Useful properties and recipes for the use of argan oil for hair

Long and beautiful hair is an integral part of the image of a well-groomed woman. At all times, women have taken care of the beauty of their hair. Currently, the hair is subject to constant exposure to hair dryers, irons, hair lacquers and other agents that adversely affect their structure. Argan oil, in its pure form or in the composition of hair care products, will allow the curls to gain strength and shine.

  • Chemical Composition
  • Useful Properties
  • How to prepare
  • Professional Remedies
  • Home Recipes
  • Integrated Use
  • Hair Growth Mask
  • Growth Mask
  • Repairing Face Mask
  • Nourishing Mask
  • From Dandruff
  • Compress for Hair Growth
  • Aroma hair for shine
  • Contraindications

Chemical Composition

Argan oil contains:

  • fatty acids necessary for the body( oleinsI, palmitic, stearic, and others);
  • sterols;
  • squalene antioxidant;
  • vitamins A( retinol), E( tocopherol), F( linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids);
  • polyphenols, phytosterols, triterpene alcohols.
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Useful properties

Useful properties of the oil are due to its special chemical composition. It has an invaluable effect on the body:

  • helps strengthen weakened hair and brittle nails;
  • makes curls soft, restores brittle and damaged tips;
  • moisturizes the scalp;
  • returns shine and strength to the hair;
  • helps to get rid of dandruff;
  • is used to treat eczema;
  • relieves inflammation and pain, tones and moisturizes;
  • is included in the complex treatment of various diseases( diabetes, diseases of the circulatory system, Alzheimer's disease);
  • has regenerative and wound healing properties, so it should be used to treat various skin lesions( burns, wounds, scars and scars);
  • contributing to the reduction of wrinkles, has an anti-aging effect;
  • slows down aging;
  • helps to get rid of inflammation;
  • has a bactericidal effect;
  • removes the manifestation of allergic reactions.
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Method of preparation

Argan oil is extracted from the nucleoli, which are contained in the bones of the fruit. The nucleoli are compressed. The extraction of argan oil is a very laborious process that takes a large amount of time. Harvesting argan oil includes a certain number of stages:

  • harvesting of argan tree fruit;
  • drying fruits in the sun;
  • cleansing of fruits from fibers;
  • extraction of nucleoli by breaking a bone shell;
  • creation of a mechanical press for nucleoli to obtain argan oil.
To get 2 liters of oil, it takes about 100 grams of nucleoli( yield from 12 trees) and about 12 hours.

The process of extracting argan oil is very difficult, because the fossil of the fetus is very strong and it takes a lot of effort to split it.

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Professional products

Argan oil for hair is sold in pharmacies. In addition, it is part of a variety of cosmetics. To choose the right one for yourself, you need to familiarize yourself with the main ones.

  • Proffs is a product developed on the basis of Moroccan argan oil for hair. After applying a small amount of hair, the hair becomes docile, soft and silky. Regular use of the product will protect against the appearance of split ends and from the negative impact of styling products.

  • Londa Professional Velvet Oil is an argan oil that promotes rapid hair restoration. The product smooths the dry curls without making them heavier, and protects from damp temperatures during laying wet hair. The product, thanks to its composition, protects the hair and against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, strengthens their structure and moisturizes the scalp. Has a delicious fruit aroma.

  • Lombok perfect argan oil - argan oil for hair, which contains a complex of vitamins A and E. The product not only contributes to the nutrition and moisturizing of hair and scalp, but also gives volume. Regular application of oil protects curls from the appearance of split ends, facilitates combing. Apply to wet hair with your fingers or with a comb.
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  • Kapous «ARGANOIL» - argan oil for any type of hair. The product provides the hair with all the necessary substances, moisturizes, restores their structure, returns the natural shine. The product is recommended for use after a chemical wave or discoloration. The oil can be used alone, but can be added to a balm, mask or hair dye.

  • MAGIC GLANCE ARGAN OIL - argan oil for hair, designed for rapid hair restoration. The product is intended for the treatment of weakened hair. Correctly applying oil, you can restore dull, dropping hair. The main rule of application is not to overdo it with the amount that the hair does not seem greasy and dirty.

  • Argan oil-elixir for hair from Eveline is a product combining several types of natural oils, keratin and liquid silk. Argan oil not only contributes to the restoration of the structure of the hair, preventing the appearance of split ends, but also suitable for styling curly hair, making them more docile.

  • Oil Moroccanoil - argan oil for hair, softening and moisturizing hair, restoring its structure. Argan oil should be used for moisturizing dry hair. The product provides nutrition, strengthening and growth, prevents the emergence of split ends, fills the hair with energy.
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Home recipes

There are many recipes that will help you learn how to use argan oil for hair at home.

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Integrated use of

Adding 5 milliliters of argan oil to any modern cosmetic product: shampoo, balm or hair mask, will promote additional care for scalp and hair.

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Mask for strengthening hair

Composition: burdock and argan oil - 10 ml.

Mix the oils, then rub the mixture into the scalp, spread over the entire length of the hair. Wrap the head in a towel to ensure warmth. After an hour, the head needs to be washed with shampoo. To achieve the effect, it is important to make such a mask( once a week) regularly.

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Mask that activates the growth of


  • argan oil - 45 milliliters;
  • egg yolk - 2 pieces.

Mix the ingredients, rub into the scalp and spread over the entire length of the hair. Wash off after 30 minutes. With regular use of hair will become more dense and sturdy.

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Repairing mask


  • egg yolk - 1 piece;
  • argan oil - 5 milliliters;
  • olive oil - 10 milliliters;
  • sage ether - 5 drops;
  • aired lavender - 10 drops.

Ingredients carefully mix, heat the mixture in a water bath, then in a warm form, apply it to the hair and rub into the scalp. After 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water. The use of the mask promotes the gradual moistening of the scalp and the restoration of the structure of the hair.

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Nourishing mask


  • argan oil - 30 milliliters;
  • honey - 2 tablespoons.

Mix the ingredients, preheat the mixture in a water bath. Apply for 20-30 minutes. The mask promotes a food of hair and restoration of their vital force.

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From dandruff

Weekly application of argan oil as a mask for hair moisturizes hair and scalp, thus eliminating dandruff. Apply oil for 15 minutes on damp scalp and hair roots.

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Compress for hair growth

Before applying oil to hair, it should be poured into a bottle with a spray, as the spray provides an even distribution of oil over the surface of the hair. Apply oil on strands and hair ends, wrap in a towel and leave for 1 hour. Rinse thoroughly with shampoo. Such a compress is well suited for colored hair, it gives them extra shine.

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Scent for shine of hair


  • argan oil - 5 milliliters;
  • wooden comb.

Argan oil spread over the entire comb and for 2 minutes slowly comb the hair along the entire length. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day, its benefit is to give shine to the hair.

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Natural argan oil does not harm the body. It is suitable for any type of hair and has no age restrictions.

The only contraindication is individual intolerance. In this case, after application, an allergic reaction may occur.

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