How to choose the right desk for a schoolboy for your home

Absolutely every school-age child spends a long time at the desk, both at school and at home. It is important for parents to choose this inalienable attribute of the children's room. In order for the purchase to be really useful, consider the main factors that influence the choice of a convenient table for the student.

  • optimum sizes
  • Materials
  • Wood
  • chipboard
  • MDF
  • Glass
  • Options tables
  • Partha
  • Stationary
  • Computer
  • Transformer
  • Corner
  • Built
  • Folding
  • For two
  • Necessary components
  • Chair
  • Lighting
  • shelves, pencil
  • Organizers
  • Plexiglas

Optimum dimensions of

In order to ensure that the child does not feel uncomfortable sitting at the table, you need to make sure that the main dimensions of the deskCompliant your child's needs.

So, the working surface of the table should be sufficiently deep( not less than 60-80 cm), and wide( not less than 100 cm).To ensure proper posture, there should be a free space under the table that is at least 50 cm wide and about 45 cm deep.

If you doubt the correctness of the choice, then put the child at the table. An ideally selected table should allow the legs, fully standing with their feet on the floor, to form an angle of 90 degrees. Elbows that do not extend beyond the edges of the table top, indicate its optimum width.

Profitable acquisition will be a growing table for the student, whose height can be increased as the child grows up.

Standards for the size of a desk for the student:

Height, cm Height of the table, cm Height of the chair, cm Difference between the height of the chair and the table, cm
110-119 52 32 20
120-129 57 35 22
130-139 62 38 24
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Ageless classic - wooden table. It looks always advantageous in any interior and is an environmentally friendly option, although it has a high cost.

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chipboard tables are relatively inexpensive, but in the production of chipboard, a resin containing a toxic compound, formaldehyde, is released into the air over time. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy children's furniture made of this material.

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This material is produced in the same way as chipboard, however, as a sticky substance, a carbamide resin is used that does not contain poisons. The cost of furniture from MDF is slightly higher than that of chipboard, however, it is completely safe for the child.

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Tables made of glass are not strictly recommended for the children's room. Even a table of tempered glass can break and injure a child. If you still decide to buy a glass table, then pay attention to the presence of a protective film that protects the glass from minor bumps and scratches.

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Table options

You need to choose the table configuration according to the size and shape of your room.

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Unlike the usual children's desk, it has a turntable that can change the angle of inclination to ensure the convenience of various occupations( drawing, reading, playing).An important feature is the change in the height of the table for growth, which will allow you to use the desk until after graduation.

Also desk-desk has smaller dimensions in comparison with a regular desk, so it is perfect for a small children's room. A kind of desk-desk is an orthopedic desk for a schoolboy, usually equipped with an additional drawer that can be used to store the office, and a pull-out shelf for books.

What to do if the child does not want to learn
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Such a table, of course, does not have the ability to transform,but he is very reliable and the child will not be able to break it. It is more convenient to purchase a stationary desk for a high school student, when the child stops growing rapidly.

A stationary desk can be supplemented with all sorts of drawers and shelves for storing writing materials. Because of the huge number of variants of models, the stationary table can be inscribed in any interior.

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In case the desk is equipped with a computer, care must be taken that the monitor is located at least 60 cm from the eyes. To minimize the effect of harmful radiation, you can use computer corner tables in the form of the letter "G".In this case, the computer will occupy the smaller side of the table, and will not take away part of the working space of the countertop.

You can pick up a corner desk for the student with shelves, which will save space, and allow the child to keep all the necessary school supplies at hand.

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The transformer table allows you to change your settings as the child grows up.

For a small children's room a compact desk, changing its shape depending on the purpose, is suitable. Such a table can accommodate various pieces of furniture. So, for example, there is a cabinet-table, which includes a compartment for storing things.

There are also tables that, when you lower the countertops, lay down a sleeping place. The desk-secretary can have a niche for the components of the computer, it happens with the lower additional boxes and the upper capacious mezzanine. Similar properties have a desk-bureau.

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This model is useful if you, for example, in a one-room apartment need to create a corner for the student. Due to its shape, the things located on the upper shelves and in the lower boxes of the thing are at arm's length. This will allow zoning the room for more convenience. The corner writing desk with a superstructure is quite convenient and compact.

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In a small room, a built-in desk for the student can be made by increasing the area of ​​the window sill. Form and length in this case depends only on your personal preferences. A clear advantage of this option is an excellent table light with daylight, which will save a little on electricity.

Another nice bonus is the presence of a battery under the windowsill, which in winter will additionally warm the children's legs.

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This kind of writing desk has a reliable and stable design. Unlike a desk for a schoolboy with drawers, moving it will not be very difficult. Usually has a book folding mechanism. There are also variants which, when added, take the form of a suitcase. Folding table is designed, mainly for younger students.

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For two

On sale you can find a table for two in the form of a long rectangle, as well as in a corner version. Sitting at such a table, the children not only will not interfere with each other, but will also find their own personal space for study. It should be placed along the window, so you will save a lot of space.

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Necessary components of

The workplace of the student should be comfortable, multifunctional, well-lit, and, of course, convenient. It is unacceptable that the child had to bend low to the notebook, and even the books fell on his head. One ergonomic table is unable to fully ensure the convenience of the child. To create the optimal workplace, the following things are necessary.

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The most comfortable for the student will be a version of the chair, which is adjustable in height, the angle of the backrest and seat. It should not swing, legs should be securely fixed.

If you have chosen a wheelchair, it must have at least five points of support. In order for the child not to slouch, the back should be high enough and have rounded forms, repeating the bends of the spine.

The child sits at the table correctly if the distance between the edge of the table and the chest is 8-10 centimeters.
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Immediately the question arises as to how to correctly set the table so that the lighting is intense enough. A standard layout of the table near the window will do. It should be remembered that the light should be sent to the right-hander's child - on the left, and for the left-hander - to the right.

It is advisable to provide a sufficient amount of daylight in the room, however, in order not to overdo it, take care of the presence of curtains in the children's room. When choosing a table lamp, make sure that the lamp gives an even soft glow.

Optimum power of the lamp used in the luminaire is in the range from 60 W to 100 W.It is impossible to combine fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps in one room.

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Shelves, pane

If the table is not equipped with built-in drawers, then you need to provide an additional pencil case or shelf for the convenience of placing books and office.

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Organizers are very convenient solution for storing notebooks, albums and stationery. They can be purchased at specialized stores or made by themselves.

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If you are worried that the child will be painting the table top, get plexiglass for the table surface, it will not only not protect the table, but will also give you the opportunity to place important things( schedule, calendar) under it.

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