How to make a haircut in emo style

Emo subculture originated in the late 80s of the last century. Then it was not so widespread, and was considered extremely marginal. What do emo subculture stand out today? First, an excellent style. It concerns both clothes and hair. It's about the emo hairstyle we'll talk about below.

  • Features of the hairdo
  • Ways of laying the

Features of the hairdo

Today, hairstyles emo are popular even among those who do not relate themselves to this trendy trend. At the heart of these hairstyles is a cascading haircut, thanks to which the famous effect of "torn hair" with isolated strands of different length is created.

Hairstyles are performed, usually on medium and long hair. A short haircut is more suitable for representatives of the stronger sex.

One of the distinctive features of the emo hairstyle is that the hair on the face is much longer than on the top of the head.

Often, hair styles are asymmetrical and combine with a very long bang, which often covers not only the eyes, but also a large part of the face.

Out of the total mass of emo hair, the color palette also stands out. The main tone is black, but it can be combined with almost all the colors of the rainbow. Often, the coloring of individual strands in very bright colors, by melioration and edging.

Modern fashion allows you to move away from strict rules, thanks to this emo culture representatives prefer color blonde, pink, blue, red and purple, using an asymmetric coloring, especially on the bangs.

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Ways of laying

The main principle of hairstyles in the emo style is nasys at the roots and stretching the hair along the entire length. Ideally, if the curls are naturally thick and long. However, you can always use overhead strands to increase the volume and length.

In this style it is important to emphasize the contrasts, emphasize the color, highlight elongated torn strands and volume on the crown.

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Often to create a spectacular hairstyle, various accessories are used - rims, bandages, bright hairpins of different sizes, as a rule,decorated with bows, hearts, butterflies, kittens and flowers.

When creating an emo hairstyle, you must follow certain rules.

  • The length of the hair should be on the shoulders or below.
  • The bangs are oblique, below eye level.
  • Be sure to make a layered asymmetrical haircut with torn tips.
  • Dye your hair in bright, but contrasting colors. Or use overhead color grades.
  • When laying, apply mousse and wax. With their help, it's easy to give the hair the effect of "prick".
  • Stock up with accessories of the relevant subject.

It's easy to make an Emo style style.

  1. Clean wet hair should be dried with a comb and a hair dryer, straightening them. If, after such a procedure, the curls remain wavy, it is necessary to stretch them with an iron.
  2. To make the stacking of the volume, it is necessary to make a high quality on the roots and fix it with varnish.
  3. Fit to lay on one side.
  4. To apply wax on individual strands and tips of hair, this will give them a "ragged" effect.
  5. Decorate the hairstyle with accessories.

To this hairstyle, you need a proper makeup - marble skin, black fat eye contour and light lips.
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