18 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

18 years of marriage - the date is not round, but very significant. This is the age of majority of the family, marking the end of its formation and the beginning of a new period of conscious life. A period of devotion, trust and self-giving. Therefore, it is important to note this date properly, prepare congratulations and know what to give. And for this, you need to decide what wedding is celebrated for 18 years of living together.

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

What is the name of the wedding

According to tradition, the eighteenth anniversary of the wedding is called Turquoise.

This name of this anniversary exists in France, Germany and the Netherlands. And this is not accidental, because the stone is credited with a truly magical meaning:

  1. Turquoise is considered a symbol of happiness and victory for many peoples. Agree, the preservation of marriage for 18 years - a real victory for the couple. Especially if you managed to keep a warm relationship.

  2. In the East, turquoise is a symbol of purity and eternal love. Having overcome the age of 18, the spouses understand what happiness they have been granted by fate. Only love and trust could help them overcome all the difficulties and troubles of living together.
  3. Turquoise is a color similar to the color of a clear clear sky after a thunderstorm. So the Turquoise wedding symbolizes the end of the crises that sometimes arise in the life of any couple, and the beginning of a new bright and cloudless period of relations. After the Turquoise wedding they should become deep, bright and clean, like a turquoise sky.
  4. In ancient times, turquoise was a symbol of wealth and was valued along with gold. According to the current beliefs, she brings material prosperity to the house. So after the Turquoise wedding house "newlyweds" will be a full cup.
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How to celebrate

Traditionally, the Turquoise wedding is celebrated in a close family circle - with grown-up children, parents of spouses, close relatives and only the closest friends of the "adult" family.

Such a closed celebration will strengthen family traditions, demonstrate the solidarity of the family and its values.

To make interesting and memorable a similar wedding celebration will help:

  1. Sending guests invitation cards in turquoise tones.
  2. Observance of the ceremony of the Turquoise wedding - the exchange of spouses with rings made of turquoise or inlaid with this stone. These turquoise rings, together with the wedding, the wife wears all next year. According to the legend, they are indicators of the love of the couple and allow you to feel the status of a partner. If for a year turquoise does not dim out on them - then the relations of the spouses have kept their strength and brightness.
  3. Dresses "newlyweds" of turquoise hues.
  4. Entertaining program. Think about what to do with guests - prepare funny family contests and all the necessary attributes for their conduct, arrange family albums, select videos about interesting and important events in your family. Well, if they are captured present.
  5. Good musical accompaniment of the holiday.
  6. Impress the best moments of celebration in a photo or video.

A special atmosphere will be created by decorating the room in a color scheme that matches the holiday.

Decorating the house for the holiday, and decorating the table, note that the best combination of turquoise and pure white color. The most impressive are:

  • turquoise napkins on a snow-white tablecloth;
  • white candles in silver candlesticks adorned with bright turquoise-blue ribbons;
  • bouquets of forget-me-nots and hydrangeas, decorated with white beads and satin white ribbons;
  • bouquets of white flowers - lilies of the valley, roses, chrysanthemums, decorated with turquoise or blue ribbons, paper, feathers and beads;
  • balloons of turquoise and white shades;
  • wedding cake, covered with turquoise glaze and decorated with snow-white cream roses.
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Gift for the wife

Naturally, the best gift for the Turquoise wedding wife will be presents from turquoise, so puzzle over what you do not have to give. From the husband it can be:

  1. Jewelry made of turquoise or inlaid with it.
  2. Bouquets of flowers are turquoise-azure in the original packaging. You can give an unusual composition from the morning glory. This bouquet will be especially romantic, because the leaves of the morning glory have a heart shape.
  3. A casket decorated with turquoise.
  4. Figurines made of turquoise.
  5. Bag decorated with turquoise.
  6. Evening dress with inlay from turquoise.

From the guests of this day any gifts from turquoise are welcome, after all they will bring happiness to the house of the culprits in love, they will take away the negative energy and become the amulet for many years. These can be:

  • amulets and amulets;
  • jewelry;
  • interior items;
  • accessories with turquoise inserts.
If on natural stones there are no means, it is possible to present gifts of turquoise color.

It can be:

  • tableware;
  • household items;
  • accessories;
  • textiles.
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What to give to her husband

A husband for a gift for 18 years of marriage can also give something a turquoise:

  1. Watchband decorated with turquoise.
  2. Belt buckle.
  3. Clamp for a tie with natural stone.
  4. Cufflinks with inserts from turquoise.
  5. Cold steel inlaid with turquoise.
  6. Amulet.

If a man is indifferent to natural stones, you can think of a gift for him in turquoise colors:

loading. ..

  • shirt;
  • tie;
  • scarf;
  • umbrella;
  • certificate for a jump with a parachute turquoise or heavenly color;
  • blue or turquoise tent.
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A wonderful addition to the Turquoise wedding anniversary will be beautiful poems addressed to the couple. Examples of congratulation texts for 18 years of marriage:

Eighteen years already you are together,
And are inseparable as always.
Today, again, you are the bride and groom,
After all, the Turquoise wedding has come! Let the noble turquoise shine
Today your whole house will light up.
Let love, kindness and understanding of
Day by day prevail in it.
That's the age of majority!
You have lived eighteen years!
Your senses maturity and love rallied,
Strengthening the fidelity of the vow.
We wish happiness and good to the in love,
Sunny and clear turquoise days.
From the love and loyalty of the door you opened,
So keep together the keys now.
Let the beautiful light of the turquoise heavenly
Illuminate every your lived day!
Let the heart and the heart be laughing,
Let life together be more fun!
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