A sign that salt spills

In ancient times, spices and spices were valued much more by our ancestors than now. So, for example, salt in the first time after its appearance in Russia was valued almost in weight of gold. That's why the people appeared various signs, promising the most unfortunate consequences to sloppy cooks, which emphasized the value of salt.

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Why it is impossible to spill the salt

There is an old belief that the one who spilled salt on the floor will have a quarrel with relatives in the near futurepeople or unpleasant news.

Apparently, the fact is that salt was the most valuable product in the subsistence economy of our ancestors. It was extracted with incredible labor, and transporting it from distant fields cost a lot of money. Its value was difficult to overestimate in the harvesting of raznosolov for the winter, as it was used everywhere for meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, berries, etc.

Besides, salt not only improved the taste of most dishes, but also influenced the conditionorganism, it was used in many rites and treatments. Therefore, salt was preserved until the fact that her waking was regarded almost as a crime, and therefore promised misfortune and misfortune to the one who committed this sloppy act.
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What to do

There are several ways to neutralize this annoying misunderstanding:

  • Take in the right hand a pinch of scattered salt from the floor, throw it over your left shoulder( where, according to legend, the devil is sitting, which brings us misfortunes) and three times spit.

  • Sprinkle the spilled salt on top with three pinch of sugar.
  • Before collecting salt or salt on a table or floor, draw a cross on it with your finger to remove negative energy from the space, remove or soften troubles.
  • To clean the salt, saying the words "Salt - to the left, and me - niscall".
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Why dreams

You can spill salt not only in reality, but also in a dream. And in this case, the dream book, as in life, predicts only bad events: quarrels, tears, a fight.

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Spread on the doorstep or at the corners

In addition to accidental spillage of salt, there are cases, when it is done intentionally with good or evil intentions. According to the esotericists, this mineral is an excellent material for carrying out various rituals, as it takes on a large amount of energy information, performs a program or task, is capable of fighting negative manifestations.

So scatter the consecrated or spelled salt on the corners of the house or room to neutralize the negative energy. But the discovery of spilled salt in your room under the threshold is a bad sign, it means that someone is trying to bring discord into the family, cause quarrels between household members.

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