the banks of marinades to explode. Poisoning him has a separate name in medicine - botulism, severe intoxication, with frightening lethal statistics. Botox, as is known, does not result in death due to a very low concentration of poison. Actually botox is only a part of the complex toxic substance of botulinum toxin.

Botox works as follows. Getting into the muscles, the substance included in it stops the innervation in the injection area. As a result, the muscles in this area relax, and the neighboring area of ​​the muscle fibers stretches. Correctly chosen points for the introduction of the drug are the guarantee of a successful procedure, after which wrinkles and wrinkles disappear. The procedure is performed in the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, for the neck against the second chin, for the hair.

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Sensations from the

procedure What does the person feel after such injections? The sensations are not very pleasant, mainly due to the fact that facial muscles of the face refuse to work. The face looks like a frozen mask. But after a while, this effect begins to subside, gradually working capacity returns to the muscles, but the age-related skin problems are still not visible. The whole problem is that later, after about three to four months( depending on the individual characteristics of the work of the excretory system), the body restores muscle innervation, and with it returns the years.

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Possible consequences

It's important to doBotox injections exclusively in specialized institutions, clinics, where everything will be under the supervision of an experienced doctor. If you fall into the hands of a lime specialist or a hackster, not only beauty but also health will fall on the scales. Consequences observed in patients after botox therapy:

  • hematoma of different localization;
  • facial muscles asymmetry;
  • descent of the upper eyelid;
  • is a complete failure of the affected facial muscles.

In addition, the procedure itself has many contraindications: pregnancy( all trimesters), all kinds of neurological, somatic diseases, various inflammatory processes. The graduate specialist will inform you directly, without fail, about possible complications and will instruct you how to avoid them.

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Botox and alcohol

If you decide on this procedure, then alcohol should be discarded 1-2 days before it and refrain from drinking after injection for 2 weeks. This is necessary, since alcohol has the opposite effect of Botox: it dilates blood vessels, increases blood circulation, which causes resorption of the drug and can lead not only to a loss of effect from the procedure, but also to the tuberosity of the skin of the treated area.


Dear ladies, before you use Botox, remember that this is primarily a poison. I do not like doctors and prefer to be treated by a homeopath, so if you knew how many women with complications after the injections of Botox come to their clinic, hormonal background, digestion, etc. begin to malfunction. So is it worth it? Is it better to grow old beautifully?


To me 40. Has made botox zones of a forehead and a nose bridge 11/01/2016.The wrinkles are gone. BUT!!!Within 2 weeks felt an ailment, an ache in muscles, as at a flu. There was a feeling of some poisoning of the body. Severity in the forehead is awful for the 2nd month. Eyelids open heavily. Smoothly came the realization of how beautiful and natural my face was before Botox. I dream so that the organism can quickly remove this poison. And NEVER again I will repeat such nonsense as self-poisoning of an organism by a poison for the money. Only sports, gymnastics for the face and natural cosmetology! !!

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