What gifts and souvenirs can you bring from China

China is one of the most attractive countries in the Far East. In addition, that the country is famous for cheap goods, it attracts tourists with a rich culture. What do tourists bring from China? Here you can find many exotic things and a huge variety of traditional souvenirs, impregnated with the atmosphere of the Celestial Empire and reflecting the traditions of the eastern country.

  • Alcohol
  • Maotai
  • Yao-jeou
  • Veer
  • Umbrella
  • jade
  • Pictures
  • Cosmetics and perfumery
  • Coins
  • National clothes
  • Sticks
  • drugs traditional medicine
  • Sweets
  • Spices
  • Figurines
  • Porcelain
  • tea and a set for teaceremony
  • Silk
  • Electronics and gadgets
  • Jewelry and bijouterie
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Pearls
  • Of jade
  • You can not take out


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most popular alcoholic drink in China - Maotai. This is a traditional rice vodka of a thick consistency, with a yellowish tinge and pleasant taste, a strength of 35 to 53 degrees. Produces her Kweichow Moutai Company, which is located in Guizhou Province. Maotai appeared on sale quite recently and refers to expensive alcoholic beverages.

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The healing tinctures of yao-chiu include such unusual ingredients as ginseng root, mushrooms, berries, ants and snakes. Depending on the composition, the drink may have different properties and be used in the treatment of various diseases. The most popular tinctures are "Feeding Life", to improve the tone and well-being.

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In China, you can purchase both a pocket accessory and a large wall fan. They are made of bamboo, silk, jade, ivory, porcelain, sandalwood. Depending on the design, colors and placement, this accessory symbolizes various goods: brings good luck, improves health or financial position.

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Umbrella was invented in Ancient China. Today, you can buy accessories in the traditional style with the image of girls in national costumes or with hieroglyphics. Do umbrellas made of nylon, silk, plastic and even oiled paper. The material that is afraid of water is covered with varnish or wax. The fabric is pulled on knitting needles from a bamboo or a mulberry tree.

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Products from jade

Jade in China symbolizes power and immortality. Since ancient times, he used the manufacture of seals of the emperor, for the construction of sarcophagi and mythological animals guarding the imperial palaces. Of the jade is made a famous six-meter statue of the Buddha in Shanghai. The most popular among tourists are talismans, pendants, bracelets, brooches, as well as bowls, figurines and vases from this magical stone.

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Local artists have a distinctive and amazing manner. Pictures in China are embroidered, painted on paper and silk. The subjects of paintings can be varied, from calligraphy and depicting people in traditional outfits, to depicting mountains, flowers and animals. For some unique copies you will have to pay generously.

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Cosmetics and perfumery

Chinese cosmetics and perfumery are a successful combination of advanced technologies and ancient traditions of traditional medicine. Chinese cosmetics are produced exclusively from natural ingredients( for example, seaweed, chamomile, ginseng root, St. John's wort, shark fat).The fragrant basis of most cosmetics and perfumes is tea. The most popular Chinese cosmetic companies: Bio Aqua, Angel Xuawei, Dong Gia, AFU, Herborist, Doctor Li.

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Perhaps the most popular souvenir from China are coins, connected by a red ribbon. This is a Chinese symbol of attracting money and prosperity. The red ribbon symbolizes joy and luck, the knot is the designation of infinity. As a rule, a souvenir of 3 coins attracts wealth and it should be put under the mat on the threshold, 6 coins - carry luck and promote success in different businesses.

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National clothes

It is impossible to ignore ethnic Chinese clothing - Hanfu, made of flowing silk. Painted dresses, robes and shirts will be an excellent presentation from the eastern country.

In our time, traditional Chinese clothes are considered to be zipao - a long narrow dress with high lateral cuts.

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sticks For fans of Chinese cuisine, chopsticks will become a wonderful souvenir. They sell reusable and disposable sticks, simple and collectible. Hand-painted and signed copies are much appreciated. Sometimes when visiting local restaurants the administration of the institution can present a guest with a stick for memory.

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Traditional medicine

What medicines to bring from China? The main treasure of local folk medicine are gelatin from donkey skin, panty and ginseng. These three drugs are able to replenish life energy and have a strengthening effect. In the east of China, you can buy medicinal herbs: lingzhi, Chinese gooseberries, chrysanthemums, bamboo shoots, ginger. Chinese have long used pearls to maintain skin youth, and medicines based on snake venom and shark liver fat.

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Sweets with sesame seeds, candied fruits and vegetables, jelly in capsules, sweet gingerbreads, cookies and tarts with tangerine, grape, pumpkin, corn flavors are sold in individual packages, which prolongs the shelf life in conditionshumid climate of the country.

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There is a very large selection of spices in China. Most tourists prefer to buy a mixture of several spices. The Chinese cinnamon deserves special attention. Its taste and appearance is no different from the usual, but the smell is 10 times stronger. A full assortment of Chinese seasonings can be seen on the food markets, but buying them is still better in supermarkets. What is characteristic of the packages with spices in China is the indicator that can be translated into Russian as "vigor", there you can consider the composition in English.

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Friends and relatives can bring figurines reflecting the traditions of China. Among them you can meet a dragon who brings peace, tranquility and financial well-being to the house, a lioness with a lion cub under his paw - as a symbol of motherhood and child protection, Buddha statues that give peace, tranquility and prudence. And if you want something national, you should stop choosing a statuette of a geisha in a kimono and an umbrella.

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Local porcelain is the property of the country. Having visited China, it is impossible not to buy products made of fine, elegant weightless porcelain. White-blue porcelain of the Ming Dynasty, perhaps the most recognizable in the country, it is sold in antique salons and art exhibitions. More affordable option, you can buy at any souvenir shop. But besides the dishes, in China porcelain made boxes, figurines, vases, wall plates.

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Tea and tea ceremony set

What tea should I bring from China? Here you can buy tea of ​​any kind - green, black, white, yellow, red, Puer, milk oolong. The best teas are recognized: Kimun, Da Hong Pao, Te Guan Yin, Taiping Houkui. Buy them should be in specialized stores.

In the homeland of tea, you can purchase a set for a tea ceremony. The choice of tea sets amazes with its variety: from clay, ceramics and porcelain for every taste and purse.

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The most beautiful, durable and fine silk is woven in the Middle Kingdom. In addition to ready-made clothes, stylish ties, scarves and bandages, here you can buy fabric cuts. Silk products are usually decorated with original images of animals( tigers, dragons), landscapes and hieroglyphics. It should be taken into account that natural silk is not an expensive pleasure, and in order not to run into a counterfeit, you need to buy it in specialized places, for example, on the "Silk Market".

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Electronics and gadgets

For cheap electronics, you should go to Hong Kong or Macau, because only there is no VAT tax. In the rest of China, there is a 17% VAT, which will not save money. Hong Kong is called an electronic paradise, it has everything: mobile phones, tablets, computers, digital cameras, MP3 players and original fun gadgets at low prices.

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Jewelry and bijouterie

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Gold from

Chinese gold is one of the most qualitative in the world, therefore many local jewelry brands have received worldwide recognition. And Chinese jewelry looks very stylish and is of high quality.

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Silver from

Silver in China is marked with the highest 925 breakdown. Silver products correspond to the quality of the world standard and attract tourists relatively low cost. The shops are full of fine silver jewelry. These products are valued for their unique oriental design with ethnic notes. Stones in similar products are often glass or artificial, so it is recommended to buy jewelry without stones or with certificates of their authenticity.

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Of pearls

In China, you can buy beautiful pearls, because it is in the Middle Kingdom that it is mined in the largest quantity. In shops you can find pearls of different colors: pink, bronze, silvery - grown artificially. In order not to run into a fake, it is important to know that these pearls have incredible jumping and, when rubbed, produce a sound resembling a gnashing of teeth. A large selection of pearl products is on the pearl market in Beijing.

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From jade

In the East, jade is incredibly popular. It is believed that the talisman stone brings happiness, success, luck and wisdom. Necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings and other ornaments made of jade are an excellent option for a gift. They do not require special care and will serve forever, because jade is a very strong stone. Such decorations have a greenish tint and are especially suitable for red-haired and green-eyed people.

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Do not remove

  • weapons, ammunition, or their imitation;
  • securities and counterfeit money;
  • information on a variety of media, which contradicts the current political regime of the country;
  • drugs, poisons and psychotropic drugs;
  • products, things and medicines from areas with a dangerous epidemiological situation;
  • animals( except cats and dogs).

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