19 years of marriage what kind of wedding is this

After 19 years of marriage, the couple began to make decisions together, the couple learned to pacify selfishness, to compromise. Celebrating each year of marriage is very important, as well as knowing which wedding is celebrated for 19 years of marriage. It is necessary to prepare wedding greetings and choose what to give.

  • How is the wedding
  • How to celebrate
  • Gift for the wife
  • What to give to the husband
  • Congratulations

How the wedding is called

The opinion about what the 19th anniversary is called from the wedding day is divergent.

Some people call this anniversary a hyacinth wedding.

Hyacinth, whether it's a semi-precious stone or a flower, is a symbol of tranquility and hope. After so many years, the spouses are calm for the future together, and their relationship is like a flower - they are beautiful in every sense.

There are other names of the 19th anniversary - Krypton or Pomegranate Wedding. Krypton has always symbolized the light, and marriage, which was preserved after so many years, must necessarily be bright and bright. A couple who managed to go through so many difficulties and joys hand in hand undoubtedly causes admiration.

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How to celebrate

19 years of marriage are not celebrated on a grand scale.

It is best to spend this day in a small family circle or together with your half.

A holiday for two:

  • In the afternoon, you can arrange an excursion to a nearby town or simply stroll around your native city, remembering all the pleasant moments.
  • After that, you can attend a concert of your favorite band or go to a touching performance.
  • In the evening, make a romantic dinner. It can be held at home or in a restaurant.
  • At the end of a perfect day, you can exchange romantic gifts.

Hyacinth wedding can be noted in the family circle. To make the holiday a success, prepare for it well in advance:

  1. For a couple of days before the significant date, send out the original invitations to relatives, your close friends, the godfathers.
  2. Pay special attention to the decor of the banquet hall. To create a festive atmosphere is ideal: fresh flowers, balls, ribbons, candles, garlands.
  3. Be sure to carefully think out the banquet table, but most importantly order in the confectioner's wedding cake.
  4. In order to ensure that guests do not get bored, think in advance of various competitions and games. You can hold a themed holiday, for example, for that event, a karaoke party is ideal.

In addition, on the 19th anniversary, you can:

  • arrange a family picnic;
  • go to the second honeymoon;
  • pair jump with a parachute;
  • together with the other half ride on horses.
Pay attention to 20 years of living together http://woman-l.ru/20-let-sovmestnoj-zhizni-kakaya-eto-svadba-pozdravleniya-i-chto-podarit/ what a wedding, congratulations and what to give
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A gift for his wife

To choose a gift for his wife for 19 years from the date of the wedding is quite easy. After all, the symbol of this anniversary is the precious stone hyacinth. Ideal gift from her husband can be:

  • hyacinth pendant;
  • earrings with hyacinth inserts;
  • hyacinth brooch;
  • bracelet inlaid with hyacinth;
  • hyacinth necklace;
  • wristwatch, decorated with hyacinth;
  • precious hair ornament;
  • casket, decorated with hyacinth;
  • exquisite comb;
  • original suspension.

In addition to the usual gifts, the wife can be surprised:

  • certificate for perfume session;
  • a master class for the production of sweets;
  • by ballooning;
  • ticket for shopping in Paris.
Be sure to complement your gift with a sweet bouquet of hyacinths.

From guests a good present and a pleasant addition to the congratulation for 19 years from the date of the wedding can be:

  • sconce;
  • candle holders;
  • floor lamp;
  • hyacinth in a pot;
  • tableware with the image of a hyacinth;
  • vase;
  • picture;
  • portrait of the "newlyweds";
  • beautiful creamer.
  • loading. ..

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What to give to my husband

Often the question arises: what to give my husband for 19 years of marriage, because unlike women, few men will be pleased with a beautiful hyacinth necklace or a sweet flower. Therefore, when looking for the perfect gift, it is worth remembering first of all about the hobbies of the husband. A good gift can be:

  • book of a favorite author;
  • bottle of refined alcohol;
  • drum master class;
  • pocket watch;
  • cufflinks;
  • master class in painting;
  • decorative weapons, instructed by precious stones;
  • ring with a blue stone;
  • cigarette case.

The gift can be supplemented with an unusual feed, for example, hide the gift and draw a card, let the husband find the wedding "treasure".

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Congratulations to

Any beautiful gift to spouses will be remembered by beautiful poems on the anniversary of the wedding:

Scarlet scattering of pomegranates
Your wedding sparkled:
Let's remember together, as once
You guys got married.
Nineteen years ago
You then said yes.
Rings put on together,
Oaths of loyalty were given.
The feast of the mountain was sunk,
Guests were drinking for love.
Since that time you have changed,
To live with each other have got accustomed!
And today in this day of happiness we wish.
Let it accompany you with your warmth!
Let there never be grief and sorrow,
To light and love every day met!
We congratulate you on the anniversary of the wedding!
Already nineteen you have lived in peace and in love,
Today let the doubts of the ice all melt,
After all, only for each other you were born!
Let forever you disasters and misfortunes leave you,
So that in love, care you lived a hundred years!
And let the wave of fresh feelings today gush,
We wish the unknown and sweet victories!
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